Listening to Bad Beat Poker Stories

published on 10/28/08 at 1:12 pm

Rarely are we sympathetic to bad beat poker stories. Yes, your Aces got cracked on the river…same story, over and over. There are odds in poker and sometimes those odds do not play out. It’s part of the game, and it’s why we love it. It kinda gets old after awhile. But, every so often a crazy bad beat story hits our desks (or phone line). And these are bad beats taken to the hundredth power.

So, we give you two bad beat stories that should make you wince in pain, feel glad you weren’t at the table, and make you think on how you would of reacted in these types of situations.

Bad Beat Story #1
On the bubble at the Borgatta Open, a World Poker Tour event, John “The Greek” Leontakianakos was dealt Kings-Kings. One other person (Mr. Opponent) is in the hand, and calls John’s preflop raise. Flop comes King, Five, Five. A huge boat at a huge tournament!

John checks, Mr. Opponent bets, John raises, Mr. Opponent re-raises, John pushes all in and Mr. Opponent calls.

Opponent flips over Ace, Two. Turn is a Five, river is a Five. Quad Fives with Ace kicker takes it! You got to love when the board plays.

With that hand, John would of been around 10th in chips and would of made the final table.

Bad Beat Story #2
Robert Basil told me about this bad beat he took the other night at a cash table, featuring 8 players. A truly crazy hand. In a $30-$60 cash game, which in itself is very respectable, Mr. Basil was dealt Ten-Ten and threw out a good sized pre-flop, thinking several players would fold. Three other players called; two solid, one very loose.

The flop comes Ten, Eight, Ten, and Mr. Basil has hit quads.

Mr. Basil is the first to act and checks. Mr. Opponent1 bets, Mr. Opponent2 reraises, Mr. Opponent3 folds, Mr. Basil pushes all in. Mr. Opponent1 and Mr. Opponent2 both call!

Mr. Opponent1 has Jack, Jack, while Mr. Opponent2 has Eight, Eight.

Turn is a Jack, river is a Jack, and the ~$12K pot goes to Mr. Opponent1.

Side note, Mr. Opponent3 had Ace, Ace!

So, who’s bad beat is worse, we will put a vote to it?

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6 Responses to “Listening to Bad Beat Poker Stories”

  1. Street 3

    Oct 28th, 2008

    Bad beat Story #2 because the odds of losing with Quad 10′s has to be huge.

  2. admin

    Oct 28th, 2008

    Perfect example of being “Street3′d”

  3. Jim L

    Oct 28th, 2008

    That one is really tough to pick, both of them went runner-runner. I think I am going with story #1 because the guy came along for the ride with absolutely nothing, I mean did he think his Ace high card was the difference in the hand? At least with story #2 the players had hands, still very sick though.

    Jim Ls last blog post..The one tip that helped me play better no limit holdem this week.

  4. MNFulltilt

    Oct 29th, 2008

    I am going with #2. I think the raise with the tens would have been happy if everyone folds. The kings would prefer someone to call and hope for an ace free flop. After the flop the quad 10 had the nuts at that point in time in the hand. The kings full could have been beaten by quad fives hence #2

  5. NickRedford

    Dec 11th, 2008

    Definately story #1, at least in #2, the callers had something to play with, where as in story #1, the opponent called with absolutely nothing, an ace with basically no kicker. Ridiculous.

  6. Magnificent Poker Player

    May 9th, 2009

    Without discussing stack sizes I can’t really say. The first one is a little worse. Personally I can’t stand to hear whiny bad beat stories anyway. Just because you think you should win doesn’t mean you should. Typically, although do is tell you how to play against the whiner.

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