published on 07/01/08 at 9:34 am

Continuing our drive through the poker community, we are always looking for resources and information that can help the poker player get an advantage. One website we really enjoy and see a lot of potential in is called It is a European site devoted to building that poker bankroll, for free! The BRB in their name is defined as Bankroll Roll Builder.

A good synopsis of their site is explained below.

The PokerBRB community is dedicated to aid poker players in bankroll building. We believe that poker is fun when played right and together with equally minded in a competitive environment. Therefore we aim to provide you with all the necessary information you need to become a skilled and successful poker player.

At PokerBRB we aim to gather the best information available online regarding all aspects of online poker. Most forums or web sites try to stop their users from submitting links to other poker related sites, because these sites are considered as competitors. Our view is that all links to articles and general information should be available for the PokerBRB user. Please send us a mail or post a link in the PokerBRB forum if you have poker related information you believe should be shared with the PokerBRB community.

So if you need to build that bankroll up a bit, and want to have fun while doing it, then check out They will welcome you with open arms and help you on your way.

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