Phil Ivey’s Tour Into The World of Poker

published on 03/03/11 at 11:17 am

Phil Ivey’s Tour Into The World of Poker

Phil Ivey may look like a young jock who is just hitting around the corner. He’s commonly seen with his signature Full Tilt Poker cap, stone faced as he outplays the best poker players on the house. It’s as if he was born to do the job and win the pot. His skills are uniquely his own and shows an overpowering ability to outthink even the genius poker players. His eyes furtively play around the room as if finding for some clue beyond the room. Every time he flashes a call, it’s a resounding command that will certainly bring the pots on his side of the table.

Throughout his playing career, Phil has earned himself a reputation as one of the frightening faces in poker. He has developed a wide range of arsenal that many other players are left in awe after the hand. The cards that land on his hands seem to be certainly lucky but his knack on the tale is definitely superb. If someone wants to have an idol, it’ll definitely be like this man.

He belongs to the fresher breed of poker players that has won several tournaments and has played almost all kinds of poker table. While there are other players like Phil, his style has never been replicated. His wits and genius always bring him the respect of peers and fellow champions. It is not impossible that his name has risen from the simple gamer into an international celebrity that many other starters respect. He now reaps all the rewards of his hard work both on and off the table. And he truly deserves this respect.

A homegrown talent of Roselle, New Jersey, Phil Ivey was born on Riverside, California in 1976. When they transferred to New Jersey, he was introduced by his grandfather to this card game. He played as a young gambler together with his grandfather who was a dealer. Five-Card Stud was his first try of the game and even at a young age he has grown fondness to the game. The early years in poker was merely for fun and he saw things rather at an unbalanced perspective. It was even daunting to see cards but couldn’t understand what was written in there. This, however, has given him a broad background of the game, something that poker players are born to have.

By age 16, he started playing backroom games for both fun and some money. It wasn’t that great at start. H had to lose most of the games and his nickname had become “Bringing It Home Jerome” which was supposedly “No Home Jerome.” He has seen the game again but now its real sense, an overwhelming mind puzzle. His first splurge into the world of poker has given him an early taste of beating. Just imagine having no purse to pay for his basic necessities – no electricity and water was shut off.

The tide eventually turned to his side when he reached 21. Tables have become friendly and his arsenal of strategies has been growing into fortified block. There were times when he won streaks while playing poker online for almost a month and luck was smiling right at him. He then started his glorious campaign into international professional tournaments. He was 24 at the time he set foot into the World Series of Poker. From there, he made a slow progress into the world of poker.

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  1. Max Prophet

    Jan 28th, 2012

    Even Ivy got beat a lot when he first started. Don’t be discouraged.

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