published on 08/11/08 at 2:35 pm

What do rubber stamps and poker have in common? Not much, unless you play Lee “The Jester” Cambell heads up and therefore you are guaranteed a win. Or in other words, playing him is a rubber stamp win.

Or better yet, create a stamp that says, “I Beat The Jester!”? There is a stamp that everyone would see, because everyone in fact has beat him. I might buy one for the The Jester that says “I Lost Again…Boo Hoo!” Both of these stamps could be custom made.

But seriously, I was checking out some custom rubber stamps for PokerPlasm recently. Why? Why not! I could have the PokerPlasm logo on a stamp and plunk that thing all over documents, newspapers, books, junk mail, the list can go on forever. Stamp anything really…

So if you ever need rubber stamps, the is the place to go. I am looking for a stamp as we speak, errr, as I type. The site is quite fun to window shop at, and the purchase process is easy. As they say, they have the “Best rubber stamp prices in America.” Now how can you contradict that!

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  1. TVsJester

    Aug 12th, 2008

    Who the hell has written this libelous rubbish? I demand it is taken down now or I will get my lawyers involved!

  2. admin

    Aug 14th, 2008

    How is it libelous when its true?

    Also, get yourself a gravatar, fool!

  3. TVsJester

    Aug 15th, 2008

    right, it is not true. Look at the first olympics held, who, had it not been for his partner winning for another player, would have been the champ? It was I who ruled. Admin, when can we get a game sorted? Me and you for the amount of your choosing.

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