Playing the Bubble in a Poker Tournament

published on 10/27/08 at 9:03 am

Another interactive article coming your way! This is a situational piece rather than a “how to play a specific hand” article. So here we go…

Let’s say you entered a nine player sit n’ go tournament. It is no limit holdem (turbo’d up) and the top three spots pay. You are still playing, with a total of four players left. The leader has more than double on any one player, the other three players having around 3,000-4,000 in chips. The blinds are 250-500, so the event is moving quickly, and someone is going to be left out of the money.

How are you playing in this situation, knowing that the top three spots pay?

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7 Responses to “Playing the Bubble in a Poker Tournament”

  1. completepokerrules

    Oct 27th, 2008

    With an M under 5 (4.6 if my calculation is correct*) I am going to be playing aggressively.

    4 left, leader has double the other 3 (including us). We have between 3K and 4K (3,500 avg). Blinds are 750 an orbit (no ante). We will be blinded off in 4.6 orbits if we are passive and card dead.

    completepokerruless last blog post..[RESULTS] Villain in Early Position with AA

  2. Street 3

    Oct 27th, 2008

    It would depend on what i know about the other player’s style throughtout the tournament. If they have been aggressive, i’ll play passive. If they’ve been passive, i’ll be agressive. But, more often then not, i’ll just play stupid.

  3. Grundy

    Oct 27th, 2008

    I don’t suppose I’m the leader? I usually am, y’know.

    Grundys last blog post..Who Killed Poker Chat?

  4. admin

    Oct 28th, 2008

    I don’t think you are, sorry.

  5. JMIN

    Oct 28th, 2008

    I play the players, if chip leader is a donk (most are) I play top 3 hands AI pre. If chip leader is tight I steal as much as possible. The short stacks will not call AI with 5 6 suited most of the time. Leader position is the most important not the button unless the others are labeled FISH.

  6. CharlieL

    Oct 30th, 2008

    I would play passive/agressive. If I’ve seen the other players already give up their chance to be aggresive and kill each other, then I’ll jump in an push. If, however, I’m IN position and can wait to see if at least two of the other three are going to play with each other, then I’ll sit back and see if they’ll put me in the money. If ONE of them is in, and the other two have passed, I’ll only be agressive with GOOD cards. If I have to act first, I’ll be MUCH more conservative. In just four hands I could see all the different combinations of players going after each other, and all but one (me against the leader) are good for me.

  7. admin

    Oct 30th, 2008

    Some great responses and analyses, gang!

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