Pitfalls with A2 in Omaha Hi Lo

published on 03/03/08 at 8:28 am

PokerPlasm.comThe greatest danger you will face with A2 is getting quartered. Getting quartered means that you split the low with someone else who also has A2, while a third player (or the other A2) takes the high half of the pot.

Since you are getting half of half (hence quartered), every chip you put in when there are fewer than four players in the pot actually costs you money!

Try to make sure there are four players or more in the pot when betting or raising with the A2 low. Also remember that if you are counterfeited, you may not make the best low, even if you are able to make a low.

For example, if you hold 9s 9c Ah 2h and the board is 2s 6h 3d Jc 8c, you actually do have a low hand, since you can use the 8, 6 and 3 to make an 8 6 3 2 A low (when you can make a low despite being counterfeited you are said to have a “live” low).

However, you actually will lose to a player holding A4 in their hand, since they can use the 2 on the board but you cannot use their 4. A player holding A4 will make a 6 4 3 2 A low (the nut in this case) to beat you.

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