Are Online Players Cheating at Full Tilt Poker?

published on 12/14/09 at 10:02 am

Are Online Players Cheating at Full Tilt Poker?

The other day (Wednesday, December 9th), I played in a play money tournament to kill some time. A total of 861 people were in this tournament and I ended up coming in 10th. I was thinking I would give Full Tilt a try with play money first before making my first deposit.

The story is not about my poker play or how I finished in the top ten. It is about a particular player and her strange behavior.

When I got to around 60th position, I noticed one player would disconnect and then reconnect continuously. I did not think much off it at first but then she kept doing it every hand. She was also in the top ten chip count at this stage, so it was an interesting situation.

After a while another playing started chatting about her behavior and calling her a cheater. He said she would disconnect to see everyone’s cards. I asked him how and he said to Google it.

I usually play PKR Poker for real money but have not come across this situation before on that site. I have seen some players disconnect once or twice in a tournament but never every hand like this person. I am not sure if she was cheating or not, but it kind of makes you think twice if she was.

Its one thing to cheat for play money but I would be pretty annoyed if someone cheated me out of real money. I feel others need to know that possible cheating could be going on at Full Tilt Poker, as well as, other poker sites. Hopefully if we spread the word about this, it might help players be more aware of potential cheating and help online poker site administrators isolate these scammers.

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