Clearing Poker Bonuses The Smart Way

published on 10/08/10 at 8:16 am

Clearing Poker Bonuses The Smart Way

What is online bonus clearing the smart way? It’s a way of clearing the bonus in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Of course, if you continue to play your normal way for long enough, you will clear that bonus eventually provided you are within the designated time frame. However, there are steps you can take to streamline this process. Unlike bonuses, poker bonuses can be acquired quite quickly and with less risk of your own money.

Clearing Poker Bonuses the Smart Way: Know Where You Stand
You should periodically check your bonus status to see where you are in the process. With most sites, this is very easy to do. There should be a menu option on the main page or even a radio button from the cashier screen allowing you to check your bonus status. This operation will tell you how much time you have to complete the bonus and how much progress you have made. This can be helpful by letting you know whether you are on a good pace to complete the bonus. Also if you check frequently you can estimate just how many bonus clearing points you are earning per hour with your particular type of play.

Clearing Poker Bonuses the Smart Way: Favoring Cash Games
You will usually earn points towards bonus clearing a lot faster playing cash games than in tournaments. If you earn ten points for every $20 + $2 tournament you play, you may earn ten points in an hour. If you earn one point for every raked hand of $3/$6 hold’em that you play, you may earn around a point every minute, or 60 points an hour. Clearly the cash game has an edge. Same as online blackjack is more of a skill game then roulette.

Clearing Poker Bonuses the Smart Way: Playing Your Game
Except for shifting the focus towards cash games if you normally split your playing time between cash and tournaments, and accelerating your play if you are close to having the bonus expire, you shouldn’t change your playing routine for the sake of the bonus. Jumping up in stakes or trying a completely new game can result in wild fluctuations to your bankroll, and you don’t want to go broke and stop earning bonus points right in the middle of your quest to clear the bonus.

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