Poker Meets Social Media in a Dedicated Blog

published on 08/25/09 at 8:27 am

Marius Kuitniauskas

Poker 2.0 Blog is a unique blog focused on a very unusual niche market – social media tools for poker players, poker social networks, poker celebrities using social media, tools and applications. The author of this blog is Marius Kuitniauskas, the former project manager for one of the biggest poker information websites, PokerNews. He has recently been working on smaller projects (in English and Lithuanian) and focusing mainly on social media resources. Poker 2.0 Blog is one of his projects which has a goal to present interest based social media to poker player audience.

What was the reason behind starting the Poker 2.0 blog?
There are a few reasons for starting the Poker 2.0 Blog. The main one is to inform people about the possibilities of other types of communication and interaction among poker players. The second reason is to show readers the type of quality information we have gathered and written. There are lots of garbage sites in poker market which are not even worth the account registration time. The last reason is to gather all the poker social media information in one place which, actually, has not been done. There was an attempt by, but the last blog entry in 2007 says that it is no longer active.

What would make Poker 2.0 a success in your eyes?
The Poker 2.0 Blog will be successful only because there are no affiliate links and banners advertising the same deals. The blog has already got some attention from poker social media developers and their communities. The incentive is unique. No one else analyzes different social media channels. Some poker bloggers write about their Twitter experience, but do not care how they can be active and noticed in Facebook, Railbirds, or Pokernations. Narrow niche articles make this blog different from others. Therefore it will be successful.

What are the main topics analyzed in Poker 2.0 Blog?
The main topic are poker social networks and the tools inside them. Another focus of Poker 2.0 Blog are the poker features and services in global social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. The third focus are web 2.0 features and interests for poker players – blogging issues, hand replayers, etc. And the last but not least topic are poker pros in social media (I have collected the biggest poker pros in Twitter list, by the way).

Who is a professional poker player you follow and why?
I follow lots of professional poker players in Twitter, but I am not a poker player myself. I am interested in their social media and business experience. However, I know the controversial Tony G personally and I love his type of play and show. Why? Because poker is a fun game and must give some fun and adrenaline. I really hate watching the players who do not tell a word as if they had a mouth full of water. Millions can be earned in other ways than playing poker, so amounts of winnings do not impress me. By the way, Tony is very calm and polite person in real life ;)

What poker websites do you frequent the most?
There are lots of poker websites I visit every day. The main issue is about returning. Only quality websites deserves to be visited weekly or even daily. Facebook is my no.1 source of information about general social media issues. I am also subscribed to major social media blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, WebProNews etc. Also I build my friend network in new poker social network, PokerNations. I write some blogs related to my direct work at

What is the best piece of poker advice a player passed onto you?
If you can NOT play poker – don’t play. This advice works very well and I am still not involved in this poker playing craze. It is not necessary to smoke in order to write a blog about tobacco industry. As professional journalist (I have studied journalism in Vilnius University, Lithuania), I can write about whatever I want, no matter if it is a free blog or a serious analysis article or breaking news story with 5 W’s.

What would be your advice to poker players regarding social media?
I would advise every poker player to start building their personal brand in the global social networks first. Even beginning poker player can become a celebrity over weekend by winning one of these big Sunday tournaments in the biggest poker rooms. I really hate when I cannot find their nickname in Google :) If they used Facebook or Twitter, life would be easier, both for them and for us – the poker readers. The same nickname should be used in other social networks as well. Every poker player should have his blog and post everything about his play and personal life. It does not take much time and it is worth the effort. Being famous means invitations to bigger tournaments and bigger winnings. Hopefully poker social media can significantly help with that.

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  2. Grundy

    Aug 27th, 2009

    The Poker 2.0 Blog is really shiny, and I like the shiny. Great content too.

    I may never read this rickety old rag again.

  3. Mel

    Sep 18th, 2009

    Great read. This article has inspired me to step up make social media game as well as my poker game.

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