Possible Charges Follow Online Poker Player

published on 11/10/10 at 2:49 pm

Possible Charges Follow Online Poker Player

In what may go down as one of the greatest deceptions in the history of mankind, several sources have confirmed that online poker legend “Street 3” is actually “Isildur1”, and not Victor Blom like so many people have believed. Long believed to be a money gifting malcontent on both twitter and in online poker, “Street 3” caught the eye of prison employees this past week when investigations revealed that the Oklahoma native had taken a Swiss address following a recent trip to the The Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.

Several witnesses observed “Street3” (aka Steve Carse, aka “Isildur1”) last Wednesday, entering the FTC Oklahoma facility located on the western edge of Will Rogers World Airport, just 3 miles west of Interstate 44 and 4 miles south of Interstate 40. “Apparently Mr. Carse was “visiting” an inmate for a routine conjugal visit” says FTC guard George “Pee Wee” Herman. “When strange noises arose from the visitation, secret cameras and microphones were used to ascertain the entirety of the conversation (as well as to be used for the enjoyment of us other guards).”

While the videos were too graphic in nature to release to the general public, transcripts from the “conversations” were made public, and his “dealings” with his Swiss counterpart were revealed. “The two men were speaking about the best ways to win money, and Mr. Carse indicated that he had a poker account that had more money in it than Michael Mizrachi had won at the this year’s World Series of Poker” says Herman. “The swiss dude said that he played his cards a lot more like Fillipo Candio did, and that if he was gonna drop all of his money to some “Cheeseburger guy” then he should use his address.”

While it’s still unclear what Herman’s message exactly means, the inferences that came from the audio were unmistakable. “The trouble is, we don’t know what agency is the appropriate agency to handle this particular incident” says Herman. “We’re not sure if this is a crime against the U.S., the State of Oklahoma, or if it’s really just a fun time that us guards got a good giggle out of.”

Charges have yet to be filed, however it seems that it is only a matter of time before the criminals will be arrested. Mr. Carse was unavailable for comment.

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