Bankroll – The Most Mentioned, Least Applied Poker Tool

published on 09/14/09 at 11:00 pm

Everyone talks bankroll (BR), interpreting it to mean that you have one when you mention your BR. How many players really have a bankroll, one that suits their playing needs? The consideration for the size of your bankroll depends on the limit of game you are playing, and if you are only using your bankroll for poker purposes or if you are planning to pay your living expenses from your bankroll also.

One of the best ways to increase your poker bankroll is playing online poker and taking advantage of the download and sign up bonuses where you are going to receive a dynamic, bankroll building depositor’s bonus, and continue to receive bonuses as you play. Titan Poker gives you $50 free and a huge deposit bonus when you come in as a new player. The bonuses at Titan don’t stop there and each one increases your bankroll without you putting a lot of money into it from your own savings.

You will need to figure out exactly what limit you can play comfortably, with your starting bankroll, and adapt to a strict discipline in following and staying within your guidelines. You should never jump up a limit or two, even if you have had a good run, until you know you are completely ready to make the move and your bankroll can handle the downside of variance. Many people feel that a few days of winning should let them take a shot at a higher limit. While playing a higher limit with a win from a previous session is not a bad thing, it should only be exactly that, a onetime shot with your winnings. And if you win in that session, put it in your bankroll and step back down to your regular limit. Don’t move up in limits until you know you can fade the heat and don’t be afraid to move back down if it isn’t going well.

Another way to continue to build your bankroll is playing at Full Tilt Rakeback. With Full Tilt Rake back calculator you can calculate your savings and know how much money you will get back every month. Since you are playing poker and giving up part of your hard earned dollars to each pot in rake, be sure to take advantage of receiving rakeback and defray the costs.

You may be concerned because you own a Mac and want to play internet poker but everything appears to be geared towards a Windows Operating PC. Mac Poker is available and you don’t have to spend a chunk of your poker bankroll to utilize it.

Once you have taken all the steps to build your bankroll and set up your goal and game plan, keep in mind that starting in limit, rather than no limit, may be the best move for you. Winning the first few pots in limit will keep you in the game and able to win more pots vs. playing no limit and losing all of your buy-in, plus your win, in one hand because of a mistake by you or a lucky draw from an opponent.

If you manage yourself, as well as your bankroll, coupled with deposit bonuses and rakeback, you should be able to build your bankroll into a nice sum that will allow you to move up in limits in a timely manner. And remember, there’s always a game tomorrow, you have plenty of time to work on your game and your bankroll. Keep your focus on your game, not someone else’s.

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