Top 5 Poker TV Shows

published on 03/04/11 at 9:00 am

Top 5 Poker TV Shows

Looking to catch some great poker action on your television set this week? Then, this is the article that clues you in about where all the poker action is. So, read on to find out which TV channels you have to set your dial to for watching shows packed with poker glitz!!

#1 Poker TV Show: GSN’s High Stakes Poker
This show was launched in 2006 and was one-of-a-kind among all existing poker shows because one could sit alongside the top poker professionals from all corners of the globe, such as Barry Greenstein, Daniel Negreanu of PokerStars, and Jen Harman as opposed to the tournament format of other shows. Thus, this show allowed viewers to watch the poker biggies gamble with their personal cash (tons of it, really considering each player had to buy-in using USD 100,000 with variations of deals one doesn’t normally get to see anywhere else.

#2 Poker TV show: ESPN’s World Series of Poker
This show has got to be the biggest ever in televised poker event history since nowhere else can viewers tune in to such a tremendous variety of poker games. You have Texas Hold’em, 7-card Stud andOmaha – played high with the Main Event being the real crowd puller because it is here that the nail-biting finish table action has everyone betting on who will walk away with the No Limit Hold’em tournament’s multi-million dollar first prize!

#3 Poker TV show: World Poker Tour
This show definitely has all the poker nuts tuning in to the WPT and also dragging along family and friends to watch the action after it launched with much fanfare in 2003. It rapidly climbed up the TRP charts and became the Travel Channel’s top rated program because of great poker tournament coverage from across the country’s best casinos.

Each hand that is relayed on the TV screen causes hearts of poker fans to beat faster with the pace of the action speeding up across all the different channels the show airs on: from Fox Sports to Travel Channel to GSN, which is sponsored by, viewers have a choice of which channel they want to change the dial for in order to be part of the poker claim to fame – just like the pros featured on this show!

#4 Poker TV show: Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown
This show really built up the game’s popularity, much like the shows listed above because it brought in a niche audience to watch their favorite stars vying for great poker prize pools amid light-hearted bantering and some fabulous on-screen chemistry between the hosts: Phil Gordon of FullTilt and Dave Foley who came across as naturals when it came to informative commentary of the show’s action. Lots of poker fun, cool prizes, celebrity flavors and the rumors of poker veteran Phil Hellmuth taking to the hosting keep this TV show on the hot list of many card game enthusiasts.

#5 Poker TV show: GSN’s Poker Royale
This TV show about poker is unique because it combines two opposing groups that come together to duke it out at the poker table, across different segments like Girls versus Boys or Celebrities versus Professionals. Three players from each group face each other at the No Limit Hold’em tournament and compete for the host of prizes – and of course, fan favor!

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  1. Online Poker Chronicle

    Aug 22nd, 2012

    This is a very insightful article, thanks for posting! Being new to the game, I have often wondered what TV show is the best to watch so that I can acquire new skills and tips whilst following the players. ESPN’s World Series of Poker has so many different games running so I find it hard to follow. However, Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown combines dramatic poker entertainment with a reality TV feel so I have definitely enjoyed the experience of watching it lately. I hope more quality poker TV shows emerge over the coming months and years and that my game improves!

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