Raising Blind Pre-Flop in a Poker Tournament

published on 11/03/08 at 8:33 am

In a live home tournament last night, Zonetrap was in a hand early on that caused a bit of controversy. Here is the history before we dive into the hand.

  • Six players started the tournament. But only five were in this specific hand.
  • Blinds were at 2/4.
  • Starting chips were set around 150.
  • The hand was around the eighth hand dealt.
  • The chip leader had around 250 chips, Zonetrap and three others had around 150-175 chips, and one player, Mr. BC, had 50 chips.

Now that the history has been established, let’s discuss the hand. Zonetrap was sitting to the left of the big blind, and was dealt his two cards. He did not look at them and raised 10 chips blind (14 chips total). The dealer, Mr. BC, is the only one that called the raise, and asked Zonetrap why he hadn’t looked at his cards. Zonetrap stated he can play his hand as he likes.

The flop comes Nine, Eight, Four, rainbow. Zonetrap checked his hand, and pleasantly discovered he was holding Queen, Queen. He checked, and Mr. BC pushed all in for around 35 chips. Zonetrap immediately called and flipped over his pocket queens. Mr. Brad was irate and flipped over Jack, Three suited. The turn and river do not help him, and Zonetrap won the hand.

Mr. Brad was angry and stated that was a bush league play.

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5 Responses to “Raising Blind Pre-Flop in a Poker Tournament”

  1. Jim L

    Nov 3rd, 2008

    Bush league because he lost? I guarantee it wouldn’t be bush league if he won. I don’t think it’s bush league.

    Jim Ls last blog post..Player folds with 10 cents left in his stack.

  2. admin

    Nov 3rd, 2008

    That was my take on it. My loss (or gain) for not looking at the cards. Sure, its a psych job, but if I am able to tilt my opponent a bit, I think that well in my rights to do so.

  3. The_Gov

    Nov 3rd, 2008

    An obviously good play that definitely does not fall into the category of Bush League.

  4. Street 3

    Nov 3rd, 2008

    I wouldn’t say it’s bush league at all, a very good play. But, Zonetrap is an Assclown anyway, so what’s it matter, really?

  5. admin

    Nov 3rd, 2008

    Jim L and The_Gov are spot one.

    And if Street 3 is a calling me “Assclown”, god only knows what he is.

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