Becoming a Winning Texas Holdem Player

published on 04/11/08 at 8:22 pm

Chris Moneymaker. Greg Raymer. Joe Hachem. These are the names of world poker champions. They are also the names of players who have played Texas hold’em poker games online extensively, which may well have contributed to their championship victories Playing texas holdem poker isn’t necessarily a path to riches and glory, but it can be. Here are four valuable tips to get you started on that path.

Step 1. Play Strong Starting Hands
While guys on television can be frequently seen playing hands like 8 4 off suit and J6, you will do much better to fold these types of hands and wait for strong hands like pairs and big cards. Trying to play a lot of hands only leads to many situations in which you end up with the second best hand, which can cost you a lot of money. Play good hands and play them strongly. Eventually you will also learn how to play deceptive in holdem.

Step 2. Play Position
You should open up your range of starting hands the later you act in the hand. This way, you will get to see what others do before you act, giving you crucial information that they do not have about you. If a player checks, you will know he is at least representing weakness. You have the opportunity to test him with a bet or to see if the next card will improve your hand. If a player bets and you have a big hand, you will know you can reel him in for more chips. If you don’t, you can get away easily or raise to represent an even stronger hand.

Step 3. Collect Data
When you play online, everything is recorded. You have the opportunity to review the hand histories after the game and make notes on your opponents during the game. This information can be critical in later sessions.

Step 4. Practice Game Selection
Live casinos have limited choices. However, online you’ll have many tables on which you can play. Take your time and watch the games to see which tables suit your style of play, as well as which tables have stronger players you might want to avoid.

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  1. Gus Hansen fan

    Jun 1st, 2009

    It’s important to build up an image at the table. The best image in the long run is the tight aggressive. If you aren’t a tight aggressive play you can become one by acting like they do. Avoid tables with many other tight aggressive players if you want to win some money while practicing on the tight aggressive image. Become master of the check raise strategy and use it wisely.

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