Twitter Poker Tour Newcomer Wins Season 5 Opener

published on 10/06/09 at 5:39 am

Twitter Poker Tour Newcomer Wins Season 5 Opener

20 Questions for Full Tilt Poker’s, VMax_1 (Max_Maximus on twitter), winner of the Season 5, Event 1 of the Twitter Poker Tour.

Was this your first TPT event? How did you find the TPT?
Yes, I found it on Twitter!

You survived a massive field of x players, any memorable (aka DONKEY) calls you made to chip up?
A couple but had the cards most the time!

How long have you been playing poker?
About 6 years!

What’s your favorite poker game? NLHE?
You know I like a lot of them Horse, Razz, Omaha, Hold em!

What do you do in your spare time when not at the tables?
LOL, I am retired so on computer a lot!

I noticed from your pic that your neighbor let you pose with his Escalade. I also, pose with Escalades (my own). As Escalade picture takers with, do you feel you and I are by far the coolest TPT players around?
No way and it was my wifes Escalade she let me get it washed and put gas in it!

What does the V stand for in Vmax_1? Vagina? Viagra? Wait, what’s the max stand for? Wait, what’s the _1 stand for?
Well, WTF your name stand for? (Editors Note: My name? Steve? Google says it’s an English word meaning “crown, garland” Wait…I’m the interviewer here, no more questions!) A Vmax is a Yamaha motorcycle very fast I just chose it because I had one at the time!

I notice also that you are trying to hock some teeth whitening shit…are you surviving off this income from the tooth fairy’s?
I haven’t got one thin dime yet but it would be nice!

Is this the best interview you’ve ever been part of?
LOL, this is the only one ever! I am famous for nothing!

Would you nominate me for a Pulitzer Prize?
I don’t know you any better then you know me!

Do you like turtles?
Well not really. I like my dogs…all seven of them!

Dream job, poker player, Governor of Texas or Wal-Mart Greeter? And why?
I enjoy poker that’s ok but the others forget it! I am retired!

Will you be playing more Twitter Poker Tour events? Do you feel you are the best poker player nobody has heard of, or cares to hear about?
LOL, they seem like very good players to me!

Do you play live poker? Poke…poke.
No there are no casinos in Texas. Never live!

Quick question, if you were playing Uno and dealt a Draw 4, two red Skips, a Green 3, a Blue Draw two and you were UTG (Under The Gun) with a green card on board, would you cheat and throw the Draw 4 down?
I would. I don’t know a lot about poker!

(Editor’s note: That was in fact an UNO question.)

Last questions. Wasn’t that “quick”?
Faster then a speeding bullet!

Another Escalade question: Mine is black, yours is white, and does that mean we are enemies? Wait, are black/white natural enemies? Wait, are we racist now?
Not me are you?

(Editor’s note: No, I hate all races, especially my own, wait, wut? DAMN IT, I SAID NO MORE QUESTIONS, THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER….Well, almost over.)

What is your favorite poker hand and why? Mine is Q9d. Wanna know why? TOO EFFIN BAD!!!!!! No, seriously, what’s yours and why?
TOO EFFIN BAD!!!!!!! AA works for me!

It’s hard to think of 20 questions to ask, isn’t it?
If you have a IQ of 50 I suppose!

(Editor’s Note: I think he just suggested my IQ is 50. Damn it, just drooled on my retard helmet).

W00T, final question. You’re stranded on an island ala Tom Hanks in that gay ass stupid ass movie he was in, what would you name your volleyball? Gump named his Wilson.
What the hilllll!! BALL!

(PokerPlasm’s Note: I need to find a better interviewer…)

Street3 is PokerPlasm’s beat poker writer and interviewer to the poker stars.

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27 Responses to “Twitter Poker Tour Newcomer Wins Season 5 Opener”

  1. This is for the interviewer:

  2. igster101

    Oct 6th, 2009

    you need better questions, and also, you suck.

  3. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Not sure who hired Street3 to do this job…

  4. Thenardier

    Oct 6th, 2009

    D– I’m giving you a bonus grade for proper spelling and good grammer throughout.

  5. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    “Grammer” is spelled “grammar”.

  6. igster101

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Doh! nothing like a grammar typo

  7. @feltburns

    Oct 6th, 2009

    WTF??!! There has to be an at least near capable tard out there you can hire. Street3′s mom has obviously been pouring sulfuric acid through the cracks in the top of his safety helmet again.

  8. wolf

    Oct 6th, 2009

    so we found out that i am not the only “nutter” out there… neato -

  9. Mark (@_Depserado)

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Yanno, I used to put horrible interviews like these on the back of my toilet in case I ran out of paper. It was more cost effective before the advent of laptops.

  10. @feltburns

    Oct 6th, 2009

    This just came across the news wire! pokerplasm stock has doubled and split since the announcement of Street3′s long overdue retirement.

  11. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    A lot of reaction to this interview. What could have street3 done to make it better?

  12. igster101

    Oct 6th, 2009

    what could he have done? Not been so @street3 like for starters.

  13. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    So a blank page would of been a step up?

  14. Marti Sild

    Oct 6th, 2009

    I told you this wasn’t over. I am watching you destroy yourself using my minion. Want to get more followers? Don’t put shit like this on your site.

  15. @feltburns

    Oct 6th, 2009

    there was the Titanic, then the SS Edmond Fitzgerald, now comes the sinking of Street3′s interviewing career, and it makes the first two look like bath toys….

  16. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Mr. Sild,
    Thanks for showing up, Marti!

    What career is correct for street3?

  17. Vmax_1

    Oct 6th, 2009

    I am a famous person now yessssssssssss!

  18. Vmax_1

    Oct 6th, 2009

    The truth I really want to be a comic when I grow up!

  19. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Welcome to the site. You are a TPT star.

  20. Vmax_1

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Question why can I NOT get on Full Tilt???? And when is next TPT event?

  21. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    The TPT is every Thursday, same time!

  22. @feltburns

    Oct 6th, 2009

    …..well, keeping in mind that it would have to be a career with minimal human interaction I think we can all agree that this is right up Street3′s alley….

  23. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Not sure a suit is needed for that job.

  24. Street3

    Oct 6th, 2009

    You guys suck, excpect for the CEO and President Mr. PokerPlasm. May i also suggest you all go eat balls.

  25. Thenardier

    Oct 6th, 2009

    “admin”: I hope you find death by a thousand papercuts.

    @street3: I “excpect”ed more from your insults, so I am withdrawing my D– and demoting it to a full F–. Pathetic.

  26. admin

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Why? Because you can’t spell, and I let you know?

  27. Street3

    Oct 6th, 2009

    @Thenardier what’s “pathetic” is that you came BACK to read comments on an interview you gave a D- to. LOSER.

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