Rumors Swirl of Possible Eastport, Maine Relocation

published on 07/29/09 at 12:48 pm

SHEFFIELD, UK, July 29, 2009 – PokerPlasm Europa’s Public Relations Director (UK Division), Sir Graeme Frost, hinted to the Sheffield Observer that PokerPlasm, Inc. is in the process of moving their headquarters from their current location in Austin, Texas to Eastport, Maine. The recently knighted executive was discussing many topics at a local public house and mistakenly made public confidential information.

Notified of this incident, Mr. Trevor Holewinski, Chief Executive Officer of PokerPlasm, Inc., was visibly perturbed. “At this time…,” stated Mr. Holewinski, “I have no comment concerning any relocation to Eastport or elsewhere.”

Anonymous sources close to the company say Mr. Holewinski has already made the decision to relocate but finalizing financials and employee benefits with union representatives are taking much longer than expected. Analysts believe a possible spring 2010 move is the most likely scenario.

Both magazines ceased print versions in March 2009. The company is privately held so no financial statements have been made public.

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