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  • A-B-C
    Playing predictably, or by the book.
  • Absolute nuts
    The best possible hand, based on the board cards. Sometimes simply called the nuts.
  • AC
    Atlantic City.
  • According to Hoyle
    With respect to the rules of poker: proper, that is, following the rules. See Hoyle, Edmond .
  • Ace high
    In high poker a hand whose highest card is an ace, having no pair or higher hand.
  • Ace in the hole
    In a stud game, having an ace as one’s downcard or one of one’s downcards.
  • Ace magnets
  • Ace-high flush
    A hand of 5 cards of one suit, one of which is the ace of that suit.
  • Ace-high straight
    A hand of 5 consecutive values the highest of which is an ace.
  • Aces full
    A full house consisting of three aces and a smaller pair.
  • Aces up
    A pair of aces with any other pair. All two pair are referred to similarly with the “highest of the two pair – up”
  • Act
    Make a poker play at the required time; check, call, bet, raise, or fold, as appropriate, in turn.
  • Action
    A fold, check, call, bet, or raise. The relative liveliness of a game, often measured by the frequency and quantity of bets and raises. Turn. eg: The action is on you.
  • Active Player
    A player still involved in a hand.
  • Adelaide Lowball
    A resident of Adelaide who loses money playing poker and then robs the person afterward.
  • Add on
    A last buy-in optionally permitted in a rebuy tournament, usually with no minimum chip requirement.
  • Advantage
    See edge.
  • Advantage player
    1. A person who playes only in games where he believes he has a statistical advantage over the house. 2. A cheater. One who plays with an unfair advantage. This definition depends on viewpoint: A cardcounter in BlackJack thinks he plays with an advantage. The house thinks he is a cheater that plays with an unfair advantage.
  • Advertise
    To show a hand for the purpose of misleading other players regarding your standards of play.
  • A-game
    One’s best game, in terms of the quality of one’s play.
  • Aggression factor
    (bets made + raises made) / calls made may or may not include pre-flop action.
  • Aggressive
    Adjective used to describe a player who plays in the opposite manner to the weak player. This player bets and raises often, while calling and checking infrequently. The exception would be checkraising.
  • Aggressive action
    A wager that could enable a player to win a pot without a showdown; a bet or raise.
  • Ajax
    Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten
  • Alabama night riders
  • All black
    Having a spade or club flush. Also, all blue, all purple.
  • All blue
    A flush containing either clubs or spades.
  • All pink
    A flush containing either diamonds or hearts.
  • All-In
    To push all of your remaining chips into the pot.
  • American Airlines
  • Angle
    A maneuver, usually on the border between legality and illegality (but usually clearly unethical), to take unfair advantage of another player.
  • Angle shooter
    A poker player who uses various underhanded, unfair methods to take advantage of inexperienced opponents.
  • Angling
    Taking action or talking when it is not your turn in order to mislead your opponent. Some consider this to be cheating, others consider these tactics to be a part of the game.
  • Animal
    Nickname for a player that is highly loose-aggressive. See Maniac.
  • Ante
    A prescribed amount posted before the start of a hand by all players.
  • Aquarium
    Place to find fish, as part of the phrase Don’t tap on the aquarium (possibly attributable to Phil Gordon).
  • Arkansas flush
    Four flush.
  • Assault rifle
    Having A-K-4-7 as your hole cards in Omaha .
  • Ax
    An ace with any second card.
  • Axs
    An ace with a second card of the same suit.


  • B&M
    Brick & Mortar ie: casino or card room, not online.
  • B/C
    Bet and call a raise.
  • B/F
    Bet and fold to a raise.
  • Baby
    A low-ranked card, usually 2 through 5, in games other than lowball. A through 5 in lowball.
  • Bachelor
    JK off
  • Back
    Finance another player.
  • Back into
    To make a hand that is different than the hand you were originally trying for.
  • Backdoor
    A hand that requires help from both the turn and river in order to win. See: runner-runner.
  • Backer
    Someone who finances another player.
  • Bad beat
    To have a hand that is the clear mathematical favorite lose to a heavy underdog (especially if that hand should not have been involved in the pot).
  • Bad game
    A game in which your opponents are too good for you to expect to win. A game in which you are an underdog.
  • Bad-beat story
    A story told by someone who lost a pot, often a big one, in a bad beat. Usually no one but the teller is interested in hearing the story.
  • Bait
    A small bet made to encourage a raise. “Looks like a defensive bet, which gives it merit as bait”
  • Bankroll
    Money that is earmarked for poker.
  • BB
    Big blind or big bet depending on how it is used in context.
  • BB/100
    # of big bets (or blinds) won per 100 hands played.
  • BBL
    Be back later.
  • Belly buster
    Inside straight draw.
  • Berry Patch
    An easy game, with many poor players.
  • Best of it
    A situation where a wager can be expected to be profitable in the long run.
  • Bet
    The act of placing a wager in turn into the pot on any betting round. The chips put into the pot.
  • Bet for value
    A bet made with the intention of getting called by one or more lesser hands, as opposed to getting the others to fold.
  • Bet into
    Take the initiative in the betting action with the knowledge that your opponent has a potentially strong hand.
  • Bicycle
    In ace-to-five lowball, a 5-high straight. See: Wheel.
  • Big
    $1000. “I lost six big” means “I lost $6000.”
  • Big Bet
    In limit games in which the size of the maximum bet increases in later rounds, a big bet is the largest bet size.
  • Big bet poker
    Pot Limit or No Limit poker are referred to as Big Bet poker, as opposed to limit poker. The “big” in a sense refers to the size of bets relative to the pot, irrespective of the amount of money involved.
  • Big blind
    The first bet posted by the player to the left of the player who posts the small blind. It is a forced bet. The big blind bet amount is equal to the lower bet. For example, in a $10/$20 game, the big blind is $10. Applies in Texas Hold’em Omaha Omaha Hi-lo.
  • Big chick
    In texas holdem, an ace and a queen (suited or unsuited) as your hole cards.
  • Big Fritz
  • Big lick
  • Big slick
    AK as the first two down cards in texas hold’em.
  • Bitch
  • Bite
  • BJ
    Black Jack (the game, not the cards).
  • Black
    $100 chip.
  • Black Maria
    The queen of spades; sometimes called just Maria. The ace of spades, particularly when associated with the game of high spade in the hole.
  • Blank
    Any card that doesn’t look like it’s going to help anyone. See Rag.
  • Bleed
    Lose a lot of money a little at a time.
  • Bleeding chips
  • Blind
    A forced bet put in by one or more players immediately to the left of the button before any cards are dealt. A hand that has not been looked at as in, “Joe played his hand blind.”
  • Blind game
    A game which utilizes a blind.
  • Blind off
    In a tournament, when a player pays the blinds, but is not playing.
  • Bluff
    A bet with a weak hand (typically a busted hand), usually intended to get other players to fold.
  • Board
    A community card in the center of the table, as in hold’em or Omaha .
  • Boat
    Full house.
  • Bonus whoring
    Taking advantage of deposit bonus offered by various poker sites.
  • Bookends
  • Bot
    A bot is a computer program that plays poker. Bots are highly controversial since they are seen as a threat to online poker. If there were too many successful bots, the games would become incredibly difficult to beat. Bots are against the terms and conditions of online poker rooms, and poker rooms will shut down players they suspect to be bots. Origin: abbreviation of robot.
  • Bottom pair
    If there are three cards on the flop in hold’em, and you pair the lowest one, you have bottom pair.
  • Bounty
    A reward given in a tournament to someone who meets certain criteria. often: knocking a certain person out of the tournament or winning with a certain hand.
  • BR
    Bank roll, funds available for poker.
  • Brick
    A blank card, especially in stud games.
  • Bridge Order
    Suit order according to the game of bridge, that is, spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. Bridge order comes into play in poker in 3 circumstances: Breaking a tie for high card in determining which hand gets the odd chip. Who has the high-card forced bet in seven-card stud (home games), or Who starts the deal on the first hand at a particular table.
  • Bring In
    Forced bet by the lowest card on third street in 7 card stud.
  • Broadway
    An ace-high straight.
  • Broadway card
    Any card that can be used to make a Broadway. ie: Ace throught Ten.
  • Broken game
    A game no longer in action.
  • Broomcorn’s Uncle
    A player who antes himself broke.
  • Brown Trout
    A recognition phrase for 2+2 posters, started as a joke on Internet Forum. Originally “Does the Brown Trout sleep in the closet?”
  • Bubble
    Finishing a tournament 1 position out of the money.
  • Bug
    A joker, usually in five card draw or draw lowball.
  • Bullets
  • Bully
    A very aggressive player is one that would be bullying the game, that is, creating a lot of action by his continuous betting and raising.
  • Bum
    (1) A player that calls with any two cards (i.e., a terrible player). (2) RocketmanAA’s nickname. See also Handsome.
  • Bump
    To raise.
  • Bump It
    To raise.
  • Buried
    A buried pair is a pair in the hole in seven card stud.
  • Burn
    Placing the top card of the deck into a separate pile, ensuring that it is not used. This is to help prevent cheating.
  • Burn card
    The card removed from the deck on a burn. See burn.
  • Bust
    To run out of money, especially in a tournament.
  • Bust out
    To lose your buy in. See Bust.
  • Busted hand
    A hand in poker without so much as a pair. A busted hand that missed a draw to a straight or a flush is a busted straight or a busted flush.
  • Button
    The disk, position, or person that represents the dealer in a given hand, the last player to act preflop.
  • Buy
    To buy a pot is to make a bet large enough that other players would be extremely unlikely to call.
  • Buy in
    The amount of money that is necessary to play a particular game.
  • Buy the button
    Betting or raising in order to make any players between you and the button fold.
  • Buy the pot
    To bluff bet or raise in order to win the pot.


  • C/C
    Check and call any bet.
  • C/F
    Check and fold to any bet.
  • C/R
    Check and raise after any bet.
  • California lowball
    Ace-to-five lowball with a joker.
  • Call
    To match the current high bet.
  • Calling station
    A player who often checks or calls, but rarely bets or raises or folds.
  • Cap
    The final raise in a given round allowed by the rules.
  • Capped
    Describes the situation in limit poker in which the maximum number of raises on the betting round have been reached.
  • Cards speak
    The face value of a hand in a showdown is the true value of the hand, regardless of a verbal announcement.
  • Case
    The last card of a specific rank.
  • Catch
    When the cards are treating you well, you are said to be catching cards. To receive a card that completes a good hand.
  • CB Hand
  • cEV
    Chip Expected Value – the expected profit or loss in chips associated with a decision.
  • Chameleon
    Player in a game who changes and varies his style of play from wild and unpredictable to tight and aggressive.
  • Change gears
    Alter the pace of one’s playing, usually as a deceptive move against the other players, as, for example, change from fast, aggressive play to a more conservative style.
  • Chase
    To play a hand that is most likely worse than at least one other player. eg: to chase a flush.
  • Check
    To pass without betting, retaining the right to act if another player bets.
  • Check behind
    To check when it’s been checked to you.
  • Check-raise
    Checking when the action is originally to you, then raising once someone after you bets.
  • Chip
    A round token in various denominations denoted by color used to represent money.
  • Chip dumping
    A form of collusion that happens during tournaments, especially in the early rounds. Two or more players decide to go all-in early. The winner gets a large amount of chips, which increases the player’s chance of cashing. The winnings are then split among the colluders.
  • Chop
    Splitting the pot.
  • Chump
    Inexperienced player. Sucker.
  • CK
  • CO
    Cut off, player one seat to the right of button.
  • Coffeehouse
    To talk about a hand one is involved in, usually with the intent of misleading or manipulating other players, is coffeehousing. Marginally ethical.
  • Cold
    A player not doing well. A deck producing no good hands.
  • Cold call
    To call more than one bet at a time ie: calling a bet and a raise. Not the same as calling a bet, then calling a subsequent raise.
  • Collection
    The fee charged in a game (taken either out of the pot or from each player). See vigorish.
  • Collusion
    Collusion is a form of cheating. Players will work in a team to try to gain an advantage over the other players. They will somehow signal to each other what their cards are. They will then use this information to gain an unfair advantage. Collusion is illegal.
  • Color change
    A request (by the house) to change the chips from one denomination to another.
  • Color down
    Exchanging chips for those of a lower denomination.
  • Color up
    Exchanging chips for those of a higher denomination.
  • Come
    The anticipation of making a hand. To raise “on the come”, raise in anticipation of making a hand, flush etc, on later streets.
  • Come back at
  • Come hand
    A drawing hand. Example: An open-ended straight is a come hand.
  • Community card
    Any card dealt to the center of the table and considered part of each active player’s hand.
  • Complete the bet
    When the small blind chooses to call by putting in the chips necessary to match the big blind.
  • Concealed Hand
    A hand played in such a way that you would not suspect it of being very good, but that turns out to be so.
  • Connectors
    In hold ‘em, two cards in sequence suited or unsuited, usually with reference to hole cards. 1-gap connectors are separated by 1 card, eg. T8.
  • Conservative
    Describing a player, or the play of one, who does not bet unless it is very likely that he has the best hand, see Rock
  • Cooler
    Cold deck.
  • Coordinated Board
    A board that is likely to have hit someone hard if they hit it or given someone a strong draw.
  • Counterfeit
    When your hand loses value because a board card duplicates it, a board card gives others the same hand, or gives all a higher hand. In Hold’em, A2 pocket with AT2 board. Is counterfeited when the turn is a Ten. Having a probable winner turned into a probable loser by the appearance of another card on the board.
  • Courtesy bet
    A bet (usually a bluff) made when you are fairly sure your opponent is going to call or raise.
  • Covered
    Having more chips than your opponent in a tournament. Having more than enough chips to meet the current bet. Sitting to the immediate left of someone, is to cover them?
  • Cowboys
  • Crabs
  • Crack
    To beat a big hand.
  • Crims
    Online members from Australia.
  • Cripple (an opponent)
    To win a critical hand in a tournament, leaving your opponent very short-stacked.
  • Cripple the deck
    Your hand contains most or all of the beneficial cards that could be used in conjunction with the board.
  • Crying call
    To call with no cards to come, while expecting to lose.
  • Cut
    To divide the deck into two sections in such a manner as to change the order of the cards.
  • Cut-card
    Another term for the bottom card.
  • Cutoff
    The person to the right of the button.


  • Dames
  • Dark
    Taking action, such as checking or betting, without seeing your hole cards.
  • Darth Vader
    4s-4c ‘the dark fours’.
  • Dead card
    A dead card is a card that is no longer available to help you.
  • Dead Man’s Hand
    AA88 all black. The hand Wild Bill Hickock was holding when he was shot in the back by Jack McCall in the Mann-Lewis Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota, on August 2, 1876. There is some discrepancy as to the fifth card. It may have been a red jack. Colloquially: Any two pair, Aces and 8s.
  • Dead money
    Money invested in a tournament by a player or players unlikely to win. Money put in the pot by people who are no longer in contention to win the pot. Chips that are taken into the center of the pot because they are not considered part of a particular player’s bet.
  • Deal
    To give each player cards, or put cards on the board. Each deal refers to the entire process from the shuffling and dealing of cards until the pot is awarded to the winner.
  • Dealer button
    A flat disk that indicates the player who would be in the dealing position for that hand (if there were not a house dealer). Normally just called “the button.”
  • Deception
    Any action in violation of the fundamental theorem of poker, that has a +EV result due to a subsequent violation of the fundamental theorem of poker by the opponent, stemming from the disinformation presented by the original action or non-action.
  • Deck
    A set of playing-cards. The deck consists of either 52 cards in 7 stud, hold’em, and Omaha , or 53 cards including the joker in ace-to-five lowball and draw high.
  • Declare
    Declare games are games in which you must declare the value of your hand in order to claim the pot. A typical example is a high-low split game in which you must declare before showdown whether you are claiming the high, low, or both pots.
  • Defensive bet
    A bet that is sometimes made to limit your potential loss in a hand. For example a player wants to see his opponent’s hand but feels that if he checks his opponent would make too large a bet for him to call. Therefore rather than having to call a large bet, he makes a smaller defensive bet hoping his opponent will simply call.
  • Deuce
  • Deuce to seven
    In a game played for low, deuce to seven means that the best low hand is simply the worst poker hand. 75432 with no flush is the worst possible hand.
  • Devil
  • Dinner for four
    Pair of 6′s & 9′s.
  • Dinner for two
  • Discard
    In a draw game, to throw cards out of your hand to make room for replacements.
  • Discards
    In a draw game the card(s) thrown away; the muck.
  • Disconnect protection
    A tool to protect players in the event that their internet connection is lost while involved in a pot. Also known as “All-in protection”.
  • Divorce
  • Dog
  • Dog balls
  • Dolly Parton
  • Dominated hand
    A hand that contains 3 or fewer outs against another hand. AQ vs AK.
  • Donk short for “Donkey”
    Loosely, a poor player. Often a “table coach”.
  • Donkbet
    Min raise, esp a minimum bet into a reasonable size pot.
  • Door card
    The first card dealt face up to each player in seven card stud is the door card.
  • Double belly buster
    Double inside straight draw 7,9,T,J,K.
  • Double pop
    Immediately raise a bet so that subsequent players have to call two raises.
  • Double Shootout
    A tournament of 9 (or possibly 10) tables. The winner of each table moves on to a final table. Used as both regular cash tournaments and as satellites to larger tournaments.
  • Double through
    In no-limit, double a small stack by beating someone with a large stack heads up.
  • Double up
    In no-limit, double a small stack by beating someone with a large stack heads up by going all-in and beating. Can be a triple up if with two opponents, etc
  • Down to the felt
    Out of money or chips
  • Downcards
    Cards that are dealt facedown in a stud game.
  • Doyle Brunson
    Having T2 as your hole cards in hold’em (also known as a “Doyle Brunson”). Doyle Brunson won the WSOP on two occasions with these hole cards.
  • DP
    Draw Poker.
  • Drag
    Winning a pot.
  • Draw
    The poker form where players are given the opportunity to replace cards in the hand. In some places like California , the word “draw” is used referring to draw high, and draw low is called “lowball.”
  • Draw out on
    To draw out on someone is to outdraw them. eg: draw a card making a better hand, esp on a later street.
  • Drawing dead
    To be involved in a hand that, even if you draw the cards necessary to make your hand, you will still lose.
  • Drawing hand
    A hand which must be improved to win is a drawing hand. eg: 4 straight or 4 flush.
  • Drawing live
    Draw to a hand that will win if made
  • Drop
    Fold. Lose a given amount of money.
  • Ducks
  • Dump
    To fold a hand.
  • Dykes


  • Early position
    In a poker game, the first few positions to the left of the dealer, or to the left of the obligatory blinds. Some claim early position, in a game with eight or more players, is the first three positions.
  • Easy Money
    Easy pickings in a poker game. Money won from inexperienced players.
  • Edge
    The advantage a good player has in a poker game.
  • eg
  • EMP
    Early middle position.
  • EP
    Early position.
  • EPT
    European Poker Tour.
  • Equity
    Your mathematical share of a pot, based on the amount in the pot and your chances of winning it.
  • Ethics
    The moral rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular group, culture, etc.
  • Etiquette
    Conventional requirements as to social behaviour. The code of ethics of a profession.
  • EV
    Expected value.
  • Expected Value
    In probability theory, the overall expected payoff of a particular event, calculated by multiplying the probability of each possible outcome by the payoff from each. One’s EV from calling a bet, for example, is the sum of all possible outcomes from calling the bet multiplied by the probability of each. Note that since a bet costs money to make, the payoff of some outcomes–and therefore the EV itself–may be negative.


  • Face card
    Any jack, queen, or king. Also called court card, paint, picture, picture card.
  • Family pot
    A pot in which many players are involved.
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions.
  • Fast
    Used to describe playing a hand aggressively in order to try to win a pot without allowing others to draw out on you.
  • Favorite
    The hand that is expected to win most often in a particular situation.
  • FE
    Fold equity.
  • Felt
    The surface of most poker tables is made of some sort of felt, or is in any case referred to as such.
  • FH
    Full house
  • Fifth Street
    In seven-card stud, the fifth card dealt to each player. In hold’em the fifth community card. River card.
  • Fill
    To draw a card that makes a five-card hand (straight, flush, full house, straight flush).
  • Fill up
    To draw to and make a full house either from trips or two pair.
  • Fire
    To bet or raise.
  • Fish
    A poor poker player, relative to their competition, Live one, A very loose player. “From the expression for easy victims, “Like shooting fish in a barrel”
  • Fishhooks
  • Five and dime
  • Fixed Limit
    Poker in which all bets are made in specified increments, that is, the size of each betting increment does not increase on any round of betting.
  • Flash
    To show one or more of your cards, usually when it is not required.
  • Flat call
    To call one or more bets without raising, when you are quite sure that you have the best hand. See also smooth call.
  • Flat tire
  • Floor
    Shortened form of “Floor Person”; a casino employee who helps to seat players and makes rules decisions when a dispute arises.
  • Flop
    In hold’em or Omaha , the three community cards that are turned simultaneously after the first round of betting is complete.
  • Flush
    A hand in which all five cards are of the same suit.
  • Folding Equity
    Percentage of times all remaining opponents will fold to your bet times total chips you stand to gain when they do all fold. The value that comes from the possibility that other players will fold to your bet. Relative stack size representing the potential of players folding to your bet. With a short stack you have no folding equity.
  • Forced bet
    A mandatory bet. eg: the blinds in hold’em, forced bring-in bet by the low hand on third street in 7 card stud. Also: a bet required by logic rather than rules.
  • Forest
  • Four of a kind
    Four cards of the same rank. Also called quads.
  • Four-flush
    A hand with four cards of the same suit.
  • Fourth street
    The second upcard in seven-card stud or the first boardcard after the flop in hold’em (also called the turn card).
  • FPP
    Frequent Player Points. Points that are credited to your account when playing at Poker Stars.
  • FPS
    Fancy Play Syndrome said to be attributable to B. Greenstein.
  • Fred & Ethel
  • Free card
    Whenever you get to see an additional card without having to call a bet, it’s a free card.
  • Free card play
    Betting or raising in late position on the flop in the hopes that the other players will check to you on the turn, give you the option of seeing the river card for free.
  • Free ride
    A street on which no one bets.
  • Free roll
    Having a lock on half the pot, but also having a chance to win the whole pot. A tournament which requires no cash entry fee. A chance to win something at no risk or cost.
  • Freeze Out
    A table-stakes game that continues until a small number of players (possibly only one) has all the money.
  • FT
    Final table.
  • FTOP
    Fundamental Theorem Of Poker. From TOP, David Sklansky.
  • Full house
    A hand consisting of three of a kind and a pair.
  • FW
    Foxwoods Casino.
  • FWIW
    For what it’s worth.
  • FYP
    Fixed your post.


  • G1
    Good one
  • Gamble
    Loose play, or the desire to play other than tight. “He has a lot of gamble in him.” Play loosely. Be willing to bet on situations with uncertain outcomes. Note: This word has special meaning among poker players, and is different from the more generalized definition of the word as found in most dictionaries.
  • Game Theory
    A branch of mathematics dealing with decision making based on insufficient information. Betting or calling in a certain way when you don’t know how an opponent plays so as to prevent the opponent from obtaining an edge by his own betting or calling.
  • Gap
    The amount by which a hand needs to be better to call a bet than would be needed to make the same bet.
  • Gap Concept
    The concept that it takes a better hand to call a bet than to make the same bet.
  • Gay waiter
    Q3 (a queen with a trey)
  • GC
    Good call.
  • German virgin
  • GG
    Good game.
  • GH
    Good hand.
  • Giving a hand away
    Playing your hand in such a manner that your opponents should know what you have.
  • GJ
    Good job.
  • GL
    Good luck.
  • Gleek
    Three of a kind.
  • Golf bag
    Club flush.
  • Good buddy
  • Good game
    A game in which there are enough players worse than you to make you a substantial favorite.
  • Goolsby
  • Goot
  • Gorillas
  • Gorillas in the Mist
  • Grand jury
  • Grandma
    Verb. To cheat at online poker by having multiple accounts, especially to play under two accounts in the same tournament. Derived from a cheater who admitted creating a second account for his “grandma.”
  • GrannyMae
    A nickname for having Qs5s as your hole cards. This is credited to long-time 2+2 forum poster GrannyMae.
  • Green
    $25 chip.
  • GSIH
    Getting Started In Hold’em, Ed Miller.
  • GSSD
    Gut shot straight draw.
    Getting the Best of It, David Sklansky.
  • GTD
    Guaranteed: $1m GTD would be a tournament where prize money of over $1m was guaranteed.
  • Gutshot
    Inside straight draw.
  • Gypsy
    To enter the pot cheaply by just calling the blind rather than raising. Also called limp.


  • Half Bet
    A bet equal to half the limit. From Robert’s Rules of Poker: In limit play, an all-in wager of less than half a bet does not reopen the betting for any player who has already acted and is in the pot for all previous bets. A player facing less than half a bet may fold, call, or complete the wager. An all-in wager of a half a bet or more is treated as a full bet, and a player may fold, call, or make a full raise. I believe the same applies in NL to an all in bet equal to half the previous bet.
  • Half kill (or half kill game)
    A hand that is played for 1 1/2 times stakes based on the previous hand meeting certain criteria. Also see Kill.
  • Half kill button
    A button that is placed in front of the player who is responsible for a Half Kill game.
  • Hand
    All of a player’s personal cards. The five cards determining the poker ranking. A single poker deal.
  • Handsome
    RocketmanAA’s nickname. See also Bum.
  • Heads-up play
    Only two players involved in play.
  • Heinz
  • Help
    Someone who says they need help means they need their hand to improve in order to have a chance at the pot.
  • HEP
    Hold’em Poker, David Sklansky.
  • Hero
    When telling a poker story, the person who’s point of view you are trying to represent.
  • HH
    Hand history.
  • Hidden Hand
    See Concealed Hand
  • Hidden Trips
    Seven Card Stud: Downcards containing three of a kind. In community card games: Two cards in the hole matching one of the upcards.
  • High-low split
    In high-low split games, half the pot goes to the best hand (the high), half to the worst (the low), often with a qualifier for the low hand: “8 or better.”
  • Hilton sisters
  • Hit
    Make a hand, usually implying having caught a needed card.
  • Hit and run
    A player who leaves the table shortly after scooping a big pot.
  • HJ
    Hijack, player two seats to the right of button.
  • HL
    High limit game.
  • HOH
    Harrington on Hold’em, Dan Harrington.
    Harrington on Hold’em Vol II, Dan Harrington.
  • Hold up
    When a hand that is leading manages to win the pot at showdown.
  • Hole Card(s)
    Your unique cards that are hidden from everyone else. See pocket.
  • Hollywood
    Acting in a showoff manner. “Don’t Hollywood me, just play your cards.”
  • Home Game
    A private game played at someone’s home, often one regularly scheduled, perhaps weekly. Players might refer to such a game as “the Friday-night game.”
  • Hooks
    A game that rotates through H – Holdem, O – Omaha hi/lo 8-or-better, R – Razz, S – Stud (hi only), E – Eight-or-better Stud hi/lo (all limit).
    As above plus Lowball.
  • Hot
    Doing well; catching good cards.
  • Hot deck
    A deck that has recently produced a series of good hands.
  • Hourly Rate
    The amount of money a player earns in an hour of play. (Total Prizes Won / Total Buyins)/(Hours Played)
  • House
    The cardroom (management, owners, etc.) is the house.
  • Hoyle, Edmond
    (1672-1769). English barrister and codifier of rules of games, author, in 1742, of A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist, which set down the rules of the game. Subsequent editions of the book contained treatments of quadrille, piquet, and backgammon. Hoyle wrote other books about games, and earned a reputation as an expert on rules. Over the years, the phrase “according to Hoyle” came to be synonymous with “by the highest authority.” Although Hoyle never wrote a word about poker–in fact, the game was probably not played in his time–his name has nonetheless come to be associated with the rules of poker. Since Hoyle’s death, several rules books on card games in general have had his name in their titles; those books have dealt with poker.
  • HP
    Hollywood Park .
    Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth.
  • HTH
    Head To head, See Heads up.
  • HTML
    High To middle limits.
  • HU
    Heads up.
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie
  • Hunting season


    I am not a lawyer.
  • Ice
    A cold deck.
  • ICM
    Independent Chip Model – a mathematical model used to help determine prize share equity based on chip stacks in tournaments.
  • Idiot end
    In hold ‘em, the low end of a straight, or a straight that can lose to a higher straight.
  • IFYW
    If you wish.
  • IGHN
    I go home now.
  • Ignorant end
    In hold ‘em, the low end of a straight, or a straight that can lose to a higher straight.
  • IIRC
    If I recall correctly.
  • Image
    The perception that other people have of your playing style.
  • IMHO
    In my humble opinion.
  • IMO
    In my opinion.
  • Implicit Collusion
    In implicit collusion, all opponents come to an independent agreement–that is, without consulting among each other–to all play in such a way as to minimize the chance of the player with the best hand winning the pot. In a hold ‘em tournament, a small stack may go all in and get called by several players with larger stacks. Those players collectively have a better chance of beating the all-in player than any does individually, and they may check down the hand till the end, that is, with no one making a bet that might drive anyone else out. The all-in player may have the best hand and be the favorite against any one of the others, but collectively, the remaining players have a better chance against the all-in player, and if they all understand–even though nothing is ever said to that effect–that all will check the hand down, that is implicit collusion.
  • Implied odds
    Implied odds are similar to pot odds, but based on expectation of bets on future streets.
  • Ingy
    Quad fours.
  • In the air
    “Get the cards in the air”: To begin dealing.
  • In the dark
    To bet without looking at one’s hole cards.
  • In the Middle
    Pertaining to a situation in which one player finds himself between two others who are raising frequently, or, in a no-limit game, heavily. He is not necessarily physically between these two; he is logically, however, as far as the betting goes. Also called whipsawed.
  • Inside straight
    A straight that requires one card to complete, as opposed to an open-ended straight. ie: TJKA.
  • Insurance
    A side agreement when someone is all-in for a player in a pot to put up money that guarantees a payoff of a set amount in case the opponent wins the pot.
  • Isolate
    Bet or raise strongly in an attempt to make everyone fold except one other player.
  • ITM
    In the money. Having lasted long enough in a tournament to guarantee finishing as one of the winners.
    Abbreviation for “I want to see that hand”, a rule that was designed to help prevent collusion amongst players. This rule is often abused by players who are simply looking for more information than they paid for.


  • Jack ass
  • Jack Benny
  • Jackpot
    An amount offered by a cardroom for a bad beat.
  • Jackson five
  • Jam
    Lots of action, especially raising.
  • JAT
    Just a thought.
  • Jessie James
  • Jester
  • Jester (naked)
  • Jesus (Chris Ferguson)
  • Jester
    (1) Jack-Seven suited. (2) TV poker star, Lee Cambell, is known as The Jester.
  • Jester (Naked)
    Jack-Seven unsuited.
  • Jimmy Summerfield
  • Joe Bernstein
  • Joe Louis
  • Johnny Moss
  • Joker
    The joker is a “partially wild card” in high draw poker and ace-to-five lowball. In high, it is used for aces, straights, and flushes. In lowball, the joker is the lowest unmatched rank in a hand.
  • Juice
    see Vigorish


  • Kamikaze
    A player who is on tilt so badly that they literally throw away their money with no regard or go all in with a rubbish or semi-strong hand.
  • Kansas City lowball
    A form of draw poker low also known as deuce-to-seven, in which the best hand is 7-5-4-3-2 and straights and flushes count against you.
  • Katie
  • Keep someone honest
    Make sure someone is not bluffing, with respect to calling. “Well, I know you’re not bluffing, but I’ve got trips, so I’ll keep you honest.”
  • Key hand
    In a session or tournament, the one hand that ends up being a turning point for the player, either for better or worse.
  • Kicker
    The highest unpaired card that helps determine the value of a five-card poker hand.
  • Kicks
  • Kill (or kill game)
    A hand that is played for double-stakes based on the previous hand meeting certain criteria. Also see Half Kill.
  • Kill button
    A button that is placed in front of the player who is responsible for a kill game.
  • King crab
  • KJs
    King Jack suited.
  • Knuckle
    To check (as in knocking on the table).
  • Kojak
  • Kokomo
  • Kotch
  • KOTZ
    King of the Zoo – a 2+2 tournament series.
  • Ku Klux Klan


  • LA
    Los Angeles .
  • Ladies
  • LAG
    Loose aggressive.
  • LAP
    Loose passive.
  • Late Position
    In a poker game, positions to the right of the dealer, that is, those that make their decisions after the first few players have acted. Late position is advantageous, because players get to see what the other players have done before they have to act
  • Lay the odds
    To wager more money on a proposition than you hope to win.
  • Laydown
    To fold a hand. Often implies folding a good hand for a bet because the holder of the hand thinks it cannot win in the circumstances.
  • LC
    Low content.
  • Lead
    Making the first bet in a round of betting.
  • Leak
    A weakness in ones game which causes a usually consistent loss of money.
  • Leg up
    Being in a situation equivalent to having won the previous pot, and thus liable to have to kill the following pot if you win the current pot. See Kill.
  • Legitimate hand
    A hand with real value, as opposed to a bluffing hand.
  • Limeys
    Online members from the UK.
  • Limit (limit poker)
    Limit poker is any game in which there is a fixed limit on how much you can bet or raise in any round.
  • Limp
    To call pre-flop.
  • Liner
    Any face card.
  • Little Oldsmobile
  • Live blind
    A blind bet is considered a live blind if the player is allowed to raise even if no one else raises first. The big blind in Hold’em is a live blind.
  • Live game
    A game that is played for actual stakes, as opposed to a tournament game. See ring game.
  • Live hand
    A live hand is a hand that is still eligible to win the pot.
  • Live one
    A very loose player, usually implying one who loses; a rich sucker. See Fish.
  • Live straddle
    See Straddle.
  • LL
    Low limit game.
  • LMAO
    Laugh my a** off (available with numerous variations).
  • Lock
    A lock is a hand guaranteed to win at least part of the pot.
  • LOL
    Lots of luck, Laughing out loud.
  • Long odds
    A low probability of a certain thing happening.
  • Longshot
    A hand that has only a poor chance of winning; one that has to defy the odds to win. A bet that has only a poor chance of winning.
  • Look (someone) up
    Call a bet, usually with a hand that can beat only a bluff.
  • Loose
    Playing loose means playing more hands and holding on to them longer than statistical odds would recommend.
  • Low card
    The lowest upcard at seven-card stud, which is required to bet.
  • Lowball (or draw lowball)
    Five card draw played for low only (i.e., where the low hand wins the entire pot).
  • LP
    Late position. Loose passive player.
  • Lucifer
  • Luck
    An illusory factor that losers think is the only reason for winning, and that winners know is the main determinant for winning only in the short run.
  • Lucy & Ricky
  • Lumber yard
  • Lumberman’s hand


  • Machine gun
  • Mad Genius of Poker
    Mike Caro
  • Magnum
  • Main pot
    When there is a side pot, that part of the pot all of the players have action in.
  • Make
    To complete a hand that has a shot at winning the pot.
  • Maniac
    Nickname for a player that is extremely loose-aggressive. See Animal.
  • Marry
    To become too attached to a hand, usually seeing a showdown when it was clear that you should have folded earlier.
  • Maverick
  • Meh
    like “eh”… not so great, but not terrible. Meant to display some level of indifference. Helps if you speak Yiddish.
  • MHIG
    My hand is good.
    My hand is no good.
  • Mid life crisis
  • Middle pair
    If there are three cards of different ranks on the flop in hold’em, and you pair the middle one, you have middle pair.
  • Miscall
    An incorrect verbal declaration of the ranking of a hand.
  • Misdeal
    A mistake on the dealing of a hand which causes the cards to be reshuffled and a new hand to be dealt.
  • Miss
    When the board cards are not helpful to your hand.
  • Missed blind
    A required bet that is not posted when it is your turn to do so.
  • ML
    Middle limit game.
  • MM
    Mason Malmuth.
  • Mongrel
  • Monotone
    A flop of all the same suit.
  • Monster
    A superior hand that is unlikely to lose.
  • Montana banana
  • Mop squeezers
  • Moran
  • Mossback
  • Motown
  • MP
    Middle position.
  • MS
    Mohegan Sun.
  • MTT
    Multi table tournament.
  • Muck
    The discard pile, the act of discarding your cards face down..
  • Multiway
    Involving more than two players.


  • N/T
    No text in post (just text in the subject).
  • NH
    Nice hand.
  • NL
    No limit.
  • Noah’s ark
    Four Pair ( Omaha ).
  • NSFW
    Not safe for work
  • Nut
    The best possible type of hand, such as “nut flush” or “nut straight”; this is not necessarily the absolute nuts.
  • Nut low
    In any high-low game with community cards, the lowest possible hand based on the cards showing.
  • Nut-nut
    In any high-low game, having both the best possible low and high.
  • Nuts
    The best possible hand, based on the board cards. Sometimes called the absolute nuts.


  • o
    Offsuited – AKo would be Ace & King of different suits.
  • O8
    Omaha Hi-Lo – specifically low hand must be “8 or better”.
  • Odds
    A ratio of two probabilities, usually the probability of making a hand to the probability of not making the hand.
  • Oedipus
  • OESD
    Open ended straight draw.
    Open ended straight flush draw
  • Offsuit
    Cards that are not of the same suit.
  • Oldsmobile
  • Omaha
    Omaha is a flop game similar to hold’em, but with two key differences. First, each player is dealt four cards instead of just two. Second, a hand must be made using exactly two pocket cards (out of those four) and three from the table.
  • Omaha8
    The term “Omaha8″ is simply shorthand for omaha high-low split, with an 8 or better qualifier for low.
  • OMFG
    Oh! My goodness!
  • On the come
    Describing a bet made on an unmade hand before all the cards have been dealt in the anticipation of making a hand.
  • On the rail
    Busted, that is, out of action, being forced to watch the games from the rail. A spectator in a game is “on the rail.”
  • On tilt
    Playing recklessly, usually as a result of a bad beat (real or perceived). Also known as steaming.
  • One Gap
    Describing hold ‘em starting cards in which the two cards are two apart in rank, as Ks Js.
  • One Gapper
    Inside Straight
  • One table satellite
    A special satellite tournament, consisting of one table of players, whose prize is usually a buy-in for a larger tournament.
  • One way action
    When you and only one other player are involved in a pot.
  • OOP
    Out of position.
  • OOT
    Other Other Topics Forum on 2+2.
  • OOTM
    Out of the money.
  • OP
    Original post or original poster.
  • Open raise
    Raising as the first one in the pot preflop (rather than simply calling the bet).
  • Opener
    The player who made the first voluntary bet.
  • Opener button
    A button used to indicate who opened a particular pot in a draw game.
  • Openers
    In jacks-or-better draw, the cards held by the player who opens the pot that show the hand qualifies to be opened. Example: You are first to bet and have a pair of kings; the kings are called your openers.
  • OPP
  • Option
    The choice given to the player in the big blind, allowing them to call or raise.
  • Orbit
    One complete rotation around the table.
  • OT
    Off topic.
  • OTOH
    On the other hand.
  • Out
    An out is a card that will improve your hand, usually one that you think will make it a winner.
  • Outdraw
    To make a better hand than an opponent by merit of the cards you draw.
  • Outkicked
    To lose to another hand with a better kicker than yours.
  • Outrun
    To beat a hand that you were losing to on an earlier street.
  • Outs
    Cards remaining in the deck that will help improve a hand to win a pot.
  • Over and out
  • Overbet
    Raise amount larger than the current pot.
  • Overblind
    Also called oversize blind. A blind used in some pots that is bigger than the regular big blind, and usually increases the stakes proportionally.
  • Overcall
    Calling a bet after at least one other person has already called.
  • Overcard
    A pocket card that is higher than the highest board card. A card among the community cards higher than a player’s pair.
  • Overlay
    When a pot or prize pool offers greater payouts, and consequently odds, than those that would be created by just the active players in the hand or game. Examples of things that create overlays are dead money or guaranteed prize funds.
  • Overpair
    A pocket pair that is higher than the highest board card.
  • OWA’s
    One word answers.


  • Pace
    The speed of a game, with respect to its action. Fast pace describes a game with a lot of betting and raising, performed by most of the players; slow pace describes a game without much betting and raising.
  • Pacheco nuts
  • Paint
    Face card.
  • Pair
    Two cards of the same rank.
  • Pair of wire cutters (Dikes)
  • Party
    Party Poker
  • Pass
  • Passive
    Passive is a style of play that is characterized by reluctance to bet and raise.
  • Pat
    In draw poker, a hand that is dealt in which the player needs to draw no cards.
  • Pat hand
    In draw poker, a hand that is dealt in which the player needs to draw no cards.
  • Pattern Mapping
    There is no such thing as Pattern Mapping. Once upon a time there was a joke thread that went a little out of control. It became a standing joke in these forums, although some people still believe it to be true. There was no intentional hoax, things just happened and an urban legend was born.
  • Pay off
    To call a river bet when the prior action leads you to believe that you are beat, but the pot is big enough to make the call reasonable.
  • Pedigree
  • Peel one off
    Deciding to see the turn or river when the odds don’t quite justify a call.
  • Percentage player
    Someone who plays–that is calls, bets or raises only when she thinks she has the best of it on that wager.
  • Percy
  • Perfect
    When you only have one way to make a hand, you need perfect cards. Usually this means two cards.
  • Perp
    One who dishes out a bad beat (as in “perpetrator”).
  • PF
    Pre flop.
  • PFR
    Pre flop raise. Pre flop raiser. Pre flop raise pct (PT).
  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Pickle man
  • Picture
    Face card.
  • Pineapple
    Any of a number of variants of hold’em in which each player gets three cards and must discard one at some point (usually before or after pre-flop betting, after the flop, or after the second round of betting).
  • Pinochle
  • PL
    Pot limit
  • Plagiarism
    What one does to arrive at a comprehensive dictionary of online poker terms and abbreviations.
  • Play back (at)
    To play back at someone is to raise their opening bet.
  • Play the board
    In hold ‘em, use all of the board (community) cards to determine one’s best hand. When this happens, if no active player can use one or both of his or her dealt cards to form a better hand than that of the five board cards, the pot is split among all active players.
  • PLO8
    Pot limit Omaha 8 or better high/low.
  • PLZ
  • Pochen
    An early German card game having some of the features of poker. (Pochen means to boast of, which could be construed as to bluff.) Also, poch, poche.
  • Pocket
    Your unique cards that are hidden from everyone else. Also known as hole.
  • Pocket Pair
    A pair as one’s first two cards down cards in hold-em or stud.
  • Pocket rockets
  • Poker
    A card game based on the language of deception, a language expressed in words represented by bets; a card game among two or (usually) more players, in which each player makes one or more wagers that his five-card (sometimes fewer) hand ranks higher than those of all the others, or that he can convince the others to retire from contention because they believe his hand ranks the highest.
  • Poker god
    A mythical deity to whom poker players supposedly pray for good hands, often presumed to be female.
  • Poker History
    The history of poker is a matter of some debate. The name of the game likely descended from the French poque, which descended from the German pochen (‘to knock’), but it is not clear whether the origins of poker itself lie with the games bearing those names. It closely resembles the Persian game of as nas, and may have been taught to French settlers in New Orleans by Persian sailors. It is commonly regarded as sharing ancestry with the Renaissance game of primero and the French brelan. The English game brag (earlier bragg) clearly descended from brelan and incorporated bluffing (though the concept was known in other games by that time). It is quite possible that all of these earlier games influenced the development of poker as it exists now. English actor Joseph Crowell reported that the game was played in New Orleans in 1829, with a deck of 20 cards, four players betting on which player’s hand was the most valuable. Jonathan H. Green’s book, An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling (G. B. Zieber, Philadelphia, 1843), described the spread of the game from there to the rest of the country by Mississippi riverboats, on which gambling was a common pastime. Soon after this spread, the full 52-card English deck was used, and the flush was introduced. During the American Civil War, many additions were made, including draw poker, stud poker (the five-card variant), and the straight. Further American developments followed, such as the wild card (around 1875), lowball and split-pot poker (around 1900), and community card poker games (around 1925).
  • Pop
    To bet or raise.
  • POP
    Psychology of Poker, Dr. Alan N. Schoonmaker.
  • Position
    Position refers to your place at the table, especially representing the order of betting.
  • Position bet
    A position bet is a bet made more on the strength of one’s position than on the strength of one’s hand.
  • Positive Expectation
    The situation in which a particular bet, in the long run, has an overall average profit. A wager can lose more times than it wins and still have a positive expectation; this is because in the long run the amount of money won on the times it wins is greater than the amount lost on the times it loses.
  • Posse
  • Post
    To pay the blind(s) when not in the big blind position, often done when first sitting at a table or when you sat out and missed your turn to pay the blinds.
  • Post mortem
    An exhaustive discussion after a hand is over about the play of the hand.
  • Post oak bluff
    In a no-limit game, a minimal bet made into a large pot by the holder of a marginal hand. Attributable to Doyle Brunson. Origin unknown.
  • Poster
    Someone who posted during the current hand.
  • Pot
    All the money in the middle of the poker table that goes to the winner of the hand is the pot.
  • Pot committed
    Having invested so much in a pot that it “wouldn’t be good poker” to fold. Potstuck.
  • Pot equity
    The percentage of the time you expect to win the pot, multiplied by the size of the pot. If you expect to win the pot 20% of the time, and the pot contains $100, your pot equity is $20.
  • Pot equity edge
    You have a pot equity edge if you expect to win more often than an average opponent. If you have four opponents, the average player expects to win 20% of the time. If you expect to win 30% of the time, you have a pot equity edge.
  • Pot Limit
    A game whose betting limit is always equal to the current size of the pot. A raise can include the size of the pot after the call is accounted for, usually rounded up to the next even number.
  • Pot odds
    The ratio of the amount of money in the pot to the amount of money it will cost you to call a bet.
  • POTD
    Post of the day.
  • Pot-limit
    Any game in which the maximum bet or raise is the size of the pot.
  • POTM
    Post of the month.
  • Potstuck
    Having invested so much in a pot that it “wouldn’t be good poker” to fold. Pot committed.
  • POTY
    Post of the year.
  • POV
    Point of view.
  • PP
    Pocket pair, Party Poker, or Planet Poker in context.
  • PPM
    Party Poker Million.
  • Preflop
    Pertaining to the bet or situation after holecards are dealt, but before the flop.
  • Presto
    Holding a pair of 5′s as your hole cards in Texas Hold’em.
  • Price
    The pot odds you are getting for a draw or call. Example: “The pot was laying me a high enough price, so I stayed in with my gutshot straight draw.”
  • Producer
    Someone who brings lots of money to a game and keeps that money in circulation. May be, but not necessarily, a fish.
  • Prop (Proposition player)
    Someone who is paid by the casino to play poker. Props use their own money (as opposed to a shill), and are hired to help keep shorthanded games running.
  • Proposition bet
    The bet offered by a proposition hustler. Side bets between players that are not related to the outcome of the hand.
  • Proposition hustler
    Someone, usually a player, who offers other players bets on certain occurrences, paying off at less than true odds. Distinguished from proposition player.
  • Protect
    To protect a hand is to bet so as to reduce the chances of anyone outdrawing you by getting them to fold. To invest more money in a pot so blind money that you’ve already put in isn’t “wasted.” Example: “He’ll always protect his blinds, no matter how bad his cards are.”
  • Provider
    See Producer or Fish.
  • PS
    Poker Stars.
  • PSB
    Pot-sized bet.
  • PSR
    Pot-sized raise.
  • PT
    Poker Tracker software.
  • PTBB/100
    PokerTracker big bets won per 100 hands played. PTBB/100 is twice the size of the big blind won per 100 hands, as it assumes big bets as in limit holdem.
  • PTL
    Player to my left.
  • PTR
    Player to my right.
  • Puck
  • Pup (or Puppy)
  • Push (a hand)
    To play a hand aggressively.
  • Push (chips)
    Slang for going all-in in a NL game.
  • Put
    To suspect that someone has a certain hand. eg: I put him on aces.
  • Put a play on
    Outmaneuver someone by the timing or size (or both) of a bet.
  • Put on
    To put someone on a hand (or on a draw) is to guess that that is what they are holding.
  • Pwned
    Owned, slang originating with typos.


    Question of playing this way.
  • Quackers
  • Quads
    Four of a kind.
  • Qualifier
    In high-low split games, the qualifier is a requirement that a hand must meet in order to be eligible for part of the pot, generally the low part. See 8 or better.
  • Quarter
    To win one fourth of the pot is to be quartered. This is usually the result of splitting half the pot in a high-low split game.
  • Quinine
  • Quint


  • R
    Rebuy $11+R would an $11 tournament with rebuys available.
  • R+A
    Rebuy & AddOns $11+R would an $11 tournament with rebuys & add ons available.
  • Rabbit hunting
    Rabbit hunting is the act of asking to see what cards would have come up if a hand had continued.
  • Race
    In hold’em a hand contested between a two overcards and a lower pair. Nearly an even odds situation.
  • Rag
    A card that appears useless. Also known as a blank.
  • Ragged
    A board containing cards that don’t appear helpful.
  • Rail
    The sideline at a poker table – the rail separating spectators from the field of play. An imaginary or figurative zone for the same purpose, that is, separating the area in which the poker games are as opposed to the area for nonplaying onlookers
  • Railbird
    Game observers. Railbirds should not comment on game play.
  • Railroad hand
  • Rainbow
    3 different suits on the flop.
  • Raise
    Increase the bet. In a limit game add a bet equal to the betting limit. In a no-limit game increase by anything equal to or greater than the previous bet or raise.
  • Rake
    The amount collected from the pot that goes to the casino.
  • Rakeback
    The term used for poker affiliates returning rake to players bankroll account.
  • Ram and jam
    Bet and raise frequently and aggressively.
  • Rap
    To check (as in knocking on the table).
  • Raquel Welch
  • Razz
    Seven card stud played for low (ace to five) only.
  • Razzphomaniac
    A person who gets excited watching women play online Razz.
  • Read
    Observing how a player plays under certain conditions. Make a conclusion about another player’s hole cards based on exposed cards and previous betting.
  • Re-buy
    In many tournaments, players are allowed to buy in again if they go broke or if their chip accumulation falls below a certain level, usually only during a predetermined amount of time.
  • Rebuy period
    The period of time during a rebuy tournament during which players are permitted to rebuy.
  • Red
    $5 chip.
  • Release
    Fold a hand, usually implying a good hand when you think it is beat. “I had to release a set.”
  • Reload bonus
    A reload bonus is a bonus that a poker room gives to its existing players. Like a signup bonus, a reload bonus is typically a percentage of a player’s deposit usually released to the player pending playing a given number of hands or specified amount of rake.
  • Represent
    Playing a hand a certain way in order to give the impression that you hold cards other than your actual hand.
  • Reraise
    To raise someone’s raise.
  • Reverse implied odds
    The ratio of the amount of money now in the pot to the amount of money you will have to call to continue from the present round to the end of the hand.
  • Ring game
    A game that is played for actual stakes, as opposed to a tournament game. Also known as a live game.
  • River
    The last of five community cards in flop games (e.g. hold’em and omaha ). Sometimes called fifth street . Seventh street in Stud.
  • Rivered
    Losing a hand on the river, while you were ahead and the clear favorite on the turn. Can also be used to describe a hand being made using the river card.
  • Rock
    A tight player who is normally only involved in hands in which he/she is the heavy favorite to win.
  • Rock garden
    A game comprised of many rocks.
  • Rockets
  • Rodney
    King high club flush.
    Rolling on floor laughing my a** off.
  • ROI
    ROI is short for “return on investment.” This is a poker term that is used to measure the profitability of one’s play in poker tournaments. ROI is calculated as (100 * total profit/total buy-in). Thus, if one received a prize of $150 in a tournament with a buy-in of $100+$9, one’s ROI is calculated as 100 * $41/$109= 37.61%. ROI is used for tournaments though because tournaments always have a fixed buy-in in relation to the prize pool. ROI is not useful for ring game play.
  • Roll
  • Rolled Up
    In seven card stud, three of a kind on the first three cards.
  • ROR
    Risk of ruin.
  • Rough
    In lowball, pertaining to the upper spectrum of a class of hands, that is, those topped by two or three cards in sequence. For example, 8-7-6-2-A is a rough 8, while 8-5-3-2-A is a smooth 8.
  • Round of betting
    One opportunity to bet from each active player. If there are no raises, there is only one round of betting. If there are raises, there is more than one round of betting.
  • Round of hands
  • Rounder
    A professional poker player.
  • Route 66
  • Royal flush
    Ace high straight flush.
  • Run over
    Take advantage of another player, particularly by bluffing.
  • Runner-runner
    A come hand that requires help from both the turn and river in order to win. Also known as a backdoor hand.
  • Running bad
    Losing for a period of time.
  • Running good
    Winning for a period of time.
  • Rush
    A player who wins a large number of pots in a short period of time is said to be on a rush.


  • s
    Suited – AKs would be Ace & King of the same suit.
  • Sailboats
  • Salt Lake pair
  • San Fransisco waiters
    Queens with 3s (trays)
  • Sandbag
    Another term for slow playing. Sandbagging: concealing your strength for the purpose of increasing your profit.
  • Satan
  • Satellite Tournament
    A special tournament whose prize is usually a buy-in for a larger tournament.
  • SB
    Small blind or small bet in context.
  • SC
    Suited connector.
  • Scare card
    A board card that can easily turn a winning hand into a losing hand by improving an opponent’s hand.
  • Scared money
    Money a player is afraid to lose (and thus probably will).
  • Scoop
    Winning an entire pot, usually (but not necessarily) by having a hand that is both the high and low hand in a split game.
  • Scooting
    Giving someone a small amount of chips when you win a pot. Also called horsing.
  • Screwed down
    A player who is playing very tight is said to be screwed down.
  • SD
    Standard Deviation.
  • See
    Call a bet.
  • Seigried and Roy
  • Sell a hand
    Playing a very strong hand weakly in order to disguise your strength and keep other players from folding. Also known as slow playing.
  • Semi-bluff
    To bet or raise with more cards to come when you believe your hand is currently beaten, but has a fair chance of improving into the best hand. Ref: TOP, D. Sklansky.
  • Session
    A period of time spent playing in a poker game, normally measured in hours.
  • Set
    Three of a kind when you hold a pair in your hand and a third shows up on the board.
  • Set over set
    In hold ‘em, one player’s set against another’s assumed not to be of the same rank.
  • Set someone in
    In a no-limit game, bet enough chips that the opponent must go all in to call the bet.
  • Set up
    Make a bet or action that causes another player to think you always act that way, so that you can take advantage of the misconception later; set a trap for someone.
  • SF
    Straight flush.
  • SG
    Stuck guy.
  • Shark
    A shark is a good player and typically wins. A shark’s goal is often to simply just win money at poker, so they seek out games with a lot of fish. Basically, in the poker ecosystem, sharks feed on fish.
  • Sharp tops
  • Sheffield Lowball
    A resident of Sheffield who loses money playing poker and then shivs the person afterward.
  • Shill
    Someone who is paid by the casino to play poker. Shills use the casino’s money (as opposed to a prop), and are hired to help keep shorthanded games running.
  • Shoe store
    Three Pair.
  • Short buy
    A buy-in that is less than the required minimum buy-in.
  • Short game
    Less than a full table. Usually 3 to 6 players at a nine or ten seat table.
  • Short handed
    Pertaining to a short game.
  • Short odds
    A high probability of a certain thing happening.
  • Short stack
    A relatively small amount of chips as compared to the other players at the table. Also used to identify the player who possesses the “short stack.”
  • Short-chipped
  • Short-stacked
    Low on chips.
  • Show one, show all
    The rule that states if you show your cards to one player, you must reveal your cards to everyone else at the table.
  • Showdown
    When all betting is done and the cards are turned over in order to determine the winner.
  • Shut up
    Shut up.
  • Side game
    At a poker tournament, a game other than the tournament game, usually consisting of players who have busted out of the tournament and players who come to tournaments expressly to get into side games because the action is often better than that of the tournament.
  • Side pot
    The extra pot that is created when someone goes all-in. The person who went all-in is only eligible for the main pot, not the side pot(s).
  • Six [censored]
  • Sizzler
  • Skin
    Many sites have more than one entrance into the same poker room. For example Party Poker is the largest site on the net at the time of writing, but Empire Poker leads to the same games. Empire Poker is called a skin of Party Poker.
  • Slow
    When you play passively, you are playing slow. See speed.
  • Slow down
    To stop playing a hand as aggressively as it was played on earlier streets.
  • Slow play
    Playing a very strong hand weakly in order to disguise your strength and keep other players from folding. Also known as sandbagging.
  • Slow roll
    To wait, then slowly turn over your winning hand during showdown. A very rude thing to do.
  • Small bet
    In a limit game, the smaller of the two bets in the betting structure.
  • Small Blind
    The first bet posted by the player to the Dealer’s left. It is a forced bet. The small blind bet amount is equal to half of the lower bet. For example, in a $10 – $20 game, the small blind is $5. Applies in Texas Hold’em Omaha Omaha Hi-lo.
  • Smooth
    The best possible low hand with a particular high card. 8432A is a smooth 8. See also rough.
  • Smooth call
    To call one or more bets without raising, when you are quite sure that you have the best hand. See also flat call.
  • SMZ
    Sklansky, Malmuth & Zee – 2+2 Publisher’s/Authors.
  • Snap off
    To beat someone, often a bluffer, and usually with a not especially powerful hand, is to snap them off. Catch someone bluffing.
  • SNG
    Sit N Go: a tournament of fixed # of players that starts when all seats are filled.
  • Snowmen
  • Soft
    An easy game.
  • Sooted
  • Speculative hand
    A hand that will win only rarely, but will make a big hand that can win a large pot when it does win.
  • Speed
    Speed refers to the level of aggressiveness with which you play. Fast play is more aggressive, slow play is more passive.
  • Speed limit
  • Speeding
    Caught bluffing is sometimes said to be caught speeding.
  • Spike
    For the next board card to be a specific rank that you need to help your hand.
  • Splash
    Tossing your chips into the pot, rather than placing them on the table in front of your cards. Splashing the pot is frowned upon.
  • Splash around
    Play recklessly; play more hands than one should.
  • Split-pot game
    A game in which the pot is split between the holders of two hands usually high/low.
  • Splitting blinds
    When no one else has entered the pot, an agreement between the big blind and small blind to each take back their blind bets instead of playing the deal (chopping). Usually for the duration of a session.
  • Spread
    For a casino or poker room to offer a certain poker game.
  • Spread limit
    Poker in which the betting limits are somewhere between single limit and no limit. Bets have a range, from a minimum to a maximum.
  • Squeeze play
    The situation in which a player is whipsawed. See whipsaw.
  • SS
    Short Stack.
  • SS/SS2
    Super/System or Super System 2, Doyle Brunson.
  • SSHE
    Small Stakes Hold’em, Ed Miller, David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth.
  • SSNL
    Small Stakes No Limit Forum on 2+2.
  • Stack
    The amount of money you currently have at the table.
  • Standard Deviation
    A statistical method of evaluating randomness of results. The standard deviation is a statistic that tells you how tightly all the various examples are clustered around the mean in a set of data. When the examples are pretty tightly bunched together and the bell-shaped curve is steep, the standard deviation is small. When the examples are spread apart and the bell curve is relatively flat, that tells you you have a relatively large standard deviation. The standard deviation is simply the square root of the variance.
  • Starting requirement
    The minimum holding a particular player feels he needs to get involved in a hand.
  • Stay
    Call rather than fold or raise.
  • Std dev
    Standard Deviation.
  • Steal
    To bet or raise causing an opponent to fold when you may not hold the best hand.
  • Steal the blinds
    Preflop open-betting from the cutoff or button in the hopes that everyone following you will fold.
  • Steam
    A player who is on tilt is sometimes said to be steaming. A steam raise is a raise made more out of frustration than out of strategic concerns.
  • Steaming
    Playing recklessly, usually as a result of a bad beat (real or perceived). Also known as tilt or tilting.
  • Steel wheel
    A straight flush, five high. That is, A2345 of the same suit.
  • Stfu
    “Please, be quiet, sir.”
  • Sticks
  • Stop and go
    Call a bet or raise and push the next street.
  • Straddle
    An optional raise by the person to the immediate left of the big blind, declared before the cards are dealt. Also known as a “live straddle”, because that same person then has the option to reraise.
  • Straight
    A hand consisting of five cards in consecutive ranks.
  • Straight flush
    A hand consisting of five cards of consecutive ranks of the same suit.
  • Street
    Cards dealt on a particular round. For instance, the fourth card in a player’s hand is often known as fourth street , the sixth card as sixth street , and so on.
  • Street3′d
    Basically a dead hand that you know for 99.99% fact that you are beat, yet you continue to raise or call.
  • String bet
    A raise that is not done in one single motion.To call a bet then decide that you’d like to raise instead based on opponent’s reactions. Very Illegal.
  • String raise
    String bet.
  • Structure
    The structure of a game refers to the details about the betting, including antes, blinds, and the amount that may be bet on any round. Tournament structure is anything having to do with the amount of money in tournament chips players can get, the rebuy and add-on rules, and the amounts and timing of blind increases.
  • STT
    Single-table tournament. Often the same as SNG.
  • Stuck
    Losing, often in regards to a certain amount of chips.
  • Stupid end
    In hold ‘em, the low end of a straight, or a straight that can lose to a higher straight.
  • Suck out
    To win a hand with a hand that was a heavy underdog.
  • Suited
    Of the same suit.
  • Suited connectors
    Sequentially ranked hole cards of the same suit. eg: 5h6h
  • Sunset strip
  • Sweat
    Observing all or part of a session that one player is involved in, with their consent.


  • T$
    Tournament $.
  • T&C
    Terms & Conditions.
  • TA/TAG
    Tight aggressive.
  • Table
    The community cards. The poker table itself. The players at the table as a group.
  • Table captain
    A player who is dominating the table. A humorous name for the player who takes it upon himself to arbitrate in all matters requiring decisions, settle all disputes, and interpret all rules.
  • Table coach
    The table know-it-all who likes to tell everyone how they should be playing their cards.
  • Table cop
    A player who calls with the intention of keeping other players honest is said to be playing table cop. Calling station. A player who makes an effort to point out violations of rules or ettiquette, usually done in poor taste.
  • Table stakes
    Table stakes is simply the rule that a player may only wager money they have on the table at the beginning of a hand. Usually, also implies that money may not be removed from the table.
  • Table talk
    Any discussion at the table of the hand currently underway, especially by players not involved in the pot, and especially any talk that might affect play.
  • TAG
    Tight aggressive.
  • Take it down
    To win a pot.
  • Tap out
    Losing all of your money.
  • Tapping the aquarium
    To tell a poor player what he’s doing wrong; ie: waking up a fish.
  • Tell
    An unconscious gesture or mannerism that may assist others in determining the true strength of your hand.
  • Tension
  • Tetris
  • Texas hold’em
    Texas Hold’em (or just “hold’em”) is a poker game in which each player gets two pocket cards, while five community cards are dealt face-up on the table. The strength of a player’s hand is the best hand that can be made with these seven cards. There is a round of betting after the pocket cards are dealt, after the first three community cards (the flop), after the fourth, or turn card, and after the final, or river card.
  • Texas Rangers
    72, worst hand for the worst MLB team. In honor of Storm.
  • Texture
    Describes the characteristics of the board. For instance, the texture of a board could be three to a straight, or to a flush, rainbow, scattered, or the often used “scary,” “dangerous,” “non-dangerous.”?
  • The beast
  • The dog hand
  • The hammer
  • The marriage
  • Three of a kind
    Three cards of the same rank. Also called trips or a set.
  • Three wise men
  • Three-bet
    The first reraise (putting 3 bets in).
  • Tilt
    Playing recklessly, usually as a result of a bad beat (real or perceived). Also known as steaming.
  • TKS
  • To go
    An amount “to go” is the amount it takes to enter the pot.
  • TOC
    Tounament Of Champions.
  • Toke
    A tip given to the dealer by the winner of a hand. English language idiom understood only by dealers.
  • TOP
    Theory of Poker, David Sklansky.
  • Top pair
    If there are three cards of different ranks on the flop in hold’em (or any flop game), and you pair the highest one, you have top pair.
  • Tossing Muppets
    Folding pocket Jacks.
  • Tournament
    A poker competition, normally with an entry fee and prizes.
  • TP
    Tight passive.
  • TP2K/TP3K/etc
    Top pair, second/third/etc kicker eg: You hold AQ/AJ/etc and the board is A72.
    Tournament Poker for Advanced Players, David Sklansky.
  • TPGK
    Top pair good kicker.
  • TPNK
    Top pair, no kicker.
  • TPTK
    Top pair, top kicker.
  • TPWK
    Top pair, weak kicker.
  • Trap
    To slowplay a big hand in order to induce increased bets from other players.
  • Trey
  • Triple Shootout
    A tournament of 81 tables, the winner of each table moving on to a second round of 9 tables, the winners of which move on to a final table.
  • Triple-draw lowball
    A form of ace-to-five or deuce-to-seven with three draws, instead of the usual one in ordinary lowball, and thus having four betting rounds, often played pot limit.
  • Trips
    Three of a kind, with one card in the hand matching a pair in the community cards.
  • TTH
    Turbo Texas Hold’em by Wilson Software.
  • Turn
    The fourth of five community cards in flop games (e.g. hold’em and omaha). Sometimes called fourth street.
  • Turncard
    The fourth street card in hold’em or Omaha.
  • Twiggy
    To whom it may concern.
  • Two gap
    Describing hold ‘em starting cards in which the two cards are three apart in rank, as KsTs.
  • Two pair
    A hand consisting of two cards of one rank, and two cards of another rank (and an unpaired card).
  • TX
  • TY
    Thank you.
  • TYVM
    Thank you very much.


  • UB
    Ultimate Bet.
  • Ui
  • Uncalled bet
    In any round of betting, a bet made by one player that is not matched by any other player (nor is any other player all in, which would still necessitate a showdown), thus giving the pot to the player who made the bet.
  • Under the gun
    To the dealer’s left; often refers to the first person to bet in a particular round.
  • Underdog
    A hand that is unlikely to win the pot.
  • Underpair
    A pocket pair that is lower than the lowest board card.
  • Unethical
    Taking unfair advantage of another player, whether or not by breaking the rules. Not following the rules of conduct recognized in poker.
  • Union Oil
  • Up
    Aces up is two pair with aces as the higher pair.
  • Upcards
    Cards that are dealt faceup for opponents to see in stud games.
  • UTG
    Under the gun, first player to act preflop.
  • UTG+1
    Under the gun plus one, second player to act preflop.


  • Valentines
    Heart flush.
  • Value Bet
    A bet made with the intention of getting called by one or more lesser hands, as opposed to getting the others to fold. Usually implies betting a hand that has only a slight edge, and one that a conservative player would likely check with.
  • Variance
    A measure of the spread of a statistical distribution about its mean or center. In poker: the distribution of your results over a a set of hands or sessions, or the swings in a positive or negative direction of cash flow.
  • VB
    Value bet.
  • Vigorish
    House take; time; rake.
  • Village People
    Four queens.
  • Villain is 25/5/2
    Villian’s PokerTracker stats: VP$IP=25, PFR=5, Aggression Factor = 2.
  • Visine
  • VN
    Very nice.
  • VNH
    Very nice hand.
  • VP$IP
    Voluntarily Put $ In Pot, (PT).
  • VVN
    Very very nice.


  • WA/WB
    Way ahead, way behind.
  • Wager
    Any bet.
  • Walk
    Allowing the big blind to win uncontested.
  • Walking back to Houston
  • Walking sticks
  • Wash
    To place a deck of cards face down on the table and thoroughly mix them.
  • Washington Monument
    PokerStars’ World Championship Of Online Poker.
  • Weak
    Pertaining to a player who loses because of timid play, that is, is reluctant to raise and quick to fold.
  • Weak passive
    Describing a player who calls a lot and rarely raises, or the play of such a player.
  • Weinberg
  • WGAF
    Who gives a flute.
    Who gives a flying flute.
  • Wheel
    In ace-to-five lowball, the best hand possible, A-2-3-4-5. So called, because Bicycle playing cards have one depicted in their design. Often also called a bicycle. In deuce-to-seven lowball, the best hand possible, that is, 7-5-4-3-2 of mixed suits. Unlike ace-to-five, the cards cannot all be of the same suit. In London Lowball the best hand 6-4-3-2-A of mixed suits.
  • Whipsaw
    Perform the action of two players who keep raising and reraising each other, while one player between them keeps having to call further bets to remain in the pot. Also called crossfire, sandwich, squeeze.
  • White
    $1 chip.
  • Wild card
    A card that can serve as any other card in making your hand.
  • Wired pair
    Pocket pair.
  • WLLH
    Winning Low Limit Hold’em, Lee Jones.
  • Woodcutter
  • Woolworth
    5T (dime)
  • Worst of it
    A situation in which a wager will be unprofitable in the long run.
  • WPT
    World Poker Tour.
  • WSOP
    World Series Of Poker,
    World Series Of Poker Main Event.
  • WTF



  • Yanks
    Online members from the USA.
  • YMMV
    Your mileage may vary.
    You should seriously consider killing yourself.


  • Zoo
    A group of 2+2 members that regularly post on the 2+2 “Internet Gambling” forum.


  • $EV
    Dollar Expected Value, the expected profit or loss in dollars associated with a decision.
  • ~$7
    Approximately $7.
  • Time
    An expression used to stop the action on a hand. Equivalent to Hold it, or Time Out.
  • +EV
    Positive expected value.
  • 2+2er
    Those that actively take part in the discussions on the 2+2 forums.
  • 3-bet
    The first reraise (putting 3 bets in).
  • 8 or Better
    The requirement in high-low split games that the low half of the pot be awarded only to a hand that is 8-high or lower.
  • 8-or-better
    The requirement in high-low split games that the low half of the pot be awarded only to a hand that is 8-high or lower.
  • 9To
    Nine Ten offsuit.