The Twitter Poker Tour Preview Issue Hits the Stands

published on 11/10/08 at 11:37 am

Steve Poker Reverend HallAfter 2 weeks of tour events, PokerPlasm Europa has finally released their Twitter Poker Tour Preview. Uncertain of the delay, the issue does dive into the specifics of the tour. For example the experts vote on who they figure will win the TPT: Tilt and the TPT: Stars circuits, the importance of bounties, as well as other relevant side stories. Here are some of the stories in this week’s issue:

  • The featured story is on Steve “Poker Reverend” Hall and the melding of poker and religion.
  • A two page spread on Week One’s Tour winner, MNFulltilt and Week Two’s Tour winner, Cuzzinlaw. Congratulations are in order to both winners.
  • The expert’s unanimous pick of “Worst Poker Player of the Tour” is given to Street3.
  • The story of Grifter Jim’s return from self-imposed exile. He envisions a return to the poker tables soon, and possibly at the TPT.
  • Finally, the last storyline revolves around the TPT’s discussion with some poker professionals. Will they join up and play in any tour events? We hope so…

The tour is heating up and Week 3 is only a few days away. Here is the pertinent information you need to know so you can join up and play.

Poker Site: Full Tilt Poker
Tournament Name: Twitter BiCentennial Open
Buyin: $5 + $.50
Game: Holdem
Limit: No Limit
Password: street3
Date: 11/13/08
Time: 9:00 PM Eastern
Directions: In Full Tilt Poker, click Tournaments, then the Private Tab. Scroll down to Nov 6 21:00 and find the tournament. Click and register.
Bonus: $5 on MNFulltilt

Remember, if you have any questions relating to the tour, there are a few ways to you can get the answers.

  • Contact the tour directly.
  • Pose a question to thetpt.
  • Use the the hashtag, #tpt on twitter, and the loyal following will answer your question.
  • Finally, depending on the which week the tour is playing at, you can contact that week’s tournament director. At Full Tilt Poker, contact PokerPlasm or at Poker Stars, contact CompletePokerRules.
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3 Responses to “The Twitter Poker Tour Preview Issue Hits the Stands”

  1. Street 3

    Nov 10th, 2008

    “Worst Poker Player of the Tour” – I’ll be signing autographs at the LoserBin located at Pokerplasm’s mom’s house from 2AM – 6AM this week…

  2. admin

    Nov 10th, 2008

    Just make sure my breakfast is on the table at 6am.

  3. Steve

    Nov 10th, 2008

    I do enjoy being the Poker Reverend.

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