The Best Starting Hands in Omaha Poker

published on 04/14/09 at 2:32 pm

In Omaha Poker starting hands each player is dealt 4 cards. The best starting hands in Omaha poker are those where the 4 hole-cards work in a collaborative way, providing you multiple ways to hit the flop.

The best hand at showdown comprises of exactly two from the hand and three from the board to make the best five-card hand.

In order to understand, Omaha Starting hands, it is important to presume that all the opponents have the same six combinations of the two showdown cards. You then think back to check what cards could you possibly need to maximize your chances against all the players. Depending on the number of players this could be six, twelve or even twenty-four combinations working against you. Given the enormity of these combinations, the likelihood of having hole cards to make straights and flushes are higher and those with only high value, much lower. At any given flop, in a multi-way pot, the chances of flush and straight draws are high. And at least one opponent is likely to have a hand that works well with the board. This is why the best starting hands in Omaha need to have cards, which work collaboratively.

To illustrate, 6-7-8-9 has the chance to make more straights depending on the flop, while 2-5-9-10 can only make the low or the mid-straight and may be open to risk to higher straights. Another good staring hand in Omaha is having suited cards, preferably with an ace, which will allow you to make the nut flush.

High-pair hands also form good starting hands in Omaha. A-A-10-J of two suits is a great hand, as not only do you have a strong pair, there are many flops which you could have a nut hand or strong draw to the nuts. Moreover, if the A-J and A-10 combinations are suited, you have absolutely hit the best starting hand in Omaha. Double suited high pairs such as A-A-K-K are also considered good starting hands.

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