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published on 05/21/08 at 12:42 pm

Liv Stone Cold BoereeOver two years ago, we interviewed Liv Boeree about her approach into the poker world, her expectations, and her overall thoughts. In that small amount of time, Liv has begun to make her mark in poker, initially with her website, Liv Boeree, and more recently, on her Absolute Poker Blog! As Liv travels the globe, meeting poker professionals, rock stars, and movie celebrities, all her experiences will be on display. But what about her poker abilities, stories, and the game we all love?

You spent a week with Annie Duke not too long ago. What tips really sunk in? Any new stories you can tell?
The week of tuition with Annie was fantastic. Every day was an intensive course on different aspects of NLH, but some of the most useful information Annie gave me was how to play hands in a way that was mathematically correct, something which makes total sense now but I wasn’t necessarily always doing before. A good story from the week was when we flew out to Vegas for 2 days and I played a tournament at Caesars. By this point I’d had two days of tuition from Annie and it was clearly working as I went on and won the whole tourney!

What poker professionals has Absolute Poker introduced you to? Who has been the most helpful with poker information?
I have Absolute Poker to thank for the week of tuition with Annie, but technically I knew her from before so that doesn’t really count does it? To be honest I’ve known most of the pros I’m friends with for a while now just through playing and working in the industry over the last few years. Those who have been most helpful both with poker and other general advice about the industry include Nik Persaud, Annie and Phil Hellmuth.

Has anyone given you a nickname at the table yet? What nickname would you like to have?
Yes, for the first time actually! It was just after I won the European Ladies Championships ($30,000 payday!) the other week, I went into the Green room where everyone had been watching the final table live on the screens and these two girls come over and say I have a fantastic stone cold poker face, and should be called “Stone Cold”. I thought that was rather cool…

What types of conversations are you involved in at the tables these days?
All! I love the fact that people talk about anything and everything at the poker table, and usually always join in.

We asked this before, but what is your current level of activity with poker? Are you playing live and online? Blinds?
I’m playing online about 3 times a week on Absolute Poker, and play in bounty tournaments every Thursday at 8pm and 9pm UK time. I try and play live at least once a week, usually £100 tournaments or thereabouts, and of course I will representing Absolute Poker at large events around the world which is the best bit!

Have you jumped in on any cash tables? Or still sticking primarily with tournaments? Are you still playing at the Gutshot in London?
I still mainly play tournaments live, but play cash a fair bit online during the day now as well. I still go to Gutshot occasionally.

According to John “The Greek” Leontakianakos, a female poker player who dresses in a revealing outfit and who has a nice smile can have an advantage at a male dominated table. Do you agree with this statement? Do you think your looks or the way you dress can distract a man and throw his game off a bit?
I guess it could be to an extent, but it’s kinda difficult not being a man and hence knowing how distracting a sexily dressed lady can be! I try to dress well but can’t say anyone’s ever told me I’m distracting them… but I can imagine it might be tough for men if a girl is semi-naked if that’s what she chooses to do – anything to get an edge is fair game in my opinion!

If you could play one professional heads up who would it be? Why? For how much? What game?
Hmm, so many I’d love to play! I’d love to play against Phil Ivey, he’s a seriously tough player (I’ve been watching some of his moves on YouTube recently). Although my bankroll is considerably smaller than his so I doubt he’d care too much about a game against me!

What events do you have planned in the next 3 months? 6 months?
World Series Baby!!! I’m heading out for the whole thing and will be playing a fair few events so I’m ridiculously excited!!! I’m determined to come back with a bracelet, so I’ll keep you posted… Otherwise, I should be playing a number of events including Aruba in September, so it sounds like there’s lots of jet-setting in store!

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  1. TVsJester

    May 22nd, 2008

    Liv is a wonderful lady and if you get the chance to play at the same table you should. All the best for the WSOP Liv, bring back some jewelry to show us.

    all the best

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