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Graham Beasley Frustrated with Twitter Poker Tour’s Bad Boy

Reminiscent of last week’s tour event, Street3 cursed numerous players, officials, and fans following another poor showing at this week’s Twitter Poker Tour event. TPT President, Graham Beasley, was personally upset with the scene. Discussing the situation with TPT Board member, CPRPoker, Mr. Beasley stated that This sob has two options. He can abide by […]

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Player Fined For Threatening Twitter Poker Tour Official

The_Gov, stated Street3 is an exciting player and has a lot of potential on this tour. But in no way should an official, player, or bystander of the Twitter Poker Tour ever feel physically or emotionally threatened. His behavior is inexcusable and we have fined him the maximum amount at this time. I will not […]

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Twitter Poker Tour President Makes Outrageous Gamble

Promoting the Twitter Poker Tour can take its toll, especially if you are Graham Beasley, the President of the Twitter Poker Tour. After working the streets, local poker clubs, and numerous bars, Mr. Beasley went a bit too far with his words this time. Mark my words, I will do a shot of Jagermeister for […]

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