Omaha Hi/Lo Appeal

published on 12/12/07 at 8:44 pm

Omaha Ho Lo may appear to be somewhat more appealing than Hi but it is far more difficult and requires a completely different strategy. As AAKK is considered the best starting hand in Hi, AA23 double suited is the best starting hand in Hi-Lo.

When playing Hi Lo a player’s number one objective should be to sweep the pot. If you are just playing for the low, it is a losing proposition. Low hands don’t always hold up. They are at times counterfeited and nullified as your low cards hit the board and the low on the board changes after you have already committed sufficient funds to the hand.

My advise to anyone would be if you don’t have a shot at the entire pot, at least initially in the hand, stay out of the hand.

This tip is provided by John “The Greek” Leontakianakos, visit his website, JohnTheGreekPoker, to learn more about this professional poker player.

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