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Achtung Dan Hofinger
“Achtung” Dan Hofinger is a London based poker professional who can assist those wanting to break into live play through his own journey of bad beats and well-played hands.

Elton Cepeda is enlightening the world with humor, one prostitute at a time.

Ali-G is a walking book of knowledge when it comes to poker sites, forums, and freerolls. He knows the ins and outs of what is occuring in the world of online poker, and is happy to share his secrets.

biondino is an overrolled hobby poker player who is too much of a wuss to move up to $100NL.

BJ316 is an amateur poker player who can often be found on Full Tilt Poker or at the $1/$2 No Limit table at one of the many casinos in Atlantic City. He has had moderate success in cash game play over the years and some tournament success in all formats of poker.

Poker Player, Writer, Founder of Pablosplace and Team7Deuce, and Member of the Bad Beat on Cancer Advisory Council.

Crazy Snake
Crazy Snake is a professional sports handicapper and amateur poker player. He has made a profit year after year through his knowledge of Aussie Rules Football, NFL, tennis, and golf. He is a senior writer for

A student of the game, darKPlay continues to improve his poker knowledge. He shares his ideas, thoughts, and progress with a comedic twist!

A man of the tables who is into bikes, burnouts, and poker.

feltburns, once the co-publisher of Full Tilt Magazine and chronic poker player can be found roaming the poker rooms of the Midwest, usually with that “I just got RedFished” look in his eyes.

Frequenicity is an amateur poker enthusiast whose experience spans a multitude of games. He is always happy to accept questions and suggestions for future topics.

Grifter Jim
Grifter Jim is a senior writer for

For the further adventure in Grinder’s sometimes gambling and sometimes processing poker journey feel free to check out his blog, Grinders Warehouse. A Curiously Entertaining Blog!

Hanging Shingle
Hanging Shingle is a solo practitioner in the State of Texas. He writes about the legality of arguments in daily events and cases.

John the Greek
John “The Greek” Leontakianakos is a professional poker player with 27 years of experience.

No biography for Larson.

Michael is a semi-pro Internet low limit Texas Hold’em poker player who is writing a book on how to improve online low limit Texas Hold’em poker play and shares his strategies and thoughts.

MNFulltilt was the co-owner of Full Tilt Magazine and owner of a bowling center in Minnesota that was raided by the police over a free bar poker game. This lead to a local senator changing a law making free bar poker legal in the state of MN. MNFulltilt currently runs weekly bar games, plays online and live poker and is working on a bar poker book.

Out of Eden
Out of Eden is a regular contributor to He also contributes articles to other sites about world travel, political affairs, and Aussie Rules Football.

Panache Josh
Panache Josh is low limit hold’em player and enjoys sharing his experiences with other poker enthusiasts.

Poker Works
No biography for Poker Works.

Street3 is a Professional Online Bingo Player and has been playing the game, at many levels, for years.

Stud Cowboy
Stud Cowboy is a consistent online winner in Stud and is always interested in discussing the game as well as finding those tables/sites that are especially ripe.

The Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman is an amateur horse handicapper, building his knowledge base through books/articles, fellow handicappers, and live betting experiences.

Tom Golabek
Tom Golabek is an award winning magician, and plays the poker tables of South Florida and Las Vegas. He has produced a step by step instructional DVD on how to perform a colorful collection of poker chip tricks, and card handling techniques.

Vinny Nap
Vincent “Vinny Nap” Napolitano is a professional poker player who has won the 2004 Caribbean Poker Classic, finished 5th at the 2004 Monte Carlo Millions, and a respectable 39th in the 2005 No Limit Hold’em ($5,000) WSOP.

No biography for Wolf.

An amateur poker player, Zonetrap loves the game of poker and tries to enlighten readers with some poker tips and strategies.