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Jared Hubbard

Online poker is definitely a difficult career path. Especially if you do not play cash games and only stick to six person sit n’ gos. Well, online poker player, Jared Hubbard does just that. He makes his living playing short table sit n’ gos…a lot of them, even a few tournaments at the same time! […]

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Mutual of Omaha

Playing Omaha for the first time can stun a beginner into believing the game is absolutely crazy, takes no skill whatsoever, and seems like a crapshoot. Players are betting, calling (sometimes the entire table), raising, and raising on top of that, before a flop even occurs. How can anyone make a profit in this game? […]

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Guide to the Full Tilt Poker Six Person Sit N Go

Full Tilt Poker was the first site I played on, about 3-4 years ago. I am glad I picked that poker site, because it helped me become a more profitable player. As I learned the game, I moved onto other poker sites and made some decent money. I would shift between cash games and tournaments, […]

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