Jim Lynch

published on 11/19/08 at 1:14 pm

Jim LynchOnline poker always seems to attract a segment of society with some sort of unique goal. For example, Jim Lynch of 72suited.com, started on Poker Stars with a $2 bankroll, won in a freeroll tournament. His goal was to reach $100. Over $250 in the bankroll later, the goal continues to move forward! We sit down with Jim and find out how others can take his concept and build their bankroll.

Why did you enter the freeroll that won you $2? Was it your first time playing poker?
I’ve been playing poker since I was a teenager in high school, about 15 years now. It wasn’t until about the last 5 years though that hold ‘em became my game of choice. I take my online hold ‘em journey seriously, but the game itself is still in a bit of a “hobby” stage right now. When I started playing online (about mid-summer 2007), since I wasn’t taking the game itself very seriously, I thought I’d try playing for free and see how it goes. After quite a few freerolls with 10,000-12,000 players, I finally hit a spot and won $2.00. Shortly after I decided to start this journey.

Why did you choose $100 as your goal? Any reason behind it?
That was the first goal I ever set (aside from my overall goal of never putting money in), and I set it more for something to shoot for than anything else. Since then my goals have been based on 20 to 30 buy-ins for that level, and I’ll likely continue to set my goals like this from here on out.

Now that you have hit the $250 bankroll mark, what goal have you set for yourself? How long do you think it will take to hit it?
My next goal is $700, and then I plan to move up to $25NL. If I had to guess it’ll take me 6 months, give or take a month. It isn’t uncommon for me to go a week or more without playing, or only play 1-3 sessions in a week. So progress can be slow, but as long as it’s progress, then I’m happy.

Do you currently play any forms other than NL Holdem?
Not so much. Occasionally I’ll still play an Omaha, Razz or HORSE freeroll, some of them fixed or pot limit, for fun more than anything. After I won my $2.00, I started with fixed Limit Hold em. Now I play NL holdem 99% of the time.

As you have moved up in blinds, has there been a difference in the performance of your opponents?
Very little, and I’m not trying to be arrogant. I haven’t changed the general way I play on my latest move up to $10NL. Before that my game changed as I progressed and learned, but not because of my opponents performance.

What playing style do you find most difficult to handle in an opponent? How would you characterize your poker style?
Great questions. How do I answer those without giving away too much information? Extreme loose aggressive players are probably the toughest for me to read. They play so many hands, and play some very well and some very bad, which makes it very difficult for me to gauge where my hands stand and if he/she has a specific range at all. My poker style is patient. I try to balance my play, mixing in bluffs and semi-bluffs. This helps expand my perceived range while giving me a chance to pick off some passive players. That’s all I have to say about that. :)

What do you believe is the best facet of your personality that has suited you to poker?
I’m a fairly patient person, and that works great for me when it comes to poker. I’ve had people tell me they wish they were as patient as me. I believe my patience makes my overall game better. Patience leads to discipline too, which not only helps on a hand by hand basis, but also with my bankroll management.

Do you have any superstitions while playing? What about pet peeves?
I don’t have superstitions now, I used to though. I don’t have any pet peeves in live play. It’s the idiots online that get me sometimes. They say things in chat that they’d never say to someone face to face. I’ve learned to let it go these days, but there was a time when someone would call my mom names (to put it nicely), or call me out in a myriad of ways, and I’d take it personally. Now that I’ve realized they’re just idiots and only making themselves look foolish, I just let them dig themselves a deeper hole.

You have played in the Twitter Poker Tour. What would you like to see changed about it, if anything?
As of this interview I’ve only played in the one PokerStars event we’ve had. I exited early but it was fun. I think the best part about the TPT is the friendly and usually funny chatter both on twitter and at the tables. So I have no complaints…yet. :)

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to someone to improve their game?
This was the hardest question to answer, I mean how do you narrow it down to just one? :) If I must though, I’d tell them to be patient, and have fun. Is that two? They work together though. If you’re truly committed to playing poker long term and continuing to get better along the way, you’ll struggle at times if you’re not patient and having fun along the way. There was a time or twenty when I went to bed and couldn’t sleep because that last session had me so frustrated. I’m not going to say I don’t get frustrated any more, that would mean I’m not trying to be competitive at all. I’m just saying that if you’re not having fun playing poker, then you’re doing something wrong and you’ll burn out eventually.

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3 Responses to “Jim Lynch”

  1. Street 3

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Nice interview…Jim Lynch sounds like he knows what he’s talking about…which suprises me considering the home brew he’s always drinking.

  2. MNFulltilt

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Great Interview. I would have asked. How did he come up with 7-2 suited as his website name? It doesn’t seem to fit his play.

  3. Jim L

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Street3- Haha, and thanks. Beer puts me in my happy place, which can only help my poker play.

    MNFulltilt- Long story short, most of the domains I wanted were taken. I ended up going with something simple, easy to remember, somewhat search friendly and it shows up near the top of alphabetical lists (like blogrolls, etc).

    Jim Ls last blog post..Finally play $10NL, so far so good.

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