Online Poker Community Shocked By Local Area Man’s Disguise

published on 01/31/11 at 2:00 pm

Online Poker Community Shocked By Local Area Man’s Disguise

Inside sources from Trailer Park Weekly have reported a man in his late 50′s has been seen stealing copper tubing to fund his on going scheme of portraying a 30 year old, single male attorney in downtown Chicago. The Ingy & Gov Detective Services were tipped off to several statements associated with C.H. and decided to open the case. Between daily doses of chicken meth, pounders of Old Milwaukee, and pepperoni flavored combos, the two discovered that C.H. was not who he was portraying.

The Detective Duo also alleges that at least one other account, swyyft, may also be part of this scheme that has thrown the online poker community, as well as the ever growing twitter mass, into an hysteria not seen since 9/11. The very thought that one person, whom nobody has ever met in real life, may
not be what the seem online.

“Absolutely shocking” is the way one twitter user, who wishes to remain anonymous, has described this breaking news.

Another user, FakeStreet3, says “This ground breaking discovery has many people questioning whether or not, I, FakeStreet3, am real or not. Because of this one guy, I now have to relentlessly prove that I am the REAL, FakeStreet3. I am utterly disgusted at this C.H. guy.”

No messages were returned, as neither Arkansas or Florida have developed the required technology for telephones. Speaking tubes, telegraphs, and two paper cups were being instrumented as secondary communicative means. More on this breaking news as the story develops.

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