The Twitter Poker Tour Jets Off To Poker Stars

published on 11/06/08 at 9:37 am

The Twitter Poker Tour Jets Off To Poker Stars

With the Twitter Poker Tour landing in beautiful and historic South Boston, the poker community is anxious to see the first flop and begin the first tour event at Poker Stars.

Do you want in? Of course you do! Sign up occurs at TPT:Poker Stars Central Command. You still have plenty of time to register. The event begins at 9pm EST.

There are many sub-plots being played out in this event. We will go over what we know and keep you updated.

  • A $5 bounty has been placed on Geoff “geoffm33″ Manning. Who wants it?
  • Can MNFulltilt repeat last week’s tournament win?
  • Voting for “Who Will Donk Out First?” is still ongoing! Get out the vote and be heard. At time of publishing, Street3, the human donk machine, was leading all candidates.
  • The Jester has been disqualified for unsuitable behaviour and has been escorted to the airport. He will be on the first flight back to the UK.
  • Reliable sources are reporting that Grundy will not be present due to problems with the law, which he has blamed on his wife. A sad state of affairs there.
  • Jimbl has been asked to leave his pets at home and not bring them to the table

Please join us tonight and help the Twitter Poker Tour continue to grow. For twitter search fanatics, the hash tag #tpt is being used on twitter for updates and trash talking. The latest talk can be viewed here.

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7 Responses to “The Twitter Poker Tour Jets Off To Poker Stars”

  1. Street 3

    Nov 6th, 2008

    LOL I am THE HUMAN DONK MACHINE! Sara Conner beware!

  2. Jim L

    Nov 6th, 2008

    I can’t even bring my snake to the table? I promise to keep my snake caged.

    Jim Ls last blog post..What is better than playing hold ???em and making beer?

  3. admin

    Nov 6th, 2008

    Can I use your line, “I can’t even bring my snake to the table?” in our one liners on the forum?

    No animals at the table. This is poker, not a production of The Jungle Book.

  4. Jim L

    Nov 6th, 2008

    Go for it. My snake will be sad. :(

    Jim Ls last blog post..Aces full of Kings beat by a Royal Flush.

  5. admin

    Nov 6th, 2008

    15 people for the turnout, very solid! Great game, great conversation, it was all around, a good time.

  6. completepokerrules

    Nov 8th, 2008

    Yes, very good event. Sucks I had to pay the bounty to the tourney winner for knocking me out heads-up!

    Can’t wait for next week! Who’s the bounty on?

    completepokerruless last blog post..TPT:Stars Event 1 – Nov 6th 2008

  7. admin

    Nov 8th, 2008

    MNFulltilt is gonna have $5 on his head. He has had 2 fine events, I think its time to put him in his place. :-)

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