WordPress Plugin Helps Online And Live Poker League Organizers

published on 01/06/10 at 11:32 am

WordPress Plugin Helps Online And Live Poker League Organizers

Twitter Poker Tour Chairman, Geoff Manning, has developed a WordPress plugin that will help online and/or live poker league administrators process league standings much easier and faster. Street3 was able to spend a few minutes with Mr. Manning discussing this important piece of poker software and to learn more about its functionality.

I’ve checked out your new site http://wppokerleague.com/ and must say it looks interesting, what can you tell us about what prompted you to create this site?
I wanted to create a site to allow people to download get help with installing the WordPress plugin: WP Poker League. The site will also be used to blog about ideas, issues, etc relating to running poker leagues. Additionally, the support forum will be a place for poker league administrators/directors to share ideas about running a poker league regardless of whether they use the plugin or not.

Is this just for Poker leagues or can it be used for other types of scoring league, such as Fantasy Football, home games, etc…?
The WP Poker League plugin is really just geared towards poker leagues. The original intent was to make it generic enough to be used for a variety of points based leagues, but ultimately it was best to make it poker only. But as for poker leagues, it can be used for all types: online, casino and home games.

I see in the “Poker Leage Showcase” tab you have the Twitter Poker Tour listed. Will this be a central place for all poker leagues to be listed so players in multiple leagues can have easy access to view their standings?
Not necessarily. The Poker League Showcase is there to allow league administrators to show off their WP Poker League powered websites. It will also serve to show potential users of the plugin how other admins are using it. Hopefully there will be some crossover as we list more and more leagues in the showcase and people start to check out each others sites.

Did you create this plugin or you are just promoting it because it’s so nice?
Yes!! I actually did create this plugin myself! I have written several web based apps in PHP/MySQL but never a WordPress plugin. It took a little bit to figure out the plugin development piece but everything else was right in my comfort zone.

How long have you been using this plugin for the Twitter Poker Tour? What benefits does it have over what you previously used?
I have been using the WP Poker League plugin for the Twitter Poker Tour for about a month now but the core of the app has been in use for about 9 months. I had written a backend to the Twitter Poker Tour website to allow for importing and displaying the results and leaderboard a while back and the WordPress plugin just built upon that.

It has a few benefits over others I have tried, namely: the ability to display the event schedule, display individual event results, only shop the top X results or leaderboard spots and display them on any WordPress post or page. The primary benefit is that the data is stored locally within the WordPress install and not called in via an iframe from a remote site.

What types of poker leagues can this be used for?
The plugin can be used for any type of poker league that keeps track of points. Actually, if you were so inclined you could just use the plugin to show the event schedule and individual results without using the leaderboard itself. But the crown jewel of the plugin is the leaderboard.

Can the standings be exported at all or is it strictly viewable online?
As of now, the results cannot be exported from the plugin itself. It wouldn’t be too hard for me to code an export feature if there were a need.

From what I understand, anyone running WordPress can run this plugin on their site, right?
That’s right, all you need to run this plugin is a WordPress installation. If you are just starting out with a poker league or are on a different platform for your league website, I wrote a short article called: “4 Steps to Create and Manage a Poker League Website” to get you started.

Otherwise, feel free to stop by the site and checkout the online demo of the plugin and get your questions answered in the forum!

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9 Responses to “WordPress Plugin Helps Online And Live Poker League Organizers”

  1. Berty

    Jan 7th, 2010

    Very cool – but it seems to only work for WordPress?

    I am using http://www.pokerdiy.com currently (has a very indepth poker league scoreboard)

  2. Correct, this WordPress plugin is, naturally, only for WordPress. I tried to avoid any solutions that used an iframe to include results/leaderboards in a page/post.

  3. admin

    Jan 7th, 2010

    Would it be difficult to make a non-WordPress version?

  4. Not necessarily difficult, it’s just, what do you choose to program for? ASP or PHP? And what about other compatibility issues? But with the ease of use of getting a WordPress site up and running and install a simple plugin, it makes getting a poker league site running a snap!

    PokerDIY is a great site/product and I highly recommend it for league admins that aren’t or don’t plan on running WordPress. In my experience with similar apps, I chose to develop the WP Poker League plugin so that I could host the data and the code on my own site.

    At times the host of the leaderboard software we used (NOT pokerdiy mind you) had an extended server issue and we had no leaderboard! When it came back online we had to reenter a few events that were lost.

  5. Berty

    Jan 8th, 2010

    Cool – I need to look at WordPress more…

    I thought it was just a blogging thing but seems pretty powerful

  6. admin

    Jan 8th, 2010

    WordPress is a Content Management System, blogging being one of main focuses. It’s a fantastic program! I use it for all of my clients.

  7. igster101

    Jan 11th, 2010

    From what I’ve been reading, many sites are built on WordPress, and some don’t even include a blog. If I could afford Mr Trevor, I’d have him build my site as well. Unfortunately, pokerplasm, inc! does not accept foodstamps and monopoly money.
    Oh and also, another swing for the fences Messrs Carse and Manning.

  8. admin

    Jan 11th, 2010

    We accept foodstamps now!

    Need a site?

  9. Seth Shoultes

    May 14th, 2010

    Anyone looking to hold event registrations on their WordPress website should check out the Advanced Events Registration (http://shoultes.net/wordpress-events-registration-with-paypal-ipn/) plugin.

    This plugin makes it easy for anyone to have a full event registration system on their website within minutes. Events can even be managed from within the WordPress admin.

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