Val Presniakovas Slugs His Way To A Twitter Poker Tour Knock Out

published on 12/16/09 at 9:54 am

Val Presniakovas Slugs His Way To A Twitter Poker Tour Knock Out

Chicago area poker player, Val Presniakovas, started out December on a tear! In back to back weeks, Val cashed in on both twitter poker tour online events, a tough task with a growing field each week. What makes him tick? This task calls for Street3, interviewer to the TPT Stars!

Thanks to Val Presniakovas (if that is your real name) for taking the time to answer these tough questions!

Congrats on the #tptpoker victory Dec. 12th and runner up finish the week before! I know this isn’t your first #tptpoker game, how did you first get involved in the #tpt?
Thank you! Very tough field! Great player’s and good experience. Like you know, I have a twitter account and I found a message about the TPT tournament. I checked the web page, registered, and start playing.

How did you get started playing poker and how have you been playing?
Well, first I started watching poker shows on TV. I still do, and I really like it. I started reading magazines and a few books. I have been playing for about 6 years.

Do you play much live poker? If so, where do you play?
Not anymore, I am the father of 3 kids, so my time is limited. I’m addicted to poker and I love it. I have a lot of gamble in me – I need to play and love to play.

Do you prefer live or online poker? Are there advantages to playing live vs online or vice-versa?
I love live games. A big advantage to playing live games is you use more reading abilities. But online is very convenient for many people. Just wake up and you are one click away to play online.

They say if you can’t spot the donk at the table, then you’re the donk. I say, everybody at the table is a donk. What are your thoughts?
I think you are right. The one problem calling everybody a donkey is that it’s not fair to the many good players around the net and lives games. Before you call somebody a donkey, you must always remember if you ever made a crazy call or gamble? Yeah I thought so. But, the other thing that I don’t understand is how you can be an overrated donkey and win big money in the poker tournaments.

Do you have a favorite hand to play or a hand that you hate to get because it’s a monster that seems to always lose? For coolwhipflea, it’s QQ and for me it’s AKo, as we both lose consistently with it!
Yes, my favorite hand is AK spades. I’m a very bad loser, I hate to lose any game, but when you play online I see so many bad beats that are not even funny. This is part of the game, when you have a big hand like QQ or KK and then you lose to some ugly 78os. I read in the books that there is nothing you can do but put your money in with the best hand. This is the game we call poker. And it is very hard to play with small pair like 77, 88, 99, TT, or JJ. There are many times that if you don’t a hit set, you lose.

Where does the name “Blizge” come from? Better yet, WTF is a “Blizge”?
BLIZGE, lol. This name came from Europe, which can be translated into as “PUNCH.” Yeah, boxing style punch.

Have you used any training sites or read any books that have helped you become a better player?
Yes I have read a few books, mostly on information about poker helping you become a better player. You always have room to improve your game. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. There is a great book, Gladwell’s Outliers, that I think is extremely valuable, about what is happening in the world of poker.

Your twitter bio states you represent the “Shark Poker Clan”. Can you elaborate?
I am a member of the global online poker community,, since 2007 and I represent the Shark Poker Clan. Nothing but crazy people who love to play poker. We have a private tournament when we play other clans. Direct link:

Are there any poker pros that you respect or any that you just can’t stand?
No question, Doyle Bronson is a legend and he is #1 in my book, as well as, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and Mike Matusow. There are poker pros I learn from, like how to play, how to read people, and bluff. I think I like all pro players because they are already rich and successful. And for me, there is a long way to claim those mountains. I am working on it.

I tried googling your name, and all I get are results for your twitter page (note: I did not look past google page 1). With that said, I can’t find anything to help me think of questions, so seen any good movies lately?
I am just a regular guy, a father, and a friend. I love life, family, and poker.

What’s the biggest cash you’ve made whether live or online?
Online, I think I have won $1,200, $900, and $300. I have some wins, but not millions yet. Live, $3,700.

Do you play Cash/MTT/SNG? What are your reasons for playing or not playing each type?
I love to play more tournaments and SNGs, while in a cash game you have to play a little different and my game needs more improvement. I think competition is the number #1 reason why I play poker.

I’ve read that expanding to other forms of poker, such as Stud, Omaha, etc, can help you play better in NLHE. Why is that and do you play other poker games?
I think so. I think any poker game such as Omaha or Stud helps develop better skills and knowledge of NLHE. I enjoy playing pot limit Omaha or no limit. Great games.

Do you play on any other online sites, like PokerStars/UB/Carbon? Are there advantages to playing multiple sites?
My favorite site is still Full Tilt and Poker Stars. Hard to say about playing multiple sites, I do not like it.

It seems that half the people believe online poker is rigged because of the numerous bad beats and “set ups” that seem to occur. My thoughts are that good players get bad beats, because it means they got their money in good and that bad players lay bad beats because they don’t know the odds of the hands they play. Online poker has a mix of horrible, bad, good, and great players. What are you thoughts on online poker being rigged?
Yes, I agree. Too many bad beats online because we play more hands online, I think.

If I ship the WSOP ME, I’ll give you $500K, will you do the same if you win the WSOP ME? Wait, better question, do you have any desire or plan to play in any WSOP events?
This is my dream, to play the WSOP event and I am working hard to reach my goal. If you ship me $500K, I will do same. I’ll split all my winnings with you, no questions asked.

I absolutely hate when a player is all in pre-flop and two or more players call and see a flop and rather then check it down to try and eliminate the all in player, they try and bet or bluff the other player. Is there anything that another player does at a table that just makes you say “WTF”?
As you know, we can only worry about what we can do. We need to learn and move on to another hand. I hate when players at a table teach others how to play your hand.

Why do you think online players are so much more aggressive then live players?
Players are aggressive online because if they lose they are one click away from another game, easy right? Live players are different animals.

Is there anything you would like the #tptpoker world to know about you? Hobbies? Shoutouts?
I have been an AAU basketball coach for 5 years now. My oldest son is one of the leaders on my team. I love to watch NFL, the greatest sport in the world. And of course POKER. Twitter Poker Tour is a great site, I have met great people. The tournaments keep going, their future grows and hopefully they become the biggest poker community.

Shout outs to Street3, Cprpoker, and Fleapid!!!!!

Thanks Val!

Let me say Thank you very much and good luck on the felts.

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  1. igster101

    Dec 16th, 2009

    Another solid interview. Put me down for 500K as well. If I ever play in the WSOP and win I’ll get it right back to you.

  2. Geoff Manning - @cprpoker

    Dec 16th, 2009

    Congrats Val and thanks for the shoutout!!

    Street, good job friend!

    Plasm, love the new layout, top notch! Though I expect nothing less from a leading online poker magazine.

  3. admin

    Dec 16th, 2009

    Thanks, Goef, I mean Geoff!

    It took some time, but I think its well worth it. I seriously needed a new look.

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