The Jester Sighted At UK Poker Tournament

published on 12/01/09 at 8:38 am

The Jester Sighted At UK Poker Tournament

Checking out the local poker circuit in the city of Sheffield, I happened upon a familiar face. It was Lee Cambell, otherwise known as The Jester. If you do not recognize the name, or have no idea who he is, let me give you some details on this gentleman.

  • He was on the Showdown and played against Liv Boeree and subsequently, made her cry on television.
  • After the show, he played in numerous online and live poker tournaments, gave lots of interviews, and tried to get his name on every piece of merchandise available.
  • Filmmaker, Ricardo Lacombe noticed this unique personality and decided to do a documentary on The Jester’s poker lifestyle.
  • After winning very little in poker, he retired.

Until the other day, when I saw the crude antics and disgraceful bantering of The Jester in of all places, a UK Civil Service Poker Tournament. I had to ask him some questions.

Why did you play this tournament?
It was a UK Civil Service Tourney and of course in the Civil Service I am almost akin to a God. I am a hero to these people as that is where I started.

Can you give our readers a description of the tournament setup?
The game was just 40 people over four tables. I was on table two with the most conservative players ever. To say the deck was cold was an understatement, more like sub-zero. The only time I won a hand for two hours was when I made stone cold bluffs using my superior acting skills.

How were the other 39 or so players?
As these were amateurs, I had their tickets marked pretty quick and as such stole lots of blinds to keep me floating. I was pretty awesome with my reads and I think people were impressed when I told them what they had folded and how they should play in future. I am giving in my teachings, I am not in it for the money, well a little bit, well a lot.

How did you fare in the tournament?
I got into the last 15 without having done much except be great.

It was strange to be sat playing poker with 40 civil servants who drank large quantities of booze from the initial deal right through to the end. Sadly because of the cold I couldn’t handle the cards correctly and made a blunder after dropping my cards and as I attempted to pick them up, I knocked all my chips in with A6!!!!! I mean it’s hardly J7 suited is it?

Needless to say I walked out in 12th place, with a moral victory as I told them had I been warmer, and the deck had, I would have whooped them. There were some murmurs of approval, I think, as I stormed out. I have no idea who won and nor do I care. They are all beneath me and I doubt I will honour them again with my presence or presents of knowledge.

Where do you see…
Shut up, chav, let me speak for once! Take this down and let others know.

The Jester is starting his UK tour from December 09 through to June10, so watch out!

And with that, The Jester left the tournament and headed into the night.

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2 Responses to “The Jester Sighted At UK Poker Tournament”

  1. groundskimmer

    Dec 2nd, 2009

    Lee, the jester is a brilliant man and I adore him

  2. admin

    Dec 2nd, 2009

    The Jester is pure evil. He has been delegated to bottom tier poker tournaments!

    And then I found this:

    What is up with your love of donkeys?

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