5 Questions for the Twitter Poker Tour

published on 08/19/09 at 6:14 am

Geoff Manning

The Twitter Poker Tour continues to emerge as a tour de force among the weekly online poker community. The man behind the tour’s success is none other than Board Chairman, Geoff Manning, who never stops at promoting the unique qualities of the TPT. His dedicated work was recognized by the The World Poker Cartel, who selected him as a finalist for the 2009 Poker Executive Award.

What was your reaction to being selected as a 2009 Poker Executive Finalist?
It was an honor to see my name listed alongside some of the best in the business. I just want to say that it is a privilege to run the TPT and I have met many great people over the past 4 seasons.

Recently, the TPT teamed up with PreventCancer.org to put a Bad Beat on Cancer. How did the event go? Is their a future of promotion between the two organizations?
The Bad Beat on Cancer event was incredible. We set a lofty goal for ourselves to have 100 participants and we just met that with 103. In all honesty, I only posted the event on the website and tweeted the heck out of it. All the praise goes to Paul Ellis (coolwhipflea) of PablosPlace.com. Paul is a huge supporter of the cause and a huge supporter of the TPT. He worked with Rafe Furst to get this event in motion and all credit goes to him!

Has the TPT been in contact with any poker professionals to help promote the tour?
We try to reach out to a few pro’s this season and have a good relationship that we hope to grow in the coming months. There are a lot of pro’s on Twitter now, so hopefully the TPT will strike a chord with them and they can help us promote it.

What has been the biggest surprise(s) since you started the tour?
I think the biggest surprise since the tour started is how well it has taken off. At times we feel like it isn’t growing fast enough but then reality sets in. We are in the summer time during some tough economic times and we still get 30 players each week. I’d call that a success!

Can you shed any light for Season 5? What do you have on tap?
We are in the planning stages for Season5 and we are tossing around a few ideas in the TPT Member Forum. We are considering changing up the “season” model where we have 12 weekly events to make up one season. I feel this may provide a barrier to entry for some that want to get involved mid-season. They may feel like they are too late and can’t compete.

We may move to a monthly system where we keep a leader board for each month and award prizes to those players that finish atop the leader board each month. Then we could have a Tournament of Champions at the end of the year. Just one of the many ideas we are considering at the moment. We are always open to new ideas!

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