Tips To Get Better At Online Poker

published on 02/01/11 at 6:14 am

Tips To Get Better At Online Poker

Online poker is strange: A person can pick up the rules in a matter of minutes and still not understand the game. Gamblers can lose a lot of money before they truly wrap their minds around poker and find their zone. Most players give up specifically because what looks so easy on the surface is so complicated in practice. Online poker players of every skill level can improve their games by putting some basics tips into practice.

Slow Down The Game Play
This is not to say that the player should intentionally play so slow that they annoy the other players. Online poker players often get into a faster-is-better rhythm where they play like they are bored, meaning they decided on what to do with their cards before the hand even begins. The actions of the other players are just as important as the cards. Poker players need to get out of the habit of checking the action boxes before it is their turn. They need to react to the other players instead of their own hole cards. Take time to see how others are playing. Even if an opponent is sitting at the table for a brief time, observing his or her playing style will help in detecting patterns and making decisions.

Take Advantage Of Tournaments
For a very small amount of money, players can play a large number of hands. Winning tournaments takes a high degree of skill and patience, and many new players are turned off by the effort. Tournaments are valuable learning tools, though, not only because of the number of hands played, but also because it can offer a safety net for players to step outside their comfort zones for one or two hands. He or she can risk a few bluffs or aggressive hands to get a better understanding on when those styles work—and when they don’t – without losing an entire bankroll.

Find A Poker Style That Works
Online poker style isn’t strict. Players don’t win by doing the exact same repetitive actions as every other player, like in online bingo or online slot machines. Professional poker players will preach that playing unpredictability is important, but new players can’t immediately master all playing styles at once. Amateurs should figure out what works best for them, focus on that style of play, and then add new tricks to their arsenal at their own pace. If a player is winning money by playing tight and passive, he shouldn’t suddenly change to loose, aggressive play just because he wants to confuse his opponents. Players need to understand the mechanics behind their game play. Ultimately, the proof that a player is good is in the final bankroll.

Understand The Math
Free online odds calculators litter the internet. Players need to take advantage of these to understand why their pocket aces were beaten so easily and why holding kings isn’t the monster hand in Omaha that they are in Texas Hold‘em. Players cannot improve if they only play by instinct and ignore the hard mathematical facts.

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3 Responses to “Tips To Get Better At Online Poker”

  1. Drake

    Jun 22nd, 2011

    The reason that I got better at play poker was down to just pure practice. It took me a while to get the hands down so I had them wrote in front of me for a few days so I could familiarise them. I would say that I am by far not the best poker player but I am sure coming a long compared to what I was.

  2. Jack

    Aug 22nd, 2012

    This was pretty useful to know to an amateur such as myself, my game is a lot less rushed, a lot more thought out now, cheers. i tend to play quite loose so it was good to know that mixing it up isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Online Poker Hearsay

    Oct 3rd, 2012

    Very interesting post, thank you for the advice. I agree that the best way to approach playing is to slow the game down to a level you feel comfortable with because, as alluded to in the post, some competitors can get caught up in a fast rhythm and can end up losing a lot of money very quickly. I would also advise amateurs to play as many tournament hands as possible in order to gain experience; always try to learn from your mistakes too and remain level headed regardless of win or loss.

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