Popularity of Poker

published on 06/25/13 at 12:12 pm

Popularity of Poker

Poker saw a huge boom in popularity in 2004 when it seemed like all of a sudden everyone was playing the game, all over TV you saw celebrities playing for charities as well as poker players becoming celebrities in their own right. Most people these days have heard of the World Series of Poker as it is broadcast in many countries around the world for all to see, and some of the best players go up against each other. Since then Texas Hold’em has been played in households all around the world, but has it kept this same level of popularity over the years.

Despite many setbacks poker is more popular than ever, but the landscape has changed for the average poker player. In America in 2011 there was a day called black Friday in the poker world, this is because on that day a number of the large online casino websites were closed and so many had to look elsewhere for their entertainment. However, this did not mean that online casinos no longer existed and so they were visited more frequently than ever before just like their brick and mortar brothers. There are so many different kinds of games that you can play at online casinos now that many players were blown away by the sheer choice.

Some will have you believe that tournament poker has become less popular due to the fact that there are less high buy-in tournaments taking place. This however does not show the whole picture, due to the economic crisis that is taking place more people are deciding to play in lower buy-in tournaments and so there are in fact more tournaments than ever happening every day. One thing that has helped online casinos so much is the fact that they now use services like moneybookers, this means that people can play with real money and not have to worry about it going missing. When the online poker sites were closed many of the sites used proprietary money accounts so many were worried about where it was going. This is no longer the case now.

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