Flopping Quads

published on 04/04/08 at 4:44 pm

quad_pre_1930.jpgA recent discussion on the forum about flopping quads started some debate on how to play the hand. It rarely happens but the same thoughts can be applied to flopping two pair or a full house. In any case, it is a worthwhile discussion and beginners ad experts can pick up valuable information.

Lets take the proposed forum question. Take for example, a hand like K,J off-suit. The flop comes K,K,K. You are first to act, what do you do? What if you are second to act? A lot of questions to ponder with a monster like this.

Two posters took different viewpoints and elaborated on their positions.

From TVsJester,

In this instance I would let the clock run halfway down, then call. Turn comes, I am checking it and letting the other guy lead the way, trying to milk that mother.

If I am in a position where river comes and other guy checks, I am betting a stealing amount (depends on how you have played to that point on amount of bet) then hopefully the other guy wants to teach you and come over the top. I then make him pay as much as I think he will pay.

So much depends on what image you have built up and how much you have picked up on the other player and how much you think he is willing to pay to see your cards etc.

As I rarely get quads its not something I need to worry about.

From ffcowboy76,

I think milking the clock can be both good and bad. If you have been quick to act before this, then it’s a dead tell that you have at a minimum a big pocket pair. If you usually eat some clock, then have no fear. As to playing it, I think the check/call, check/call. and then bet on the river way is the best possible. If it goes check, check on the turn, then you might as well bet a stealing amount on the river, but don’t expect the call, unless the river pairs the turn, putting a boat on the board.

Both responses identify clock strategies, checking, calling, and pot sized bets. These are positive identifiers, but not necessarily requirements, in any monster hand. Picking and choosing the specific strategy is where reading your opponent is key and will enable to maximize the pot.

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