How to Get a Poker Bonus and Play with Free Money

published on 10/14/13 at 4:00 am

How to Get a Poker Bonus and Play with Free Money

Some poker websites and online casinos offer a free instant sign-on bonus to new players. These are no strings attached bonuses. Simply sign up and receive a free deposit into your account. Instant bonuses are often hard to find and the amount of the bonus is significantly smaller than other promotional poker offers.

Many reliable online poker sites such as Paddy Power Poker offer hundreds of dollars in free bonus money to new and existing players. Be careful not to be blinded by the promise of a huge sign-up bonus or reload deposit. Before you get too excited, it is important that you read the terms of the bonus and understand exactly how and when you will receive the bonus money.

Instant Access

Be aware that most sign-up bonuses are instantly accessible. Yes, poker sites offer sign-up bonuses to new players. New players, however, must often meet certain criteria prior to actually receiving these bonuses. Online casinos want to bring in traffic. They want players to log into their site, bet money and play. This means that there are often “play-through” requirements that players need to meet prior to receiving their sign-up bonus. You may need to deposit a certain amount or complete a certain number of hands prior to receiving your money.

Incremental Rewards

A website may advertise £600 in free bonus money, but you should be aware that the money is often awarded in various increments. This means that, rather than earning a lump sum of £600, you may be rewarded the money in smaller increments of £5, £10 or £20. The pay schedule often depends on your activity on the poker website. Play more and you will receive the bonus more quickly. Play less, and your money will be rewarded slowly. These offers often expire, so if you are not active on the site prior to the deposit deadline, you will forfeit your bonus reward.

Before you get involved in playing poker online, it is probably best to learn how to play online poker from a reliable online tutorial resource. Be sure to gamble responsibly and ensure it remains a fun pursuit at all times!

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