WSOP Final Table Highlights Skillful Poker Decisions of Joe Cada

published on 11/18/09 at 6:56 am

WSOP Final Table Highlights Skillful Poker Decisions of Joe Cada

Phil Ivey, the greatest poker player of current time. The World Series Of Poker, the most respectable poker tournament of all time. The November Nine, the nine members of the final table, which every single poker player aspires to be a part of. If life is anything like a Cinderella story, it is written in stone that Phil Ivey should be crowned champion. Joe Cada had other things in mind.

Last week’s final table of the WSOP crowned a new champion, Joe Cada. An amateur poker player, who decided to trade in his history textbook for a deck of cards full time. This young amateur quit college, to pursue a life full time as a professional poker player. His decision paid off instantly, as he won the WSOP in his first year in trying, making himself the youngest ever. Not to mention the sweet $8,550,000 cash prize that accompanied his gold bracelet.

His epic journey to becoming a champion was not easy. He outplayed over 5,000 poker players, in hundreds of hours, and outlasted the best of the best.

When Joe Cada entered the final table of the WSOP, he came across a tough decision. When Phil Ivey pushed all in with pocket Kings, Cada had a very hard decision. Should he call Phil with his pocket 10s, and be known as the man to double up Ivey, or he should he throw it into the muck. Cada chose the latter. With the luck of cards that Cada has been coming across, he might have sucked out to knock out Ivey, but he didn’t want to be known as that person either.

Phil Ivey, the Albert Pujols, the Kobe Bryant, and the Peyton Manning of poker, (yes, he is that good) saw his final table stay end abruptly. When Ivey was short stacked, and had less than 12 BB left, he had to push all in when he looked down at AK. But Darvin Moon, the logger from Maryland, who had the chip lead looked down at AQ, it was no thinking as to whether he should call Phil or not. Unluckily for Phil, Moon paired his Q, and Ivey just stood up, and left the final table, ending all dreams of winning the bracelet that he’s always desired, the bracelet given to the winner of the $10,000 entry no limit Texas hold em tournament at the WSOP.

The old poker saying, “all you need to play poker is a chip and a chair,” couldn’t have been proved to be more real than on this final table. The tournament winner, Joe Cada, at one point, had less than 2% of all chips at the final table. But after his pocket 4s held up, his pocket 3s flopped a set, and his pocket 2s flopped a set (all 3 times he pushed all in and was called.) he was right back in the tournament.

Cada’s heads up play with Moon lasted 88 hands, and just a little bit under 3 hours of play. These men only received one 20-minute break. In heads up play, these men switched the chip lead various times, and neither one of them were looking to let the other one win. But this all changed when Moon looked down at QJ suited, and raised the pot. Cada then looked down at pocket 9s and re raised the pot, causing for Moon to re raise the pot once again. This move is what poker truly is made of. Before even seeing a flop, these men were already pot committed. Following the re raise by Moon, Cada pushed all in, a move which would cause Moon to push all in as well, which he did. Cada turned over 9s, and Moon turned over QJs. These men had an equal chance of winning the pot, with Moon having 2 over cards to Cada’s 9s.

The flop came out 7,7,K. This was no help to Moon. The turn was an 8. Cada could smell victory coming. The river was a 2, which was a blank for Moon, and was the perfect card Cada wanted to see. The card that made him the 2009 WSOP champion.

Moon was interviewed afterwards and was asked why he pushed all in with QJ suited. He responded by saying, “I knew if I could catch him, that I got him for the rest of the tournament, I just took a shot. He made a great call, and this is why he is the WSOP champion.”

Cada was interviewed shortly after, where he was seeing taking pictures with poker legend Doyle Brunson, poker brat Phil Hellmuth, and the man who’s record he broke to become the youngest WSOP champion, Peter Eastgate.

Cada was asked how did it feel to become WSOP champion. He responded, “ I ran really well and didn’t think this was possible. It was one of those dreams I am thankful came true.” Cada was also asked what he plans to do now that he has reached poker stardom, especially at such a young age. Cada responded by saying, “to win it back to back.”

Only time will tell if this dream will be relived again.

This article was written by Elton Cepeda. He is enlightening the world with humor, one prostitute at a time.

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