Why The Twitter Poker Tour Is Here To Stay

published on 10/30/08 at 11:30 am

The Twitter Poker Tour is going to be a huge success!
-Graham Beasley, President of the Twitter Poker Tour

By hitting the double digit participation rate, the Tour can only get better with time. Remember…next weeks game on November 6th, will be held at Poker Stars. For more information, check out TPT: Stars.

Geoff ManningIn this week’s PokerPlasm Europa issue…

  • We sit down with Complete Poker Rules Owner, Geoff Manning and ask him the tough poker questions.
  • Why did photographer, Jimbl, show up at the The HoneyDipper Invitational naked and with a snake? Our experts tell you why!
  • For the first time anywhere, the heart-wrenching story of Street3, will be told. A sad story of a sad man in a sad state.
  • BizarroGrundy wins the Pulitzer Prize. Is the Nobel Prize next?

In two weeks (November 13th), the Twitter Bicentennial Open (part of the Twitter Poker Tour), is scheduled to be played. More information as it becomes available through twitter!

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7 Responses to “Why The Twitter Poker Tour Is Here To Stay”

  1. Jim L

    Oct 30th, 2008

    Haha, good stuff! I agree, I think it’ll keep growing, should be fun for years to come.

    Jim Ls last blog post..Work has kept me from blogging, but not from playing hold ???em.

  2. Street 3

    Oct 30th, 2008

    Sad :-(

  3. admin

    Oct 30th, 2008

    You ok, Street3? It is a great article on you.

  4. Geoff Manning

    Oct 30th, 2008

    Hopefully we can get a nice loyal following and keep this thing going and growing for a long time.

    Then we can turn our attention on taking over the world. That would be awesome.

    Geoff Mannings last blog post..[RESULTS] Villain in Early Position with AA

  5. admin

    Oct 30th, 2008

    I was thinking the same, Geoff. The world is ours to have! We will need an adminstration to run it I think.

  6. Jim L

    Oct 30th, 2008

    Dr Evil could run it. “One Million Dollars!”


    Jim Ls last blog post..Player folds with 10 cents left in his stack.

  7. admin

    Oct 30th, 2008

    Excellent idea, Jim! He would be a perfect front man.

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