Bad Beat Clothing Opens Up Their Store to PokerPlasm Europa

published on 12/11/08 at 1:01 pm

Bad Beat ClothingThe new issue is out and what can we say? Another first rate poker publication is upon us. A lot of news, stories, and rumors have occurred in the two weeks since the last issue was published. And during that time we were shocked at some of these stories that have come across the desk. OK, no more delays, let us highlight the big ticket items for you!

  • Bad Beat Clothing is now the sponsor of the Twitter Poker Tour! Free t-shirts abound in this week’s event (see below). Would you like to know more about these fine gentleman, then you can read up on them here.
  • Graham Beasley, President of the Twitter Poker Tour, appointed The_Gov, TPT Press Spokesman. No squirrels were injured in this decision.
  • Street3 continues to shove his extremist views down people’s throats. A tiring charade to say the least.
  • Tourneyblog is allowed to interview PokerPlasm…a first!
  • Shocking photos of Irish Poker Giant, CPRPoker, at a local AA meeting!
  • Complete details on why we tired of dealing with the following four individuals; JPYoung, IBGPN, FFCowboy76, and 72Suited.

It is a Thursday and you all know what that means. The Twitter Poker Tour is here and tonight, Event #4 fires up.

Upcoming TPT:Tilt Event Information
Poker Site: Full Tilt Poker
Tournament Name: Twitter Poker #4
Buyin: $5+.50
Game: Holdem
Limit: No Limit
Password: rickroll
Date: 12/11/08
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern
Directions: In Full Tilt Poker, click Tournaments, then the Private Tab. Scroll down to Dec 11 21:00 and find the tournament. Click and register.
Bonus: CPRPoker
EXTRA: TPT Sponsor, Bad Beat Clothing, will give a t-shirt to the winner, as well as, the worst bad beat at this event!

Remember, if you have any questions relating to the tour, there are a few ways to you can get the answers.

  • Contact the tour directly.
  • Use the the hashtag, #tpt on twitter, and the loyal following will answer your question.
  • Finally, depending on the which week the tour is playing at, you can contact that week’s tournament director. At Full Tilt Poker, contact PokerPlasm or at Poker Stars, contact CompletePokerRules.
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  1. Street 3

    Dec 11th, 2008

    Nice post…as a reminder my tirade will start shortly after i am elimanted, which should be close to 9:03 EST! Stay tuned!

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