Full Tilt Poker Pro, Cuzzinlaw, Spends Quality Time With Street3

published on 10/12/09 at 6:08 am

A man among children at the poker table, Cuzzinlaw, is the consummate gentleman. As his cashes at the tables continue to mount, he has not forgotten his beginnings and continues to help other players attain their poker goals. This online poker magazine was lucky to have a staff member sit down with the Houston native and learn what makes him tick.

Street3: How long have you been playing poker?
Cuzzinlaw: Like real poker or online poker…or trying to play serious poker? Who’s asking the questions here anyway? Let’s be specific, Bob. LOL.
Street3: I am damn it! Let’s start with real poker, then online, then serious?
Cuzzinlaw: I started playing some variety of poker back in my late teens with friends…nothing too serious…took up playing online about 4 years ago and been progressing since then and trying to make some money. I guess it’s been about 3 years ago since I thought if I work on this I can do this all the time.
Street3: So you don’t have a “real” job, you just grind it out live and online?
Cuzzinlaw: Pretty much. When my daughter was born 3 years ago, it was more convenient for me to reduce my work schedule and basically become a stay at home dad. I still have a place of employment but because of the type of work I only go to the office 1 day a month except in March and August where I have to spend about 2 or 3 weeks in the office. Other than that I play poker mostly online but do have a couple of weekly games I attend regular. Poker is my main source of income these days. Sometimes it’s good and well sometimes it’s a struggle.

(editors note: That’s weird, in Oklahoma you file unemployment once a week, not once a month.)
Street3: You live in Texas, and well, this is what
I know about Texas
Cuzzinlaw: I always wondered why I had horns.
Street3: Nice comeback. (finger) Do you have a favorite starting hand?
Cuzzinlaw: Not really. Of course there are always those hands that for some reason you like to play when you know you shouldn’t. I was kidding with some guys about it at the live game other night when I played K9. I have the shirt from Full Tilt that says I play K9 with the doberman avatar on it. It’s not a favorite but I’ve had some luck with it. I use to claim 92 as my favorite because when I first started playing online and would have it in the BB and see free flops it would come in. Like 3 times in one night I get that hand and the flop would be 992 or 229. I’ve gotten away from that trash now.
Street3: Yeah, 92 is gay. (mental note: STOP PLAYING 92)
Cuzzinlaw: Even if suited?
Street3: Of course not, always play all suited cards!!
Cuzzinlaw: I got beat out of grand in a pot Sunday night in a live game when a guy plays 93 suited against me. Flop 993. I asked him, “wtf wrong with you calling preflop raise with 93.” He says, “but it was suited.”
Street3: “But it was suited” is one of the hero cries of a born donkey. Agree?
Cuzzinlaw: It’s always the reason. Suited cards unbeatable on Hee Haw’s backstage game.
Street3: I just folded 74suited…back to the questions. What made you decide to add a $5 KO bounty on everyone in last nights twitter poker tour?
Cuzzinlaw: I’ve been having some good luck this past month at the tables. I’ve had a lot of support from my fellow TPT players. I think it has helped me play better having them around and showing support during my games. I like to help those who help me and thought it was a good way of giving back something. It’s nice to have someone cheer for you instead of cussing you and telling you how stupid your play was.
Street3: And because of this success you’ve established a challenge for yourself, tell us about that.
Cuzzinlaw: 2 years ago I had a pretty good year and took in about $130k for the year in winnings. Not profit but amount won. Then last year I hit a slump and didn’t do much and didn’t play near as much because of hard times. About September of this year I started trying to be serious again and playing more tourneys and trying to build myself back up. It started with some $2 and $3 tourneys. I won a few and did well and built up a little and decided to try a few of the mini FTOPS. When I made the 4th place finish in an event and picked up nearly $24k, I knew things were about to get good. I had some money to make a run and started out jokingly with a friend that I would win $100k by Christmas. So, then I decided that was a good goal to shoot for and marked September 1 until January 1 as my time frame to make $100k in tourney winnings. Goals are good to keep you on target and focused. I’m currently at $40,506 of that goal with a few months to go. That is my goal for multi table tourneys only, not sng or cash. Of course that won’t be all profit either but it’ll still be nice to do.
Street3: Damn you are obviously a great player, are you self taught or do you use any training sites or books?

BTW, just folded 92, Board runs AJKQQ. THANKS BRO!

Wait, would have split pot…winners were 98,48 and 62. You just cost me chips. I hate you.

(finger) for that last bit of advice.

Cuzzinlaw: I mainly play on my own instincts and have learned as I go. I still see cards sometimes and jump in pots before I realize how wrong it was. Not big on figuring percentages but I have a good idea if I’m getting the right price but sometimes even if not I just go with the gut. I really haven’t read any books. A friend loaned me Harrington on Hold em Part II when I was heading to the WSOP this year. I read about half of it. Lot of good info in there but I would probably have to read it a few times to soak it up. That guy is deep in thought on the game for sure.
Street3: Yeah man, last book I read was The Pokey Little Puppy, not much poker info there. Oh well. So what event did you play in the WSOP and how did you do?
Cuzzinlaw: I went out this year for event #4. I have never played poker in a casino before. My only live experiences have been in my weekly home games. I decided if possible I was going to try at least one event and see what happens. So, off I went for my first live tourney and at the WSOP. It was an awesome experience being around so many great players and walking down the halls with Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Chris Ferguson, Dan Harrington, etc. I started out real well and was surprisingly calmer than expected. There were 6012 entries and I finished in the money at 566th place. It may have been a bit disappointing for a payday but I was very excited to cash in my first live tourney and the fact it was at the WSOP. I’m ready and making plans for the next one and hoping to play a few more events this time around.
Street3: What was Event 4?
Cuzzinlaw: It was an 1K buyin NL Hold em event.
Street3: That’s cool. Are you going to try the Main Event next year, I mean if you make 100K this year, then 2.5 mil by July of next year…right?
Cuzzinlaw: Of course I’d love to play the Main Event. I’ll be firing at some satellites online to get there. If I have some luck in other events and bring in the money to do it, then by all means I’m going to play it. Then I’ll see you all in November 2010 for the final table!
Street3: Will do like Dennis Phillips did last year and fly all us railbirds in? I mean they do pay each final table the 1.xx million they get, then the final table plays for the rest…
Cuzzinlaw: If I play the Main Event and go deep, you can pack your bags cause you are coming to Vegas. Gotta have my numero uno railbird there.
Street3: Nice! You are a good man! Will you also splurge for a hooker or two for me?

Female hooker that is.
Cuzzinlaw: Dude I may rent the whole joint for the night just for you alone.
Street3: Hells yeah! Well I think we have enough info for this interview, any final thoughts? Shout outs?
Cuzzinlaw: I can’t think of anything much else to say. I appreciate all those who have shown me some support and the compliments over the past month. Hopefully this ride keeps on rolling and it just keeps getting better. It’s a hard road and I just have to stay focused and not let the gambler out as much as the poker player. I can blow up with the best of them at times and run through a bankroll in a hurry. See ya all around the tables!
Street3: Right on man, thank you for your time!

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15 Responses to “Full Tilt Poker Pro, Cuzzinlaw, Spends Quality Time With Street3”

  1. @feltburns

    Oct 12th, 2009

    After his last (well, it should of been his last) interview I was afraid to even read another ‘interview’ from the most self centered person I’ve ever had the misfortune of ‘knowing’ (reminder: stop accepting any and all friend requests on facebook), but obviously the fear of losing his only ‘job’ has sunk in because this piece of crap doesn’t stink nearly as bad as his previous attempts. cuzzinlaw, thanks for the interview and good luck achieving your goals!

  2. admin

    Oct 12th, 2009

    I’ll consider this a glowing review of street3′s talent.

  3. @feltburns

    Oct 12th, 2009

    If you must, but until you mentioned it the word ‘talent’ hadn’t entered my mind….

  4. Street3

    Oct 12th, 2009

    Good thing i’ll never have to interview @feltburns.

  5. @feltburns

    Oct 12th, 2009

    I’d probably only be able to talk about my weekend in Tulsa co-sponsoring the Oklahoma State Championship of Poker, having quads three times on the $5-10 NL tables, and getting beat each time…… a painful memory (although sitting in Amir Vahedi’s suite smoking $100 cigars for hours helped…)… and I did win a Crazy Pineapple tournament that weekend as well! Or then there’s the fact that I launched an online poker site the day the US passed it’s new gaming laws – not one of my best achievements! Yeah, your probably right… won’t be interviewing me anytime soon…..

  6. admin

    Oct 12th, 2009

    Crazy Pineapple tournament? Does that mean Spongebob and Squidward were at the table?

  7. TradeMark310

    Oct 12th, 2009

    Good read!

  8. Chris Hiter

    Oct 12th, 2009

    As always…..these things provide a good 4 minutes of humor in my life…….at least double what Carse gives his sexual partners.

  9. @feltburns

    Oct 12th, 2009

    I thought of something! If you really want to, you could interview me on all the interviews I’ve done: Helmuth, Annie Duke, TJ Cloutier, Hoyt Corkins, Freddy Deeb, Antonio Esfandiari, Scott Fischman, Phil Gordon, Jennifer Harman, Kathy Liebert, Scotty Nguyen, Greg Raymer, Mark Seif, Amir Vahedi…… ahh, on second thought, I think I’d feel bad bringing their knowledge down to your level. I’ll keep thinking……

  10. igster101

    Oct 12th, 2009

    So, do his interviewees know it’s professional suicide to be interviewed by him?

  11. @feltburns

    Oct 12th, 2009

    Unfortunately, not ahead of time.. but they soon realize the error in their decision making…..

  12. street3

    Oct 12th, 2009

    Mr. Purse, I aspire to be the man you are, sadly I’m just 1/3 of that, ergo, I am just an “M”.

  13. Ting Clamon

    Oct 12th, 2009

    I liked most of it.

  14. s tolbert

    Oct 12th, 2009

    dang cuzz. whats up? no shout out to the livingston crowd man? that does it i’m playing wed. and taking you down.

  15. LuckyGenius

    Nov 11th, 2009

    Wow, Cuzz, you and I have a lot in common.

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