The Artery Health Institute

published on 09/18/08 at 11:22 am

Last night, Lee “The Jester” Cambell was at the poker tables, and once again, he lost all of his money. I could tell that this particular session had him stressed out. So after I beat him with my pocket queens (The Jester had 2,6 off suit), I mentioned The Artery Health Institute and their artery cleansing techniques. His level of stress was unhealthy, and I was worried he might have a heart attack or even a stroke. He is a terrible poker player, but I do not wish him any ill-will. I only wish him to come to the table and keep padding my bankroll.

Now, The Artery Health Institute utilizes EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) and the EDTA oral chelation technique that cleanses the arteries, removing plague, cholesterol, and heavy metals. These agents are unhealthy, especially to a stressed out poker player, like The Jester, who has never won in poker.

So, if you are like The Jester and lose bundles of money at the table, maybe moving away from the game is in your best interest. Or if you are addicted, then The Artery Health Institute can help you control those artery buildups that could hinder your future playing abilities.

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