Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – The Jordie21 Poker Story

published on 10/29/09 at 5:57 am

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – The Jordie21 Poker Story

After another memorable run in last week’s twitter poker tour (#tpt), PokerPlasm’s own beat writer, Street3 sat down with jordie21 and discovered the inner workings of this army veteran. Many laughs and many tears were shed in this one of a kind interview. Now, without further adieu, sit back, relax, and enjoy a piece of prose, that only an Oklahoman can provide.

Congrats on the #tpt runner up finish, have you ever actually WON anything before?
When I was like 6, I won a soap box car derby! Does that count? It also appears I won the number 1 seat to your mom’s bed. That’s a big accomplishment with all the competition.

Do you prefer live or online poker?
Kinda like my women, and unlike you. I prefer live things!

Since the military is dropping the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy” do you wish you were going to the military now instead of when you did?
Of course, now I know you will be able to join!

What’s your favorite hand to play, right or left? I mean, ummmm, poker hand.
I like to play the stranger! Oh wait, that’s not right. My fav hand is K9 SOOOOTED!

You and coolwhipflea are friends in real life. How long have you guys known each other?
Seems like too long! We’re some old farts, but at least you’re older so I feel better! We’ve been friends since I was a freshman in high school. I’m his daughter’s God Father.

You are part of Team 7Deuce. What is that?
Hmmmm, Team 7Deuce. Funny story about that. Paul all of a sudden decided to start playing 7-2 against us, statistically the worst hand ever. Well he started to hit on us with it. So we adopted the name cause some of the home players are as bad as the hand! hahaha.

How long have you been playing poker?
Well I learned while I was in Iraq in 04. We used to meet up at the Brigade barracks in Al Ramadi and play cash. We played everything including a weird version called Chicago Hold-em. Where the person with the A of spades chops the pot with the winning hand. WEIRD!

Is NLHE your only game? I play Uno.
Uno rules! Draw four!!! It’s definitely my strongest. But I am a fairly good PLO and PLOHL player. Plus I have been grinding on single draw low ball and Badugi. But my number 1 by far is still Hungry Hungry Hippo! I’m the king!

Do you play for fun or try to make money and why?
I still play for fun. When the game is no longer fun I will stop playing all together. If I win monies, great! But if not, at least I’m still better than Carse! Oh wait, I mean…nvm its true!

Any thoughts on how to improve the twitter poker tour?
Boot out that donk, Street3! That’s too obvious though. The only gripe I have is with the way Tilt does the payouts. They are to high and not spread down through the ranks well enough. Other than that, we’re taking over!

Donk is a term thrown out a lot, usually by those just beaten in a hand. What describes a donk to you, well besides me?
Hmmm, you took away my best description, now I gotta make the hamster work….Well best example I have was in a live game at the Bike casino. I got dealt pocket rockets. I 3 bet and got 3 callers. Flop is Ah 2h As. I check, get one better other 2 fold. I pop it all in on my quads. He thinks then calls with 4h 5h. River is the 3h. To me a person that plays air or weak draws is a straight CARSE! I mean donk! Pretty much remember this Donks. In the old days, people like Gus Hanson and Tom Dwan, would have been shot at the table for their play!

FTP or PS or Carbon? Why?
LIVE! I’m tired of the online play. It has made the game weaker and made a bunch of losers who didn’t know how to play, think they are the next Moneymaker. WEAK! But tilt is the easiest to navigate for games.

Flea-powder (QQ) seems to be a bad luck hand. Why is that?
Cause its named after Paul and when it comes to poker there is no badder luck than Paul. He can catch the best hands and still not win with them. Hence why he is such a good Razz player. But it was funny to watch him run that hand into every possible scenario and lose with them!

Is there any #tpt player that you feel is better than you? Again, besides me.
Well if this question was in English I could probably answer it better. But I will wing it! I think the question is, who do I feel is a better poker player on the #tpt circuit than me. Well there are a few, but I feel I’m a strong competitor and am constantly learning. Plus I tend to be to unpredictable to read. So we will see!

Is it true that your computer is in fact a Commodore 64? Why not upgrade, to say an 8-bit Nintendo?
Ohh wow, your so generous with your accolades, but sadly I’m still rockin’ the Atari console.

Is there anything about you that you want people to know? Besides the fact that you are probably gay or at least bi?
“You don’t, wanna mess with Jordie!”
Cause Why?
“Cause Jordie, will f***ing KILL YOU!”
And that’s all I have to say about that!

You hate me don’t you?
Ya, But I love your mom!

What do you do when not playing poker?
I’m poking her! Oh boy! or!

Paul (coolwhipflea) said you cried like a baby for 3 days after Micheal Jackson’s death. Is this true? Cry-baby.
Bad memories. Don’t wanna discuss it, no Michael, I’m bilingual its different! AHHH!

Any final thoughts?
If there were no sponges in the ocean, would the water be deeper? Hmmmm.

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  1. igster101

    Oct 29th, 2009

    bunnyteens? wtf? When will carse learn??

  2. Vmax_1

    Oct 29th, 2009

    What a donk but witty! lol

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