Dealt King-King in Mid-Position

published on 04/08/08 at 9:06 am

This is a classic from the old Poker Academy days and a great way to begin the new category, Interactive. We will post a dealt hand, and ask the readers to vote for the best possible decision.

You have been sitting in a ring game for a couple of hours and have managed to work your $100 maximum buy-in into $400 with some excellent play. You are dealt K,K. There is short stack player who has quite clearly begun tilting ahead of you. He has limped in and you are in mid-position, so you raise it up 5XBB which is slightly more than the standard raise on the table. When the only other player to have as many chips as you on the table moves all in behind you, what do you do?

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One Response to “Dealt King-King in Mid-Position”

  1. John The Greek

    Apr 10th, 2008

    It all depends on what your objective where when you sat down at the table. You came in with $100. If it was your goal to double or triple that buy in, you have accomplished your goal.

    Now if you make this call, you not only put your entire day’s profits at risk, you may also wind up stuck $100. So for a disciplined cash game player, you fold.

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