Not as Rich as Bill Gates, But Just as Geeky, it’s Widmayer

published on 10/21/09 at 6:02 am

Not as Rich as Bill Gates, But Just as Geeky, it’s Widmayer

Chris “Oscar Meyer” Widmayer’s (widmayer) win in Event 3 of the Twitter Poker Tour, propelled the young Milwaukee native into the poker limelight. Casting off several media sources, and various poker publications, he sat down for an exclusive interview with poker’s up and coming beat reporter, Street3, and answered the tough questions.

Thanks for taking time to answer these questions.

So, this internet thing, probably a fad right?

OK then!

What’s your poker background, how did you get into the game? Is it a hobby or something you take serious?
A lot of my friends played poker in HS so I would dabble in it a bit then, however I mostly drank then. I really got into it about a little over a year ago after a business venture went south and I took a 4 month sabbatical. Its definitely a hobby, however I take it pretty serious, as I do most my hobbies. I am pretty competitive.

I know you and swyyft are good friends and he holds you in high regards when it comes to Poker. Why is that?
I taught he everything he knows. Nah, really though, we started playing seriously around the same time. My first big final table Joe was reading lines out of Harrington on Hold Em’ trying to figure out what the hell I do.

Would you make a career of playing poker, is that something you may do later in life?
I would make a career out of anything for the right amount, unfortunately the current profession is treating me well. If poker somehow passed that however, for sure then.

What’s your favorite hand and why?
I really like J9 of spades. No clue why, maybe the way it looks? I will always play it and win.

Do you follow the WSOP on ESPN or have any favorite pro’s? If so, what do you like about the particular pro?
I don’t really watch poker on TV that often, mostly because I watch like every TV show ever written and that takes most my time. A friend of mine though finished in the top 30 this year so I have been watching a bit because of that. As for pro’s, I don’t really care much about any of them except for maybe Ivey, just because its Ivey.

Are you an aggressive player or does your play depend on your situation?
I tend to play a more TAG style, however I am always working on mixing my game up to fit the table as much as possible.

You’re on the bubble of a big tourney, you’ve played for hours now and your holding AK suited, two short stacks all in in front of you, you have them both covered, but will cost you 1/3 of your stack to call. Do you call and why or why not? Does your answer change depending on the tournament?
I probably always make this call, especially if I have them covered. To be honest the biggest determination would be my position. If there are a lot of big stacks to act after me I either fold or ISO shove.

Any particular TPT player you don’t like gettin’ into a pot against? If so, who and why? For me, it’s you because I have no idea what you have. You can have air or the nuts and I just have no clue. You scare me. Hold me.
I guess I don’t really ever have issues with getting into pots with anyone. What I am more looking for at a table are those who I WANT to get into a pot with and the tpt has a few of those. No, you are not one, but I do like beating you in pots and then telling you not to get into pots with me. ;-)

Do you play any live poker? Do you prefer live or online?
I like live poker better, but the only casino in my city has cash games only. They do have a sweet Monday Night Football promo though so I may start going for that.

Cash, MTT or SNG and why?
MTT, Cash seems like a job to me and SNG’s just suck.

What are your thoughts on online poker being “rigged” or that the RNG is coded to see more action and speed up tournaments?
Nah, after the UB mess these sites make WAAAAAY too much money to rig anything.

What do you like or dislike about the TPT? Any thoughts to improve it?
I’m still not sure if I like the deep stacks, but that is cause I sucked last season. I think my horrible play last season was that stupid prop bet.

I’ve seen you call raises and win with KQo, but when I do it, you call me a “donk”. Why?
I call you a donk if you had AA. ;-) Its all about the situation.

What’s more important, position or stack size?

You’ve had this website on your twitter page forever, are you ever going to update this damn thing or keep making me click it and see nothing?
Someday I will have a blog at this site, until then keep on clicking. Maybe I will have a daily bikini pic just for you.

You won the TPT by beating Street 3 (Street3) HU. I was there to witness it, was it by far the toughest HU match you’ve ever been involved in?
You had me chipped 8 – 1, why did you not call the first hand after that when I shoved? I feel as though you wanted me to win that…

(Editor’s note: I’m pretty sure I had 72o or something completely horrendous, with HU I play a lot of hands, but not something that shitty.)

You commented during the TPT that you “run good”. I’ve heard other players, both amateur and pro, say this. What does this actually mean?
Just means that one is lucky. Lately though it has not been on my side…

Do you or have you used any training sites or books to improve your poker? What do you attribute your poker greatness to? (I think you’re a great player, so that’s why I said great).
I’ve read a bunch of books, I listen to poker podcasts weekly, and I use the video training sites from time to time. None of that is nearly as good as discussing a hand or a set of hands with another player who thinks on or above the same level. I am fortunate to have a lot of friends who are really good at poker and are always willing to help me out with my game.

What time is it?
7:11PM CST, which means time to eat!

I like to think of the TPT as a “home game” so in that respect is there anything you would like other TPT’ers to know about you, hobbies, career, stories between you and Swyyft?
I develop software to pay the mortgage. Always trying to get a new business venture off the ground. I am a sports nut, huge Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Bears fan (i know I am confused inside). I was Joe’s RA in college and one time traded him vicotin for a case of like 20 boxes of pop tarts. Such a good deal.

Please add anything or say anything else here that maybe you feel i didn’t cover in my extensive and compelling interview and thanks for your time!
(cricket sound)

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7 Responses to “Not as Rich as Bill Gates, But Just as Geeky, it’s Widmayer”

  1. Geoff Manning - @cprpoker

    Oct 21st, 2009

    Very nice indeed! Great interview!

  2. igster101

    Oct 21st, 2009


  3. Joe Taylor

    Oct 21st, 2009

    Widmayer even is a donkey in interviews. Elaborate son. I would have crushed this interview by running good.

  4. Chris Hiter

    Oct 21st, 2009

    The best line is Vicodin for Pop Tarts trade…….mainly because I am going over the Pros and Cons right now. Through an hour of analysis I believe the Pop Tarts truly get the better deal*

    *as long as said pop tarts were strawberry or blueberry

  5. Street3

    Oct 21st, 2009

    Thanks for the comments. Widmayer made me bring some blow so he would “open” up more. I didn’t realzie “opening up more” meant making a move on me. NO MEANS NO WIDMAYER!!

  6. the girlfriend

    Oct 21st, 2009

    I believe there were both strawberry pop tarts and SMORE pop tarts, which are the best.

  7. Grundy

    Oct 24th, 2009

    J9…great hand.

    Just great.

    AA all the way, baby!

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