9 Poker Concepts To Watch For in 2009

published on 01/04/09 at 1:01 pm

As we rush into 2009, a lot of good ideas and concepts are on the board! We can only hope that all of them continue to grow. So…the following is our list of what to look for in 2009.

  1. The Twitter Poker Tour! It is becoming the tour de force of the online poker realm and is expanding membership weekly.
  2. The growth of Bad Beat Clothing. The major sponsor of the TPT. They give away a custom (and badass) t-shirt each week!
  3. The return of the PokerPlasm Tourney League. A points based league that plays a variety of poker games.
  4. Reading this train wreck. Over/under in months on when this fool goes to prison?
  5. Keeping up to date on one of my favorite sites, Complete Poker Rules. A great resource for articles and tips! A site that can only get better with time.
  6. Watching the growth of the 72suited bankroll and of course his detailed photos.
  7. Eyeing the return of Bizarro Grundy. Then the planets are aligned.
  8. Reading up on all the new poker-related interviews at Tourney Blog. Kudos to the lightning round!
  9. Do we see more poker players utilizing twitter? We can only hope, its a great tool, that unites niche bloggers.

Finally, we would like to know what types of articles you would like to read more of. We have provided four answers, but you can write your own in as well!

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6 Responses to “9 Poker Concepts To Watch For in 2009”

  1. Jim L

    Jan 4th, 2009

    LOL at the train wreck! The TPT definitely deserves the #1 spot. I wonder how big it will be at the end of 2009? Thanks for the mention, it’s much appreciated!

    Jim Ls last blog post..A small milestone: I have turned $2 into $300.

  2. Grundy

    Jan 4th, 2009

    The TPT will be on everyone’s lips in ’09. As will my momentous victory over one D. C. Goodson.

    Street3 blogging may very well crash the entireity of the Interwebs.

    Grundys last blog post..Best Posts of 2008 Round-up

  3. Street3

    Jan 4th, 2009

    Great post. Sir and thanks for the mention, as i am the engineer of said train wreck.

    P.S. I hate you.

    Street3s last blog post..New Years Resolutions

  4. Geoff Manning

    Jan 5th, 2009

    A caricature of Street3 with an engineers hat riding a flaming train like Slim Pickens should be your new logo/masthead/whatever of your blog Street.


    That would be awesome.

  5. The Poker Jerk

    Jan 6th, 2009

    That #TPT has quite a bit of potential! Those poker shirts are… something else indeed!

    The Poker Jerks last blog post..Poker Room Review: Cardspike is a SCAM!

  6. Steve Brogan

    Jan 7th, 2009

    I like your list. Definitely I need look into some of the stranger things on there such as the train wreck.

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