Buckeye Resident Luckboxes His Way to Poker Tour Win

published on 11/28/09 at 12:36 pm

Buckeye Resident Luckboxes His Way to Poker Tour Win

Week 3 for November 2009 of the Twitter Poker Tour saw first timer, BWolfPoker, take the coveted crown. Steve Carse sat down with the Ohio resident and tried to figure out why anyone would actually live in Ohio.

Congrats on your 1st place finish in the #tpt event! How were you able to luck box your way to the victory?
I think I played a pretty solid game. Made a few mistakes, but that’s expected. I’m satisfied with how I did. I did have a “Luck Box” moment against LVSparky at the final table. I min raised my QQ, and he pushed me all in. I thought he was trying to steal it, so I called, and he flipped over KK. I was as good as done until the Q came up on the river.

How long have you been playin’ the #tpt?
I started playing this past summer, found out about it while looking for poker people to follow, and decided to see what it was all about. It was a good decision. I have enjoyed playing the TPT. There are some really good players in this tournament, and I’ve enjoyed the variety of personalities, and made a few new friends.

Are you a long time poker player? When did you get your start?
I started with play money on Party Poker in 2003, and stuck with that for a couple years until I was doing good, then moved to real money, and realized it’s a completely different game when there is real money on the line. I read some forums, and started watching how other people played, and started picking up the proper way to do things. After losing a good bit of money, I finally moved up to a break even player, and continued to play and learn.

I’ve only considered myself to be playing seriously for the last two years, so I know I still have tons to learn. At least I’ve gotten to the point where I’m making a little money. Just this past summer, I finally passed all I ever lost, so I’m in the positive.

Is NLHE your only game or do you branch out?
The games I play most often are No Limit, and Limit Hold ‘Em. The strategy in each of these is quite different, and I enjoy playing both of them. I’ve been toying with some Pot Limit Omaha, but not much, it just doesn’t keep my interest for long.

How important is learning other poker games?
I would say that depends on the player, some people may be able to gain something by playing different flavors of poker, while others, may just benefit from focusing all their attention on one or two.

Have you used any training sites or read any books to help you become a better player? If so what?
I did read through the little green book by Phil Gordon. I don’t remember much from it, I read that when I first started playing for real money. Otherwise, I’ve learned everything from experience.

Do you play live? Prefer live or online?
I definitely prefer live play. There are so many tells you can pick up on in a live game, and it becomes even more of playing the person instead of the cards. I always seem to do much better at live games. I try to head to the nearest casino any time I can, or get involved in one of the local club games.

Cash/MTT/SNG? Which do you prefer and why?
I mainly play cash games. I have a busy life, with two kids, and a very hectic on-call work schedule, so playing cash games online works best for me. I can come and go as I need.

I’m trying to get involved with more MTTs, since I’m building my skill level up, and doing pretty decent at times. I just make the mistake of getting into some at the wrong time, and end up not being able to give my full attention to it.

As for SNG, I’ve had some fun playing the double or nothing turbos on Stars.

Your twitter name is “BWolfPoker”, your FTP ID is “avediswolf”, I’m guessing you like wolves, were you raised by wolves?
I was born in the back woods amongst a pack of wolves. Seriously, though, it’s my last name. The Avedis part comes from my drumming roots, Avedis Zildjian was the first generation cymbalsmith who started the Zildjian Cymbal Corporation in 1623.

Your twitter bio says you’re a drummer, are you in a band or do you just bam bam your way around the house?
At this time, I’m not in any formal band. I just get behind the set whenever I have a few minutes, pop on the headphones and jam. It’s a great way to relieve stress as well.

And you are an apple geek, what kind of apples? Red/Green?
I would say mostly red, slightly green. A Macintosh. The Apple geek comes from my technical side, I love all things Apple, such as my MacBook, and my iPhone. I’m proud to say I don’t do windows.

What’s your biggest win in poker?
Since I’ve only recently began playing MTTs, I don’t have any awesome stories yet. One time, though that really sticks out in my mind as the biggest win was the first time I played live at the casino. I was at Wheeling Island in West Virginia, started playing some $1/$2 NLHE, and caught on to reading people, and was running hot. In a couple hours I had ended up doubling up twice.

What hobbies do you have when you’re not playing poker?
I play drums, and I like to go geocaching quite a bit. If unfamiliar with geocaching, it an activity involving using a GPS to find things, kind of like a scavenger hunt. I love hiking in the hills, and geocaching takes me to quite a few interesting places.

I am beginning to hate playing poker online because of the horrendous bad beats and the seemingly ineptness of the other players, do you think online poker is rigged in anyway?
Not at all. I think most people see more bad beats and such because they are playing a greater number of hands due to the speed of online poker. Then take into account the stakes one plays at, at the lower stakes, you’ll have more people stay in a pot only to donk out, it’s easy for a new player to justify calling a $10 all in on a flush draw.

I think the online poker rooms make too much to risk it, because if word ever got out, they’d be hurting.

Is poker a game of skill or just dumb luck?
I believe from personal experience that it a mixture of both. It leans heavily to the skill side, but that luck factor is still there at times. I would have to say it is 80% skill, and 20% luck.

If it was 100% luck, I doubt there would be many doing it professionally, and the income level would be determined by a coin flip, but if it was 100% skill, I guarantee we’d have a different WSOP Main Event champion.

As for poker regulation, it should be deemed as a game of skill, as the majority of winnings comes from the decisions one makes with their cards. The person holding the best hand doesn’t always win. Reading other players, Well timed bluffs, and knowing how to play that monster hand are skills one needs to have to win consistently.

Do you have a favorite pro?
I have a great deal of respect for anyone who plays this game as a professional, but of them all I think my favorite is Daniel Negreanu. He always seems to have such a good attitude.

Would you play poker for a living or is that something you want to do?
I really love the game of poker, and I love having a good session, and I’d like to keep it where I continually enjoy the game. If I did it professionally, I believe it would become tedious, and feel like work, so I’m not driven in that direction.

Sure, I’d love to make enough when I could quit my day job, but I don’t want to have to ever be at the point when I “have” to play to make sure my family is taken care of.

I really like the #tpt as it feels like a home game, playing with the same players over a period a time, do you have any thoughts on how to improve the #tpt or do you like it the way it is?
The TPT is a ton of fun in it’s current form. I’ve met, and played with a bunch of great people. I like it the way it’s set up. I enjoy the leader boards and such. I think the powers that be are doing a great job.

Only thing I would change would be to move it to Stars. FTP is ugly, and their Mac programmers aren’t very good at weeding out bugs.

Will you join me and others and ALWAYS raise KingSteve7′s (KingSteve) blinds?
I’m confused, I thought we were supposed to always raise Street3‘s blinds.

Any thoughts or shout outs? Otherwise this interview is over!
Um, Hi Mom! Hi Crystal!

OK, I’m done, I really could use a beer or two.

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