High End Talks Successful between Estonian-based company & PokerPlasm

published on 10/02/09 at 9:23 am

A PokerPlasm official visited Estonia for high-level talks with GetRealFollowers.com on issues including computer espionage, security and twitter hacking, a PokerPlasm spokesman said.

Several PokerPlasm officials provided details about the two day talks. Day one focused on the twitter hacking of PokerPlasm (see related story: Estonian Developer Caught Hacking into PokerPlasm Twitter Account) and future application security. And day two focused on the twitter hacking of another account. Mr. Grundy, of Hell’s Cold Day, requested that PokerPlasm represent them at the talks and initiate resolutions to his twitter security breach.

“These talks were necessary,” said PokerPlasm Chief Executive Officer, Trevor Holewinski, “in the hopes that an incident of this nature will not occur again.”

At the close of the scheduled press breifing, PokerPlasm officials handed out formal letters of apology from the Estonian based company.

Dear Mr. Holewinski,

Please accept our apologies, there was an incident with one of our staff member during the maintenance.

Due to a human error, after an attack to our servers, the data of our team member accounts were mixed up with 5 random users from our database.

We promise that this won’t happen again, however we can understand that you have lost your trust towards to us.

Right now we are doing everything in our power to fix the situation and find out who were the other users who have lost their accounts.

We know that this might not ease the damage which this situation caused to you, but we are ready to compensate the trouble by assigning you the special status (described in our web-page) without needing to grant your data to our system. This is only if you accept this kind of compensation.

Once again we are truly sorry.

Marti Sild

Any questions concerning this incident can be directed towards crashms.

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3 Responses to “High End Talks Successful between Estonian-based company & PokerPlasm”

  1. igster101

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    Good to see this is resolved and hopefully behind you now. Going forward, we hope to be in a long term business arrangement with Pokerplasm Inc.

  2. herr

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    howcome they were haxxers craxxers and now there was just a simple system errar… retardz call FBI nxt time

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