How to Play Video Poker

published on 10/04/09 at 6:44 am

Video poker rules are quite similar to those of five card draw. The main difference is that video poker is a one person game: the player doesn’t have to compete against another player, like in five-card draw, but just making the best possible hand. The game works like that:

  • Betting. The majority of video poker machines have a betting break of 5 to 10 coins, even if it’s possible to find machines with even 100 coins break.
  • After putting the coins in the machine, push the button “Draw/Deal” and you’ll see your five cards hand.
  • Check and decide which cards you want to keep. Push the button “Hold/Cancel” under the card you decided to keep. If you made a mistake, push again on “Hold/Cancel”. Before going on, be sure to find the world “Hold” under each card you want to keep.
  • Now push again on the button “Draw/Deal” to receive the cards you want to change with the previous cards. If you made up a winning hand, the machine will give you a winning, otherwise you lose your bet. Now you are ready to play the next hand.

The hands follow the standard ranking of poker, typically a pair of Jacks or better is considered a winning hand. Winnings depend from the machine.

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