Reasons to Play Seven Card Stud

published on 12/15/08 at 8:51 am

While discussing with PokerPlasm the great poker variants that get passed over due to the “Chris Moneymaker” effect, he asked me for a reason to play 7 card stud. The answer was simple, the focus required to win money there helps with your Hold’em game. I know that of most you see 7 card stud as a bankroll drain, but money can be made if you just look around. In the next few paragraphs I will explain this point.

The easiest way to start to make money when playing 7 card stud is to pay attention to EVERYTHING. When the cards are dealt to the players, look at the door cards and make decisions with that information in mind. There is so much free information to be gained and used to your advantage that if you don’t use it, you will lose money all day. I’m not going to tell you how to use the information now, but I will be happy to author another piece doing that. On top of getting door cards to help make decisions, you get to see half of your opponents hand. Use every piece of information you can gather to help in the decision making process.

Now, to relate this information back to Hold’em. The biggest key to being a winning Hold’em player is to watch what happens at the table, even if you are out of the hand. If you get used to watching tables playing stud, you should see improvement in your ability to make the right move in Hold’em. Knowing when to bluff, call, or raised is based on observations from previous hands or past experiences. If you don’t pay attention to the information that the other players provide, you are missing a big part of how to be a “great” poker player.

If you are good at gathering information playing Hold’em, why not give stud a try. I’ve authored one piece on how to play Stud. Check it out, it goes into how to use the information to your advantage.

Stud Cowboy is a consistent online winner in Stud and is always interested in discussing the game as well as finding those tables/sites that are especially ripe. He is the author of The Life and Trials of FFCowboy.

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