Raising with A2 in Omaha Hi Lo

published on 04/24/08 at 8:15 am

There are some players who routinely raise pre-flop whenever they are dealt AA or A2. This is usually a mistake in most Omaha poker games. Keep in mind that if you have no backup, your A2 will be completely useless if three high cards, an ace or a deuce come on the flop, meaning you will have just built up the pot for other players.

Furthermore, you would like the pot to be multi-way if you have A2, since if you hit, you are guaranteed a portion of the pot. When you raise pre-flop, you risk the possibility that the only player who will stay with you also has A2, meaning you will either get your money back or be quartered if that player has a better high hand than you.

You should only consider raising if your hand has significantly more going for it than just A2.

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