Harry Potter Look-Alike Wins Latest Tour Event

published on 11/03/09 at 6:35 am

Harry Potter Look-Alike Wins Latest Tour Event

Last week’s Twitter Poker Tour turned into a Hogwarts evening, especially with the amount of card tricks and magic being pulled out of people’s…hats. The eventual winner turned out to be Elton “John” Cepeda (
aka ahh_no1_cares), a screenwriter looking to make it big. He proved to be a formidable opponent and took down the event against several tour heavyweights. Our lead interviewer, Street3, was able to block 30 minutes with the emerging poker star.

Congrats on the TPT first place finish!

The #tpt is one year old, but you just recently started playing with us. How did you find the #tpt?
I found the TPT thru Geoff (aka cprpoker). He followed me when I first got on Twitter, and then I would reply to him cool things that happened to me at the poker table, and he told me I should play the TPT since I am already on FTP, so I decided to give it a shot. Lol.

You were a huge underdog going HU against Widmayer, I think he had at least a 3 to 1 chip advantage, how were you able to overcome this and ship it?
It was actually a 4 to 1 chip advantage that he had, lol. I jus played my hands very well, I played tight. I often sensed that there were times in which he would use his chip advantage to bully me, and I didn’t let that happen. I managed to play the board correctly, I managed to check at the right times, and push all in at the right times. I also sensed when he had a good hand, and fold when I knew I was beat.

How long have you been playing NLHE? Do you play any other forms of poker? How long have you been playing poker?
I have been playing NLHE for about 7 months now. I first played it when I was around 14 years old, which was 6 years ago, but it wasn’t really a thing I did often. I began to play NLHE seriously for about 7 months. I don’t play any other form of poker, jus NLHE.

Do you have a favorite hand to play?
No comment. Lol.

On-line or live poker?
I prefer to play live poker than online poker. In live poker, I use my reading abilities a lot better than I do online. And it’s easier to spot the “fish” in the table when playing live.

I prefer SNG matches. Cash games I don’t like because people tend to buy into the game with an extremely high chip stack, and use that to bully other players. In SNG, everyone starts off with the same chip stack, and it goes up or down depending on how you play. I also like SNG because I love busting people and not seeing them again, Lol.

So your twitter bio says you are an aspiring screenwriter, tell us about that dream.
Yes sir. I am an aspiring screenwriter. I write screenplays, and that is my main focus and goal. As of right now, I have 1 full featured screenplay written, and I am working on my 2nd one. Hopefully, I could find a good literary agent soon, which will lead for my screenplay to get produced into a full feature film.

Do you play poker to make money or for fun or both?
I play poker for the fun of it. I play the same way if the prize was $5 or $5,000. I don’t really get upset with the game, and I definitely play it for fun. I don’t see myself having a career as a pro poker player. Lol.

This daylight savings time is a bitch. Agree or disagree?
Hell yeah. I had to reset my watch an hour back, and my watch is a pain to reset, cause when I click the button to reset, it usually gives me a cut.

I believe poker is both a game of skill and some luck. How much does luck play in a winning a MTT or even the #tpt?
Luck plays a HUGE ROLE in poker. Sometimes you trap an opponent, and he bites the bait. But as long as he/she has outs, he/she still has a chance of hitting that 1 card in the deck that turns his/her rags into riches. Which is what usually happens to me. I trap an opponent, and he/she hits that one card on the river that gives him/her the pot, Lol. (I usually run pretty bad in poker, it’s unbelievable. Lol.)

Have you tried any of the training sites or read any books to improve your game?
Nope. Not at all. Sometimes I’ll google something like “how to play JJ pre flop.” But nothing like me attending a seminar or buying a book.

What other hobbies do you have? Xbox right?
I enjoy long walks on the beach barefooted without a shirt. Lmao. Nah, joking. I enjoy going to the movies, partying with friends, or anything else that involves me having a good time. Yeah I like playing video games as well.

Who would win in a fight, cprpoker or pokerplasm? And why?
I think pokerplasm will definitely kick cprpoker‘s ass, because cprpoker isn’t a fan of boxing or MMA, so that leads me to believe he isn’t a violent guy. Lol.

Why did you choose the name “xDaBlufferx”? Do you want people to think you are bluffing when you’re involved in a pot?
I chose this name, because I figured it’d be a name that would allow people to never think that I have it, which would pay off in large pots. It’s also something that bites me in the ass, because when I am bluffing, my opponent senses it and doesn’t allow for me to win the pot. Lol.

Do you have a favorite pro or try to model your game after anyone?
Poker isn’t really something that you could model after someone else. It’s easy for someone to compare you to Lebron James or Brett Favre, but it isn’t really common for you to be compared with Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey.

It’s hard to think of so many original questions week after week, please make up your own question and answer it.
What is the difference b/w hookers in Vegas, and the hookers in Atlantic City? The hookers in Vegas take credit cards, the hookers in Atlantic City only take cash.

If you play live poker, do you have a card protector? BTW, card protectors are hella gay.
Nope. I do not use card protectors. They’re so stupid.

What’s your biggest cash out, whether live, on-line, cash or MTT?
The biggest prize I’ve ever won in a poker match was in a live match. I won a Ferrari accompanied with $2,000,000 stuffed in the inside. One piece of advice. Do not get drunk with hookers in Vegas. Lol.

(Editor’s Note: I call bullshit and what fun is Vegas if you’re not drunk with hookers?)

Playing with same people week after week, you begin to notice how they play, is there anyone you just have no clue what they may have hand after hand? For me it’s Widmayer, he could have AA or J3o…that ass.
Lol, I really have no clue sometimes what people have pre-flop. Although I do know that KingSteve is one guy who I know has nothing each and every hand, yet he still manages to take down the pot. (I hate Steve. Lol.)

(Editor’s Note: “I hate Steve” better refer to KingSteve and not myself or any other #tpt Steve)

(CEO’s Note: “I hate Steve” could refer to KingSteve or Street3. In either case, I agree completely.)

Any thing else you would like to add? Shout-outs? Twitter Poker Tour suggestions?
Shout outs to all my friends on FaceBook. I also want everyone to make sure to catch Strikeforce : Fedor Vs. Rogers live on CBS this Saturday at 8pm EST. Peace.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. igster101

    Nov 3rd, 2009

    (CEO’s Note: “I hate Steve” could refer to KingSteve or Street3. In either case, I agree completely.)
    Excellent point.
    I always pay hookers in cash, less traceable that way.

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